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Neglected and unsupervised, a group of high school seniors find themselves pulled into a downward cycle of violence.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie ron's now let me just really official synopsis carl and silly and so you know uh bullied high school students who turned to revenge to settle scores with their tomentos with no one to turn to the spiral into a downward circle of misguided violence now the concepts of this movie is um i guess good you know this is it seemed that would work in this day and age of social justice and all this kind of thing in my day the solution for bullies was to confront them you know it wasn't what it is today with this justification bullying has always been and it's actually created a situation where people learned to be smart and learnt how to handle it you know the problem with this movie is that it deals with a a topic that is is good to to deal with but it does it from a social justice pressing angle it is not true to realistic situations they should have looked at you know if bullying was that trump they would obviously have more realistic things based on um people's experiences but when you see the movie even from the trailer it is clear that this express you know when a writer writes the story and wants to press the points and things are not natural when it comes to the flow of cause and effect they are just trying to push a particular rhetorically particular view irrespective of the fact that it doesn't really blend into the reality nature of cause and effect you see first of all the guy who is bullied is way too big to be bullied you know those guys you know and at this point even the the matter the fellow is bullied about it's crazy it's it shows a 90s style of bullying among kindergarten kids i'm putting it among kids that are basically college age but in a senior high you know um school situation it is very unfortunate and it's over um a girl people don't bully over such things and bullying is never personal that is one thing people don't uh really understand bullying is not personal from the past of the bully when bullying becomes personal it becomes even that is not bullying again it is it is something else but it's not on that the bullying you know bullying is is not about who is being bullied when it comes from the mind of the bully it is about pray and about taking advantage of people are you know letting go of you know that is how that person wants to um because of setting issues that person has that is how that person is um dealing with what issues they have so they want to take advantage of people they want to um oppress people and make people's lives miserable and there's also the issue of the people who are sadistic and they've developed a joy from that and that is what they enjoy but there are many issues with that person that should be dealt with or at least exposed when we are dealing with um turning the entire score into a movie or a novel so such things should be dealt with you know but this is very unfortunate especially how big the guy the guy is too big to be bullied and that is not how in a realistic situation anything will work out and then trying to push this um idea of who because of he was bullied i had nobody to turn to he resorted to violence as his paradise nonsense you know even based on the movie the i you one would think that expiring downwards will be equal to school shoots and at least i didn't see any school shooting in the uh trailer best that being said back in the day people led to handle these things themselves you know you can't build a generation that waits for the government to hold their arms through everything because now you are building a generation of weaklings you know a generation of cowards who will be trampled on by real life and we know other nations you know so this entire thing is um poorly done good topic poorly executed you know very poorly executed there's so much that could have gone with the story there's also the aspect of um christianity you know when you put things from a christian perspective then you will go into more of compassion and you know really perhaps explore you know changing the heart of the body what will change the heart of the bully the bully you know and you know responding in love to a bully you know and you know would that's what we don't work what effect would that cause you know there are different things and to make mothers more interesting this particular story should have been told you know based on what was explored it should have been told with a much younger audience as saying the character should be much younger it should be for junior high or kindergarten you know or perhaps the age range of the the kids from um stranger things you know that's kind of age range then of course you could bring perhaps they have the senior brother and all of that and that's the dynamic of isn't abraham trying to protect and then the bully also having his voice nearby and then lies and all those kinds of things so those kinds of um things could put in um people other characters so um high senior high school aged characters so college eight characters into the plots but as secondary characters because this kind of topic you know it's like a grown man worrying about being bullied like like uh a kindergarten kid it doesn't um communicate the same thing it's now terrible imagine a grown man you know

being bullied and told to give dealing with um someone asking them for um launch money or someone beating them up because of a girl is interested in that you know it is so scary so silly the entire um set up that is it's it's a problem you know i do not feel remorse for the character that is bullied what is going through my mind is you are too big to be bullied there are so many ways that he could handle he could go to the authorities he could beat them or fight back you know that would be a fight not a bullying situation you know it's when you are above the setting you cannot get bullied it is not bullying bullying is not the word that will be called you know that is not assault and you can sue them for assault or you can switch school there are so many kinds of action that are most logical you think like an adult you know you can't be doing childish stuff you know the the entire um setting of the movie the entire way sentences were put together and it was terrible you know from the right the false lies starts or begins with the writers you know the direction of the movie was not top notch it was you know simple tv series kind of stuff you know when it comes to the directing abilities of the director that being said if you like to be a part of transforming the entertainment industry you know you will also start your movie studio you know the real reason for a lot of all these um reviews and previews that i do is for algorithms monetization and also when people search for these movies they hear this and it's to bring attention to making christian content making christian movies that is what i'm pushing that is what this is all about you know as you may have observed i really don't even watch these movies i just watched the trailer the the one minute or a two minute trailer but then again you know from the synopsis and from the trailer eventually people who make trailers where you can tell the beginning middle and end you know you can tell the whole story of the entire movie you don't even need to see the movie to to know all that is going to happen in the beginning the middle the end and even the pathway that i'll be taking you know that that main thing you know reach out sourcing alfredo vip if you like to start your own studio you would like to work with us from projects you know we'll be happy to work with you if you haven't given your life to christ go to alfred.js click the subscribe link at the main menu you know when do a page come out that has a proper salvation say that prayer give your christ thank you and God bless you


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