The Central Bank Of Nigeria & The Buhari Administration Shuts Down More Ways For Nigerians To Make Money : by Alfred


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- Transfer wise (now called Wise) now added to the list.

- The Nigerian people must non violently put their foot down to break out of Government oppression and if the Government chooses violence the people must get more violent.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk about the central bank of nigeria shutting down yet another way for nigerians to receive money from other countries and the way is via transferwise you know transferwise which is now known as whites the central bank of nigeria has placed limitations that has basically blocked nigerians from receiving money via transfer wise or wise now of course a lot of people are not aware that there is the patreon issue you know you need a vpn to log into patreon to access patreon and that was at the same time that sweetheart was banned so the nigerian government and the central bank is putting in laws and putting on all kinds of restrictions even when it comes to the banking system when you look at the restrictions on trade with other nations it makes or creates the existence of a black market because so many transactions are restricted there are a lot of transactions that should be done through the banks now the the central bank of nigeria has put further restrictions on that and there are restrictions with doing transactions foreign exchange transactions with the banks and now there is the move towards banning the um brood exchange which is actually um in many ways another face of the black markets when it comes to the foreign exchange in nigeria so it makes you wonder what is the goal of the nigerian government this is the same government that have still kept twitter banned you know it is doing everything to show that it really does not care about the nigerian people making money now nigerian people most nonviolently puts their foot down and you see they must break out of the government's operation but if the government chooses to use violence the people have to get more violence otherwise the oppression will continue if you say no i am not going to resort to drastic measures but yet the government begins with drastic measures you remain as you are and your remaining as you are is for you you know staying there and hoping that somebody will come with drastic measures if you have been oppressed by a terrorists or by tyrants you only hope apart from you breaking through a fighting house your only hope is for somebody who is more violent or much more stronger to use force and take that person out of power so why don't you resort to force but first of all the nigerian people should use the courts you know and use the system bring you know make it plain you know protests should not begin and end with just people coming out to demonstrate make noise and then be uh have the media tell all kinds of lies about them or debate the ideologies where the the same thing is still going on you know the people should yes come out and make their voice hell let it be known and as the numbers increased let it be known also that this is the will of the people this is what the people want the people want government officials who commit crimes to be put in jail the people want people who are in government positions to be held accountable for their crimes against humanity and for ripping off and for pressing the nigerian people you know for doing things that restricts nigerians you know actually becoming wealthy you know this is an an intentional plot at the end of the day it puts nigeria in a situation where nigerians are not rich and they will be in need and they will need foreign nations to come and build them out and there will be the constant of brewing money if you allow trade for example paper cans nigeria with its position this is the um the most populous nation in africa this is one of the top 10 most populous nations in the world this is a nation that has a voice why can't he put pressure on a lot of these payments and processes to let them allow nigeria to actually receive money from outside when they sell for example people in nigeria in nigeria can pay through paper but cannot receive money through paper what kind of nonsense is that and this goes on for a lot of payments services and another team that is swelling the reason why these kinds of problems are not um so that seven people who have their income from traditional means like perhaps old school systems of banking or perhaps they own um shares or they are you know key investors and stakeholders in setting like run-based companies so they don't want to open the doors you know they don't want to put pressure on the government for these things to be done because if nigerians are creating products and selling imagine um if you go to a place like abba in nigeria these are people that do not have a lot of resources this is a people that are in a place that is considered a third world country yet there is almost nothing that cannot be remanufactured from the ground up and i'm talking about bootlegged you know in a bar if you can do that then you can create your own brand if you can create a fake iphone or you fake um television you know if you can create all of that in a so-called ted world nation let those people who are doing that create their own brand rather than coping you know and having the sony instead of it spelled s o n white is now spelled s-u-n-n-y you know and all these kinds of funny things have your own brand and you know such people when you invest in them and you create that kind of culture you'll see that about should be a manufacturing hub of the world that is what about should be it should not be a place that people make fun of us oh they make counterfeit goods there that is a people without government aid without the banks putting money in what they do you know these are people on their own and yet they are they are able to create so much and do so much imagine what will happen if you know for example in america you know you have an idea you go to a crowdfunding site you re you raise money they are angel investors who give you money to start out your idea and to start your business but there are many people in nigeria but thanks to the fact that those kinds of crowds from these sites and things like people don't support nigerians because you know the government's excuse is that we are doing it to cram down on fraud there is fraud in every nation you know they said you had you need to cram down on yahoo boys are saying that's the slang for people who um do online scams you know what kind of thing is that so you you want to hamper the growth of your nation what is the point of the internet if you are not getting paid from the internet you see when people talk about the internet improving the world the point is that it shouldn't improve your bank account you should improve your wallet it's not improving your wallets what is the point of it you know it's just improving somebody else's wallet because someone's wallet is being improved you know so um these are things that people must look at you know a lot of it is that the government is there especially the administration it is intentional it is intentional there's no excuse you cannot say that this is helping to stamp out terrorism the only people that are being oppressed are the nigerian people the only people who are prevented from making money are the industrious nigerian people who want to do the right thing the people who are still doing scams are still doing scams the boko harams and the people who are doing kidnapping are still doing their kidnapping so how can you say that by all these different means of preventing people from an entire nation from receiving money from other nations how can that be a good thing and how can you say that that is your your strategy to end terrorism that is madness you know if you want to go after boko haram please do that that is something that everybody has been telling you to do don't create laws that oppress everybody else that makes everybody you know their income get restricted minus your own and then you think that you know um that is the way forward if the nigerian people keep quiet and they keep listening to lies just like the american people look at the binding administration lie after like you guys kicked out trump now look at how what streams have gotten look at it afghanistan there is nothing that president trump also called blamed for that the biden administration have not done what time stands look at the current crisis with haiti you know the the all the haitians are the buddha it's going to get worse it is surely going to get worse it is not just this is just the beginning you know there are worse things that are going to happen you know but this is the path that you set on and some of you in america you still listen to cnn even when it comes to the vast stuff in spite of like when the news broke that those who get the fact still get the virus you should have gone back and said wow all these people that have been saying have been saying that the facts is wrong are rights you know pastor christopher economy is right you know the candidacy is right you know when it comes to you know action placements about it all of that you know that is how you should have been like wow alex jones was right that is how you should have thoughts but you are still supporting it even though those who take the backs are still getting the virus and that is still coming out then in spite of the news reports of all the people who are having adverse effects to taking the verbs we are looking at all the cases of those who do not seem to have adverse effects and saying ah that because of this group of people that do not have adverse effects these other people who say they have abstract effects should be silenced or they are online how does that make sense let us look at something like rape for example let's say a girl was raped in school will it make sense to you if i now say well because thousands of women have been going to that school and have not gotten rips therefore this one that got ripped she's a liar let us silence her let us not listen to her you'll be the first one to jump up and say no no no no no that is not that um what i'm doing is wrong blah blah blah blah well what you are doing is also wrong there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to pharmaceuticals how can the government force people to take a drug understand that there are even drugs that are good that do not work for everybody there are people who are allergic to drugs that work for many people everybody's people's bodies are different and due to um different medical histories and different um pharmaceutical processes that people have been in have been through in the past there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to administrating treatments to someone medically this is a fact this is not news yeah this vat is is giving us a one-size-fits-all everybody must take the same thing it is good for everybody's body any report of it having any negative effects is is false yet the people who created their backs are telling you on record that they are not liable if anything happens to you they have made government sign agreement that they are not going to be held to account and the government is on the behalf of of the people saying don't worry and at the same time forcing the people to take it how is this not madness how is this not scary but people don't want to stand up put their foot down and fight you know at a point it gets too late when the jews arrived at the concentration camp it was too late when the jews were told to give up to give up guns when the jews were told that they can no longer hold on land those were just beginning processes if the jews have refused and said what do you mean that we cannot own land we have to be able to buy land in germany we have to be able to buy land in europe the jews were not allowed to buy land in europe you know those kinds of things you know it's it's cascaded there are many things that happen that led to that final point of concentration camp and examinations when the jews were walking on the street and every newspaper was propaganda again jews that jews are rats kill jews blah blah blah the same kind of thing you see towards trump supporters for republicans or conservatives or christians this kind of rhetoric you know now is the time to stop it because at a point it will be difficult or impossible to stop it that being said check out for more



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