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Simp Harry Blames Mainstream Media For Vax Hesitancy & Calls For Censorship Of Any Opposing View : by Alfred


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Click Here To Download: Simp Harry Blames Mainstream Media For Vax Hesitancy & Calls For Censorship Of Any Opposing View : American News Updates - by Alfred

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about saint parry does the fellow who is married to megumako you know the guy who says that he doesn't want to be a prince but he left his media he's still calling him prince harry and you know he's still using his title to meet um financial aid just like his um wife who interestingly has named their doctor diana after princess diana in any case this friend fellow simpari you know is promoting the vaccine and is also um saying that mainstream media you know should be censored for job lies you know he wants them to push the stories about um the facts and all of that but first of all mystery media is all for that you know hasn't he been listening that is what mainstream media is for but that aside we must be careful and watch this this guy wants to censor certain opinions in spite of the fact that this obviously misplaced the direction he's going in because mainstream media is all for the worker is trying to push that rhetoric especially when you look at things in the uk and america that is what the mainstream media pushes you know so saying that the mainstream media needs to be sent from pushing um um job lies you know it's crazy you know but the boy has had a lot of issues ever since he um has been with meghan markle and clearly um he had issues before that otherwise he would not have ended up with meghan markle but that being said we have to have the authority and the power in this world it's dangerous that a lot of the most powerful and influential people in the world are people who have a lot of money and people who have a loud voice push evil ideologies like the mainstream media pushes their drugs nonsense all these guys they want to come true and it shows you you know this um guy that wants to be the champion for african-americans and bla you know as light skinned as he is as white as he is you know he is still an authoritarian you know he is super authoritarian you know and we must be uh mindful of this we must be aware of this this is what all these people want they want to force their opinions and their way of thinking whatever they think is right and everybody that opposes is ignorance you know ignorance is defined by whoever opposes them you know it is only them that have knowledge and know um right from wrong this is unfortunate we christians must be the ones that lead the rhetoric reads the direction that the world goes for more check out alfredo's vip


- Now Harry attacks Press over jab ‘lies’, even though mainstream UK media is pro-vaccine and it’s internet cowboys who are really to blame - by  Izzy Ferris: 

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