The Breakfast Club Now Has A Rainbow Flag In The Background Revealing Their True Intentions For Hip Hop & African Americans : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to point out something interesting the breakfast club you know it is no secret that it is super leftist but did not have an lgbt flag in the background you know if you look closely you'll see that flag they hanging there what are they doing and it's it's very important these people have never put a poster of martin luther king they've never put a poster of any african-american hero that actually helped people then they want to push the lgbt flag and it goes to show you one of the reasons why the african-americans you know are the way they are all the heroes and all the love voices that are put in media are basically evil they are pushing things that are for the destruction of the african-american community these are people who push music that is talking about drugs music that is talking about the degrading women all all the kinds of negative things that is what is pushed rap music hip-hop when it started you know it didn't start with all this talk about gangstar up and shooting people and killing people but how come that became prevalent and that is now the thing that people want to push it is not like that with other genres and now that genre is closely identified with the african americans you know that is very unfortunate and look at those shows that are geared and you know targeted towards african-americans this is where they are pushing you never push anything positive you know why are you pushing the lgbt on african-americans you know i want to tell um every african americans to open their eyes and be smart you know beware of these kinds of people they have pushed leftist ideology they have pushed all kind of oh you have to vote for biden are you guys not happy that biden is in office and everything is falling apart you know look at afghanistan where they basically left weapons for the taliban they could have their america had the ability to live with those weapons america had the ability to destroy those weapons america had the ability to fight the taliban it is not like the taliban chased out the american army the american army was given the instruction to retreat to leave and in that kind of circumstance when you you see that kind of uh move you are going out you know with a poor plan because they they they pushed aside trump's plan which was based on negotiations there were conditions that the taliban had to meet that the afghanistan government had to admit if those conditions were not met trump would have never let the troop leave afghanistan for those of you who are saying crazy things about what trump wanted the troops to leave when he was in office he had terms and conditions the same thing he did with south korea he had temps and conditions and that went to bay see all that he did has now fallen apart you know so what is the point seth of a of another um team of donald trump you know donald trump coming back and so that he can go through that same suffering with the media and he can start rebuilding everything that has been destroyed that he did you know what is the point but you see the african-american community you know african-americans you need to start thinking you know and being objective beware of people like this why are they pushing lgbt on you and has that worked the african-american is in america you know you among that is of all the people in the world you should know better that in raising children it is important to have a father and a mother you cannot push forth an ideology that it is normal or it makes sense for a child to have two fathers or two mothers you cannot push that or stand for that you specifically know that one of the strategies that was used to destroy the african-american communities is to get the forest out of the home you know that the research is there and it's the same work crowd that we want to talk about this kind of stuff you know that then why are you allowing this kind of ideology what kind of damage really do look at also the leftists look at how they are pushing for abortion they are angry that's um about the um heartbeats um builders passed in texas they are angry now that's children you know as long as the doctor can um hear a heart beats in the woman's belly you know she cannot abuse the baby that is the party that you want to align yourself with that is what you you you want to align yourself with how would this work out well for your good you see sometimes when people go through certain instances and you find them in certain precarious situations we have to look at what they did before that when you look at slavery you see the slavery of um dark skinned people in america what happened before that number one africans did not continue advancing in knowledge and wisdom and in technology understand that africa was first ahead of those in what is currently known as europe think about egypt think about all those days you see centuries ago why did africa stop being number one in technology in advancement scientific advancements in knowledge and wisdom also when you look at the fall of south africa before south africa was colonized they couldn't defeat shaka dazu why did shaka dazu as brilliant as he was as in in in the military you know as of that time when it comes to warfare this guy was using space bulls and arrows not even crossbows balls and arrows and space and he was defeating the british family that was using guns now why didn't he have the incentive to say okay we have killed so many white people that we have captured so many white people let us ask the white man how is this gun made they have a superior weapon you know they they they the zulus had made a a barristic thing of the kind of weapons they used that they did not want to eat the white man's weapons if the south africans had guns there would have been no slavery if the jews had guns there would have been no holocausts

if the chinese had guns the everyday chinese ma would not have killed or do all those millions over millions of people you see there are things that you do that puts you in a position of vulnerability that makes certain things possible if africa was advancing can continue advancing technology wise going around you know traveling to other countries and fighting out keeping up to date with what is going on like europe was doing there was this same back in the day that there is no part of the world that you will go that you will not see an englishman the english and that is why english language has every language inside there is french in english language there are a lot of words that you speak when you are speaking english language but you are actually speaking latin you are speaking greek you are speaking french you are speaking spanish a lot of those words why it is because the white man went left right and center to europeans they went everywhere and was learning so at the end of the day they had the greatest libraries the greatest knowledge base and that is what kept them ahead remember that the during the time of um slavery when it comes to dark skinned people being slaves in america the number one fear of the slave master was not that um uh african-americans so that's king people will become you know superman or super strong or it was not that they automatically get swept so if they get their hands on weapons they will be able to do damage it was that they were learned to read their rights that was what they burnt that was what they attacked any whites man that was caught teaching any dark skinned man how to read and write he will be lynched and the among white people and people of european decide lynch that african americans were asking people this is a hysterical fact that people don't like to talk about but that is the truth they looked at knowledge as if these people have knowledge they will not be slaves anymore because the truth of the matter is that someone can keep complete shins around your hand but if there are no shames around your mind and your hearts the chains around your hands and feet is temporary that is the reality as long as there is no shame around your mind and your hearts now african americans don't have shades around their hands and feet but they have chains around their minds and their hearts and shoes like the breakfast club we just align people into a modalistic form of thinking oh you're african-american you have to think this way you have to do this this is how you have to react yeah you just exist to be used when the democrat wants to push something they will say ah it is for on behalf of these people oh we are acting we are pushing for um it is for justice for african america and then they push their policies and everything at the end of the day what happens to the african-american community all african-americans are in turmoil they are still they are actually you know they watched it than they were before you know you you need to learn and you need to get wise you know we as christians we must start owning the radio channels the tv channels all this money that we are using tights offerings to build buildings you see beauties are cool but there are more important things what about not buying or you know buying time on tv stations by the tv station itself and don't just stop at buying this tv station by the satellite that is in space also push your hand to create the be the one that is a part of you know the regulatory bodies that regulates what is on tv how many tv shows that would have been on tv that are not there now because of these regulatory bodies look at the the look at all these different bodies you know the the broadcasting commissions and corporations of the world that dictates what you can see or not see look at the danger that has pooped brought forth propaganda in one direction if there were good people if they are christians if we had that plan if the the good people had stood up early and did something it would not be like this however we still can't move so let us draw that we can to move in this direction and you know um you need to stop um patronizing and looking up to any words from any of those people who are clearly

planted to destroy african americans and destroy america and fight against christianity you know the breakfast club is putting lgbt flag day what relationship does that have to do with african americans have they ever put any symbol of christianity have they ever put anything that is positive but is the lgbt that they can push and understand this the way that

um people are bold enough you know to cross source them impact and search change you know they they talk about um is it possible to like change certain things in the african am american community like all the violence you know like for example in chicago can you replace that gun culture yes if you can push lgbt into gun culture like there are many gangs that now have gays in them which is interesting you know what relationship and how does that even work how does that even blend but if you can push that you can push african-americans be educated love books love reading love working don't seek handouts you know you can succeed you can make it they can push programs like that now they want to do nonsense you know and if if at all and most of this um leftist people are pushing um any kind of programs they will push programs that doesn't help like decreasing the standards for qualification for african-americans now we have a lot of african-americans you know that are dumb they don't know anything but they have the degrees because they were african-american they were giving the degree as an act of charity that is the kind of change that they want to push for you which is going to destroy the african-american image because now you they will not all of you now be looked upon as dummies because as an african-american you don't have to work that hard to get a good degree because all they are pushing for in the name of equity and equality they are not pushing towards you know um building schools and all of that because they're already schools there's no african-american in america that doesn't have access to school you see um the all those things you know better to push for the hypocrite it is now like everybody must pass everybody must graduates you know no child left behind and in their nutshell left behind instead of helping the one that is failing to pass instead of helping the f student to become an a student they are now they allow the f student to still discovering what he's calling and say oh we have to in the name of equity change his f into ante there are kids in america that do not go to school they are they are tense you know they have missed so many classes they have they have they attended them um classes they went to classes only two times in an entire year and yet you want to say that they should graduate how is that possible at the end of the day in the future when we have african-americans being the dumbest population in america it's now is this people who say it is racist to say it but that is the reality that everybody will see in any case for more check out



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