School Intentionally Puts Book Encouraging 5yr Old's To Be Sexually Active & Gay In Library : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i like to talk about the video currently circulation of the mom who read out basically what is in the school's library you know this is a a it's cool you know children you know this is not a university as a matter of fact such thing shouldn't even be in the university bed this is you know kids this is kindergarten age kids you know uh and you know um this is something that shouldn't even be in senior high you know it should not be even on on university campus but the books that they are giving kids to read the bedtime stories of today that promotes lgbt and you know on a different level this is this is this is now something else this is just clearly pedophilia because it has the story about you know the each other you know these are kids in the story giving they should have blow jobs in the story and this is something that is for kids to read in school you know and they are actually promoting that lifestyle and also you know that this is normal and that um people should not shy from it and it's like one character is like saying that why acting like it never happened you know it is it is like the bonus will come out you know why do you want children

you know five years old six years old to be sexually active and only in the name of lgbt and you know promoting homosexuality and this should not be a surprise because this is actually part of the devil what the devil wants you have to understand something is that when you reject christ you reject light and you know anything else will lead into further darkness so it's not a surprise that now they are pushing for this um the school board you know was indifference when you know they gave their mother a time to speak when she spoke they just shot her up you know and you know moved on to the next next um um paris you know they didn't even care you know this is unfortunate at this point you need to be mindful of this schools because schools are basically evil propaganda right now that is what a lot of this this schools in america are you know even in different parts of the world because a lot of the different parts of the world you know they are subject to what um it's not in america you know for most people you know apart from the chinese and perhaps the russian you know people are smart but a lot of the school systems of the world they feed off of america america is leading them when it comes to education you know and if their curriculum does eventually show up in one shape or the other in other nations curriculums and by the way a lot of people who are creating curriculums for west african nations and african nations you know are people who schooled in america or the united kingdom a lot of the ceos and a lot of the leaders of the majority of the


corporate sector you know the private sector you know the big businesses as well as the government a lot of them schooled in america and the uk so that's where the education comes from you know that's is what they've now transplant and translates into you know what they will put from third world nations and you know developing nations so people need to be mindful of this you know um we have allowed satan to use the schooling system to do his bidding this is terrible this is something that everyone should be talking about and you know people should be open arms about it but there is something that of course the mainstream media they control the media they control the rhetoric so this is just something that is just going to freeze they're just going to be one of those um so-called right swing and topics or right wing conspiracy theories over or whatever you know but this is something that is like this is something that this the book is there you know while such a book then why is this really material for kids encouraging them as kids to be sexually active you know very soon from space security activity now be to being sexually active with somebody who is multiple times their age and you know just the same way it is it's wrong for a grown-up you know a 30 year old or a a 70 or a 50 year old to want to have any kind of sexual relations with a seven-year-old or a five-year-old it is the same way for five-year-olds to be having any kinds of sexual relations with five-year-olds why is their mind thinking in that direction if someone is sexually active at the age of five what would they be doing at the age of 18 what would they be doing at the age of thirty only in this world where you know um pornography are not not just watching pornography but being a a pawn creator has not been normalized starting from tumblr tumblr broke um things that were made people to become publishers of porn and now you have um only fans that is that has taken it to a different level where um the a girl you know from that is 15 16 whatever you know come from her bedroom you know starts making porn and selling it all across the world i'm making thousands of dollars even millions in a few cases you know it has been so normalized and it has you know this is the um part of the mother of hallows you know when it comes to the mother of hallows in the last days you know the prostitution with with other gods you know has seen turning away from god and also the prostitution has been prostitution in itself you know it has now become you know the normalized this is going past the suraman gomura kind of scenario in any case that being said you know we need to um take back the schools we need to have influence in politics over policies over the school systems we need to in the meantime pull out pull your kids out of these crazy schools we need to have christian schools start your own christian schools you know create situations where you have an educational system you home school you talk to your kids and you know what your kids are learning and in addition to that we will not just leave the world to be doing that thing we will have our influence we need to influence the the school boards what's where good people doing when bad people are pedophiles they're taking over the school boards what's where good people doing when they're putting books encouraging kids to be homosexual and to be sexually active at the age of five and at the age of three what were good people doing even now that some of you have heard this what are you going to do about this is just something that you've heard and you will keep quiet and well it doesn't matter or you let somebody also oh it's just so terribly so sad then you move on with your life you know evil and evil people are taking ground but good people don't want to take part take positions of influence and do good things really we keep living it for the devil and we are surprised when the devil uses it for demonic things keep in mind that this is how things start it will keep getting worse if good people don't do um the writing darkness can always still get darker you see it is not like if the darkness that it was originally was not bad enough but it can still get darker and you know darkness you keep on getting darker unless light comes into the picture you know when it comes to morality especially that being said check out for more if you've not given your life to christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu of our vip and give your life to christ thank you and God bless you



- Breitbart News: "We Sucked Each Others' D*cks" -- Mom Reads Sexually Explicit School Library Book to Board:



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