The Genocide Against Jews That Hitler Started, Now The Political Leaders Of Israel Now Helps Globalists To Finish : by Alfred


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- Israel is the most vaxed nation in the world. Why did they target Israel.

- Now Israel has more new cases than any other Nation

- Isreal is not just on the 3rd Jab, they are taking a 4th jab; now they have now introduced taking pills also 

- Why don't the politicians in other nations use Israel as a case study and stop buying the Vax from Pfer & Big Pharma 

-Why are drugs that doctors have used to cure thousands of Vax patients like Hydroxy & Ivermectin not available anywhere in Isreal, it's only the Vax and products from Pfer & Big Pharma that is available for the virus in Isreal.

- Heart complications as a result of the Vax are at the highest ever in Israel

- Over 99% of adults who get the virus gets healed without medical treatment and obtain natural immunity. Kids have the lowest risk to the virus yet they're putting Jabs in kids in Israel. Now some kids now have the side effects and blood clot issues they wouldn't have had if they didn't take the Vax bcos of a virus that was never a threat.

- The people need to get the Israeli army on their side. The generals in the Israeli army need to make a decision will they stand for Isreal or against it.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk about israel right now you see the genocide against jews that hitler started now the political leaders in israel are not helping globalists and the new old older folks to finish it you see israel is the most vaccinated nation in the world first of all why did they target israel for israel to be the most vaccinated nation in the world why did they gather that concentration towards israel you know it is not just the the prime minister and the leaders why did they make all those vaccines so readily available why did they target it you see for a company and big farmer you know um and it's primarily pfizer that is giving um the vax to israel in spite of the fact that a lot of the technological advancements in this world has come out from israel in spite of all that israel has been true yet the work that is being used in israel is from pfizer and you know for a company to have a large concentration of his products in a nation it is planned it is on the drawing board when a company is distributing products it has its plan for different target markets if a company you know that's plus to sell something or distribute something has a large concentration and a large flow in a certain area that means that that place is high priority ask your target audience israel is a small nation compared to all the other nations of the world when it comes to population why are they primary targets why did pfizer make them such a high priority that israel has the highest number of vaccinated people when it comes to the percentage of the population the highest percentage of vaccinated people however israel now has more cases than any other nation of the virus after the vaccination now the people who have gotten the vax in israel are now having high cases of the virus and especially the new delta virus you know it even begs to question whether you know the so-called wax that they are receiving is actually giving them new strains of the virus you see now the thing you have to know is that israel is not just a nation that have taken you know the first round jobs you know there are nations that are um trying to push for for people to take the job but that it just m those the first dudes israel have passed those one those two those three there are some that are on those four and in addition to that you know they are now taking pills they are now giving them pills for they covet so they are also not adding drugs it's not just the facts but also drugs and now why are other nations not using israel as a case study and seeing that well this is an issue why can't they look and see that wow for starters this whole thing you know we need to stop buying from um this um pfizer and you know the rest of the big farmer as a matter of fact this whole covi thing is a fiasco why can't other nations look at israel as a case story they have gotten all the facts verse 1 verse 2 verse 3 and yet they are the ones that have the highest cases of the virus when it comes to side effects they also have the highest cases when it comes to percentage with relation to the population you see so what is the point of this vex you see the drugs that doctors have used to cure thousands of patients for example the hydroxyl you know of course you know the iv muscling you know which drew rogan took and he eat and it worked and people are angry that he talked about it under and that you know oh this is the what i took after understand that joe rogan is um he is very anti-trump he's actually um providing when um donald trump was in office and you know um agreed to that he um to be on his shoe because of whatever affiliation all of that jerogal refused to allow donald trump to be on his shoe to interview him and ask donald trump any question he wanted you know and joe rogan was his pro business bernie sanders that is who he cast his vote for now it's funny that most of these leftists in spite of all these things that are revealed they still remain leftists and it shows um a lot of times which they want to feel among they want to be a part of the crowd they want to you know this um let me be like everyone else let me be like the cool kids and all of that you know it's it's mind-boggling how some people they would see things like this and don't switch the rogan took the ibm's knee in spite of the fact that he had taken the box he took the wax and after taking the vats later on he got the virus then he took the iv messenger and that worked now they are trying to um come up with all kinds of stories that um is actually um used for horses that it is a veterinary treatment blah blah blah and all of that you know it's a lie yes the company that's produced ivy methylene also creates pharmaceutical products for vets and you know for um animals and all of that you know but this particular i've mentioned is clearly something that is for humans you know just the same way johnson and johnson and the um pfizer and all the other companies that are making the vax they also make medical products for animals and all kinds of different things many of them are even going into food production you know but that is a topic for another day in any case these drugs that have been used and that many doctors have used to treat their patients why is it that none of them is available in israel you cannot find any of it in israel the only thing we find in israel with regards to treating the virus is the products from pfizer and you know american big farmer you know that european big farmer all you will see is that they have bad things that have always been that works hydroxychloroquine is something that has been used in africa for decades to treat malaria successfully then all of a sudden events that have not been fully tested is not what people want to start you know pushing as the only solution it shows you so many things you need to think you need to use your iq and see what this is really about now has complications as a result of the wax at the highest ever in israel it is higher now that israel has over vaccinated itself than it was before the complications as a result to all these facts in israel had complications has increased now also note that over 99 of adults who get the virus gets healed without medical treatments their own immune system their own white blood cells fight against the virus and defeats it you know and of course all healing is from god you know and god puts his mechanism in human beings you know god created the human body with the white blood cells you know to work out um so much you know otherwise there will be more people in hospitals than you could imagine but in any case over 99 of adults you know who gets the virus gets healed without medical treatments and thereby they obtain natural immunity

those are adults kids have even lower tendency of of you know having you know they have a lower risk when it comes to lower than 99 you know percent you know as they have when it comes to lower than 99 percent when it comes to survival what does that even mean

you know um kids at the lower risk adults you know who are over 99 of adults gets um healed from their own immune system that when it comes to kids the the risk is even less yet it is only in israel that they have forced kids they have put the jobs in kids in most countries even america they have not as much you know it is just now that they are now also um vaccinating kids in school without parents consent they say that you know it does not um the parents consent does not matter when the kid has entered the school you know at this point and it is long overdue with christians we need to have our own schooling system and our own educational system because the traditional educational system is all about programming we need to have our own schools and many people need to start homeschooling and online schooling you know read books and learn you see that is the reality of the matter you the aspect of going to schools because now a lot of schools are now used for propaganda all the people that are look at all the people that have graduated from schools we are d the ones that are successful majority of them are not doing what they studied in school

they get a degree in something like zoology or mathematics but what are they successful doing they are successful selling cars or they are successful during real estate what relationship does real estate have to do with zoology why did they waste all that time learning zoology there are people who go to school and they graduate their major is physics what do they want to be teachers at the end of the day you see them they are farmers that is what they end up being successful doing or they're going to music or they're going to act so what was all that's going to school to learn physics or learn chemistry

and get a degree and graduates that's ah this is what i studied this is what i measured in you know i have a phd in physics so i have a phd in chemistry that is what they went to school to do what i going to do with that are you going to become a teacher or write a book on physics or chemistry so you see it's only in israel that they have pushed for kids to get jobs you know now this says a lot these these jobs and what they are doing the side effects and also the the when it comes to reproduction you know what is going to be the future of the uh people who take the jobs their ability to impregnate um women and also what kind of creature is that because this job when you read you know um what it says the mra mr whatever vaccine you know when you read about it you know you would see that's potential i would say ability to alter the human dna when you alter your dna you are no longer what god created you have now recreated yourself into another image you are no longer created in the image of god you look human understand that angels can take human form but they are still not human the bible says you know be not negligent to entertain strangers for some of the entertained angels on our ways you can entertain you know good angels angels that of god can disguise as humans and demons can also do that when you look at the book of genesis you see that fallen angels disguise themselves as men have slept with the daughters of men and gave birth to nephi that is something that is still possible you know which is also why you should not just sleep with any and anybody you know you have to first of all this is why um sex has to be left within the boundary of marriage you have to know who that person is and where that person is coming from you know there are some people that came from native doctors where the the mother could not have a child she went to a native doctor and the nativist would say do this do this do this deeply they sleep with that now you don't know what and what is mixed inside that child it is possible for somebody not to be 100 human so your name is that person's name is not in the book of life it was not um predestined it is not under god's order so what kind of creature is this so it's half year and half day and this is why we have people like goliath in the bible who was a giants where did he come from you know the bible talks about the nephilim and you know that permitted bloodline that is actually why there was the flooding of the ark you see the problem when those fallen angels these guys are female and slept with men the children the bible says you know that in those days that the heart of man was continually evil and he thought of evil continually there was no redemption there was no conscience there was no heart it was just evil so all these creatures that are being created now you are now using that one is by bet now you are now allowing the government to inject things that you do not understand into your body for a virus that is not a threat to anybody for a virus that is a scam you see so you have to be wise now the people of israel need to get the israeli army on their side as quickly as possible and the generals in the israeli army they need to make a decision whether they stand with israel or stand against it because this will lead to another genocide understand that this vex is given to you by the same bill gates and friends who said that the population of the world needs to be reduced by like over 3 billion this push of for vaccination will end and results in the examination of over two point something billion

these are these are why these people are pushing for things like um abortion these are why people are pushing for all kinds of things that lead to world look at what happened with biden and afghanistan a war that was solved the taliban had no more weapons the taliban had no more weapons president trump has cut off their supply understand that it takes money to be a terrorist it takes money because you have to have food you have to have weapons you have to train is basically an army and you are going to occasionally face real armies and you have to have an army that is strong enough to defeat real enemies that are supported by nations the the taliban has to be stronger than the um governmental army of afghanistan as well as you know any other nation that the governments of um afghanistan might want to align itself with and introduce to come and help us deal with this problem so terrorism it costs a lot of money to have a tourist organization of the wrong one it is very expensive by donald trump in four years of what of really putting all kinds of sanctions around many nations he cut off a lot of financial supply he cut off a lot of flow he cut off new supply of weapons because when it comes to weapons weapons keep advancing as technology advances the kind of weapons that are available for to carry out terror and you know to beat security systems because security technology when it comes to tax um security is advancing so a terrorist has to have equal or at least have to update their technology to be higher than these available security systems that are in place so all that flow was stopped that is why buying clearly did this and you can see that the people behind binding don't mind because binding is a full guy they don't mind by him leaving all those weapons they were not chased the way the u.s soldiers were not chased away by the by the taliban it's not like the taliban was stronger and understand that the taliban was wicked and they had no reforms so why did the american army leave and leave all their weapons and equipment blackhawk helicopters all kinds of sophisticated weaponry if you want to argue what are the helicopters couldn't they fly them out it's a helicopter the planes the fighter jets what is the um what is america's excuse for leaving the fighter jets all you have to do is get a soldier inside and fly back to america but why did they leave it behind for the taliban they knew what they were doing because they want the war to continue they saw that terrorism had been defunded for so long on that trump

you see and this is not even about trump this is about you know what trump did you know it put a big wage in their plan but now teams are now back on schedule with their evil plan and what they plan to do so now they have given billions of dollars worth of equipment and weapons to the caliber and understand this bullet refinish so the taliban will need new bullets but now they have they now have a personnel with china

because china has now agreed to be the partner which you know represent with with with afghanistan under the taliban leadership so this is a big issue that being said remember to check out alfred those vip for more thank you and god bless you


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