The First Female Soldiers Graduate The Army's Ranger School As The US Military Goes Full Woke : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the first female soldiers finishing the ranger school as the u.s military goes full-blown walk now you see going work has clearly decreased the standards of the rangers school and even though the school officials officially you know say that they haven't reduced the standards that those women you know passed the tests and you know they have videos showing the women going through some tests everyone who graduated from that ranger school has said that they reduce the standards now you have to understand that there are moves on every side to decrease the strength of the us army from a trans army bringing transgenders into the army you know taxpayer-funded transsexual surgeries turning men into women within the military the feminization on a transgender level of the men in the military you know organizations like big which is blacks and governments which is basically a blm for government organizations within government organizations from the cia all the way to you know um the irs affirmative action promotion in the military lgbtq quota diversity in the military leaving reports in afghanistan also the defunding of the pentagon the list goes on and on there's so much that shows that there are moves on every side to decrease the strength of the u.s army understand that when that happens that automatically makes the other armies better and greater and bigger why is that and this is the problem when a nation allows itself to be controlled by outsiders and by outside investors and outside interests especially when nations join all kinds of weird organizations like the un the african union all these weird organizations that the presence of different nations pay attention to are not its own people and most of the people who are in all these organizations like the um they decide who the who is going to be the ruler in certain nations for example look at what is happening in australia if the iraqi governments or if it was the russian government that were treating its own citizens the same way the australian government is treating its citizens bringing amored cars out onto the road and chasing after people who are not wearing marks and beating them up and putting them in prison for not wearing masks if that was happening in iraq it would be like oh it is an abuse of humanity it would be this it would be that imagine if the um the leader of north korea was doing this look at what happened with qadhafi the these organizations work hand-in-hand with the media and anybody that they do not like they make that person out to be a terrorist but there are other people that these people partner with that the these organizations partner with that do worse things to their people that's you know it's harsh is the word mom is the world nobody talks about it you know the same people that you complain oh this is a human rights abuse when it's their own friend somebody that they have appointed to be the president of another country when it's them doing it do we keep quiet you see if russia was treating citizens the same way that australia is treated in citizens there would have been an excuse for war right now you see the u.s people you know

you guys need to have guns yourself which is good many of you have for those of you who do not have you need to guess what and you need to start your own private government bootcamp you know you the people asking with the people you need to start your own private government bootcamps that maintain and raise the bar on training standards because if the us is invaded a woke army is not going to win you will all end up being dominated as slaves and you know out goes all your feminism and all your weakness and all of that because just like the taliban is going to do what they want you know whoever dominates you they don't care about your work nonsense they don't care about your blm and all that nonsense they don't care about your affirmative action you would see that you will live under way worse conditions than

you previously we were complaining about and saying america is racist it's funny how all the haitians want to go to america that is so-called racism it's funny how all the people of african descent and everybody who is dark skinned want to go to this so-called racist america and are doing all kinds of things risking their lives on tomorrow those journeys just to do it you know also the funding for social organization needs to come from you know rendering security services that's one place they can come from it can also come from donations from patreons you know and also owning and managing and also developing you know building weapon systems you know so there are many ways you know even if a hedge fund is established so it is money from a different market you know that is funding it's you know but such a thing needs to be done the people have to have their own indigenous army and that is actually how america was founded by the people having their own army those are the people who founded america you know and they went against the the king and the queen of england the leaders of the d who wanted to oppress them so there may be a need for a second social revolution for america to maintain his freedom you know when um the american leader was asked what kind of government do we have you know after they have um deliberated and all of that he looked at them and said you know he looked at the later axes and said a republic if for as long as you can keep it you know so apparently the republic is being threatened for more checkouts alfredo's vip

*Apparently, started happening before Trump. This started in Obama's era.


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