The Blood Of U.S Soldiers Who Died In The Withdrawal From Afghanistan May Be On Biden's Hands But Caring Isn't Biden's Thing : by Alfred



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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk about joe biden repeatedly looking at his wash you know when the right now the caskets of the service members who died in afghanistan you know first of all his deaths their blood is on his hands you see this entire move everything that happened this disaster in afghanistan is a result of biden and those who are pro-binding and all those who were persecuting trump in spite of all the rights muslim he was making trump had a plan on ground for the withdrawal and withdrawal had conditions there a lot of people who are trying to tweet and trying to say that well trump wasn't trump for the withdrawal apart from the fact that you are you are clearly shifting all responsibility away from buying which is something that you should be ashamed of you should be too ashamed to do that apart from that president trump had a plan he had stipulations you know he had an agreed and are arrangements that by these crafts and under those negotiation things if the taliban was to try to take power america would not have withdrawn america would not have gone back rather america would have increased his presence understand that trump is a master negotiator and he's been negotiating all his life he's trump because of his negotiating skills that is why he built his successful companies his big companies will have his big name people talk about the few times that it was alleged he went bankrupt you know these are the same people that think that he does not pay taxes and does not understand the economics of that you see when you as an individual versus apart from the fact that they lied you know then you have to understand something about the rich when you're nothing is in your name it is your company that is paying taxes and of course um there is the wisdom of taking advantages of the um resources and the preps of your company and that's we on paper your income is actually much less

you know therefore low taxes and also there is um there are so many different aspects of this understand that on a basic level wealth is a result people who are financially successful make financially better decisions and one of the financial better decisions is to decrease your costs and taxes are a cost so the pathway of of increasing wealth includes decreasing your cost so that is something that i have to understand there's nobody that the rs will allow get away with with not paying taxes but you have to understand that with each law you make there are ways to take advantage of setting loopholes and setting um opportunities that that law that maybe gets to us doing a open on the other side you know so um that being said you know by then you know if he had stuck to president trump's plan that the this had to happen the there were things that the caliban had to do and do it things that the Afghanistan presidents and governments had to do for america to withdraw if at any point they went against the negotiation then they went against they violated the agreement any of the agreements you know america would not have withdrawn and the disaster would not have been and those service members would not have been there the salesmen would not have been dead and now dubai constantly looking at his wash it shows you where his heart is he doesn't care this is something that he doesn't mind he's responsible for their debts and he still doesn't care and keep in mind how the mainstream media protected him and you know look at the mainstream media stories you can see how um the the evil channels star you can see how the evil um networks are which network is really evil look at how they protected him and we're saying that well it was only that one time he was caught on camera the camera only showed him then he did not they did not show the whole um person he did um they did not acknowledge the testimonies of those who were there and the relatives of those whose bodies passed but these same people that we not accomplished what they said that he was looking at his watch every time not to even mention that him looking at it once is an insult you know him looking at his watch i don't say that he has to pay his respects you know him look at his

whether or not he looked at it every time or he looked at it only once what kind of nonsense is that this is the same mainstream media that will listen to the testimony of all kinds of people that never met trump or never met um

the gentleman that president trump um appointed to be supreme court that everybody was saying i believe kavanaugh you know everybody was was saying all kinds of stories about him they want to use a woman's testimony that was from how many years ago over 20 years ago that she has no verification no proof or anything don't want to use it to ruin his life and to ruin kavanaugh's career you know yet the people that were there at an event you know at that um day at that moment when the way um the servicemen their caskets repressing they want to discount all their testimonies and make it an argument of did he look down once or was he many times do it there was even a a mystery media that was saying that was he actually um bowing down his head in respect and you know that and it looked like if he was looking at his watch and all kinds of nonsense and you know trying to come up with all kinds of silly explanations they will not do these kinds of things with trump and you see we have to understand that there is a cartel there is a a a group of globalists who have their hands in different areas of different governments in different parts of the world all these uns and all this um world health organization and all this one world order new world what are people that are always talking about the new world order and are saying you will not nothing and be happy and they are saying build back better all these people are using the same phrase these people that influence governments and governments um and world leaders you see there is a move of those people to control whatever rhetoric and that is what has been made clear than ever during president trump's term in office you know his last four years we've seen that now we see abiding disaster after disaster after disaster and the mainstream media that went relentlessly at president trump is covering for him and look at how african-americans are puppets when you call any side oh that side is racist african-americans just put themselves to hit that side it's like oh if you're an african-american and you have this opinion you're a racist so african-american just abide this is sad you know we must billy wants to strip power from these cattles and this organization destructs organizations we must bring them to justice even go against the law knowing that the law and the the consciousness are corrupt we must go against that you know we will bring them to justice and establish our own systems where there is now an ideology that the mainstream media bows down to ambushes and it is the ideology of the ideologies of honesty the ideology of common sense not lying telling the truth as it is so that everybody can benefit at the end of the day for more check out alfredo's vip


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