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An Interpol agent tracks the world's most wanted art thief.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie red notice let me just read the official description in the world of international crime and interpol agents attempts to hunt down and capture the world's most wanted activities now this movie is stirring a lot of heavy haters you know individuals that are used to headlining their own movies and their big box office smash and that's doing the rock johnson you know gag adults you know wonder woman and also ryan reynolds now these are three big stars and the budget of the movie is estimated to be between a hundred and sixty to two hundred million that is um

large bits i believe um black panther made um more than that way more than that and the first wonder woman you know movie made i believe above that also but that being said you know due to the lockdowns and all of that people are not seeing movies tas you know that's how the experiences drop but you know of course lockdowns are being lifted in some places but there are plans that it is clear that there are plans for other lockdowns and that is profitable for some people but not for some people are some industries you know especially people who um they need people to come out to mass and show you know that being said this movie is a big nod in the direction of feminism when you

understand the times that we live in and what people are sensitive to now because of the push of feminism people are very sensitive to um seeing characters being replaced by dark skinned folks you know legendary white characters being replaced by dark skinned folks you know like they were trying to do with james bond and they have done with so many other um series you know people are sensitive to that and people are sensitive to feminism now in another era the the feminism would not have stuck out you know like it's would in this movie you know but that being said the right dance didn't push it so fast so this movie is still going to make a lot of money and a lot of people will still like it but you see the problem it puts the character of god gadot as a female um criminal and an active they are trying to say that he's physically tougher than bulls during the rob johnson and ryan reynolds now they are putting in according to this uh movie join the rock johnson you know he plays the part of an agent a government agency that his job is to apprehend the criminals that are very difficult to apprehend and apparently the one that is the most um difficult and it's basically impossible you know that is giving him the most trouble that he has ever had in the entire car he's a female and if you want to make a female feeling it has to be on the ground of intellect you see she has to be smart and that has to be her age she you can make her smarter than all the men you know but not from a feminist standpoint but that is the only way you can walk things out you cannot lean on the direction of physical might and then you make a movie where the woman is beating up all the guys physically you know kicking punching and then you bring all kinds of tough guys and she's kicking all their bots you can't make that kind of movie now back then it served as a kind of um even though it was more realistic you know that is what um it was kind of like a fetish kind of thing for some men to see you know but um now that everyone is sensitive to feminism and all its its foolishness we see it for what is to see just like back in the day for example eddie murphy wore dresses women's at the draw at the mafia dressed as women but we didn't um mention that we didn't look at it and and and really complain about it the naughty professor movie we have eddie muffet dressing up as a woman in all the roads playing the entire family we see other movies where you know in that time people did those kinds of things but the lgbt movement was not as prevalent and the all those cross-dressing um advocates and all those crazy people we're not as prevalent as it is now so now when it is done it is very obvious and it is very soon you know we we don't um look past it a lot of christians watched naughty professor and they enjoyed the movie but while watching movies like naughty professor from the 90s you are watching eddie muffet dressing up as a woman playing different roles you know basically almost every leading african-american star has done such a thing has put on a dress at some point in one of their movies it wasn't that prevalent before when it comes to it being noticed you know it was seen as funny but now it is not a joke anymore and people see differently so it's the same thing with this uh that being said you know in addition to the craziness of putting a female especially someone like gaga thought she's not muscular in any form to be against um someone like um during the rock johnson who is very very muscular so what is the logic from a scientific point of view that somebody a woman that is like adults you know no muscles whatsoever you know she she made she's slim and you know a little bit athletic but when that is as it comes to flexibility there's no weight there's no patches nothing too powerless nothing like that so what is the odds that such a person will be beating up both um the rock and roll reynolds you know who is also um a popular actual movie stan also makes um some comedy as well so you have to physical guys you know in the context of the movie you are saying that this guy you know the ryan reynolds character um teamed up with the rock because the rock was finding apprehending um gal gadot you know very gargadoos character very difficult based on what i can see from the trailer so you know we have a a and a government agents working with a criminal to cash a bigger criminal you know that kind of thing you know and apparently also from the trailer it appears that um he decided to walk it also with gagado for some other aim you know but um the whole thing is it is crazy you know when it comes to that and one other thing that many people want to observe is that this is actually stealing um the there is actually a cartoon from years back when i was a child you know there was a cartoon called um something like where in the world is common san diego it was about a female character that dressed like how gaga doctor is dressing in this movie and she was a criminal she was an additive and she was difficult or basically impossible to cast she was always shifting and outsmarting the police and the detectives you know that is uh where in the world is common san diego she was traveling all over the world and stealing that jewelry and you know things like that that is what she was doing and this is what this is a lot of people who don't know about cow san diego would not know about this you know that was a cartoon from way back you know and i think they also had a show with that name on ktv you know kids television which is way back you know many people of this generation would you know do you were not born then so you wouldn't know that it's funny how hollywood likes to recycle you know and the the reason one of the reasons um that such things are done you know you know it's all purely financial but one reason there are many reasons but one i would like to point out is the fact that um the the thinking of its work before this this movie um impressed audiences before in one generation it will impress the children in disordered generations we express this demographic in this generation and that is why you see for example so many spider-man movies with the same origin story told for a different generation and they are still milking it they are still milking it you know um a new to a new generation a new set of eyes you know a lot of money can be made because it has been proven that people like it is just like being able to remarket cinderella you know the story of cinderella is popular kids have been told that story for ages you know your parents probably were told that story and their parents were probably told actually when they were kids but new kids will still like it so it's kind of like figuring out a way to market and make billions from the retelling of the same story to different generations so um disney is now the king of doing such nonsense but you know this movie um it is still going to sell it is still going to sell and make a lot of money and of course if there is another lock down during the period that it is released that's going to be a problem but you know the chinese market is the chinese market and you know as long as this move is marketed well there um it's going to really be big interestingly enough they did not really flush this move with a lot of wokeness and you know um virtual signaling we don't see african-americans in weird positions where they have no business being when it comes to this movie so um that is a plus and you know um the fact that wokeness does not stand out apart from the craziness of the female character business male character which is not new in movies but in such a time as this the feminism of it of the whole thing will be very obvious you know it will be seen as what is this stupidity you know but overall you know it's a typical spy type movie you know that has comedy and action mixed together you know so that being said if you like to be a part of taking over the entertainment industry and changing the entertainment landscape with christian contents with um the gods for reach outsourcing perhaps you want to start your own entertainment stories studio we'll be happy to work with you you know reach out to if you've not given a like request click the submission pro link in the mail many of our vip God bless you


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