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About Dax:

Daniel Nwosu Jr. (born March 22, 1994), better known by his stage name Dax, is a Canadian Hip Hop artist with a huge YouTube presence of more than 2,300,000 subscribers who went viral with the official music video of his song “Cash Me Outside.” He is also known for his remixes “Hit Em Up,” “All Eyez On Me,” “Changes,” “Rap God,” “Killshot” and for his original songs. Dax biggest songs are “Dear God,” “She Cheated Again”, “My Last Words” and “JOKER”.

Before he got famous he was a big time basketball player, he was named MVP at Sunrise Christian Academy in his senior season. He then played for Casper College before heading to the University of Montana, and finally transferring to Newman University, where he head the Heartland Conference in scoring. While at Newman University, he worked part-time as a janitor. Additionally, he has enjoyed doing spoken-word poetry and has been a traveling motivational speaker.

Dax released his first EP “It’s Different Now” on August 22, 2018, on which he got features from Futuristic and O.T.Genasis. In November 2018 he got his first interview with Genius for their series “Verified,” where he breaks down his single “She Cheated Again“, and later ”Dear God“ and “My Last Words”.

Dax released his second EP ‘’I’ll Say It For You‘’ on March 13. The EP is supported by the singles ‘’Dear God‘’ and ‘’Book of Revelations‘’.

About Tom Macdonald:

Tom MacDonald was born in Vancouver, Canada to LeeAnn MacDonald on September 21, 1988. He is currently living in Los Angeles on a visa. Best classified as a conscious rapper, he was also a professional wrestler for RCW (Real Canadian Wrestling) from 2003 to 2009. Dating Nova Rockafeller since 2017, they created a punk band together called GFBF.

He may be seen as an independent artist who doesn’t follow the mainstream stereotypes, seeing himself as a visionary. His YouTube started gaining traction after the release of songs such as, “Dear Rappers,” “Castles,” “Helluvit,” and “WHITEBOY.” His music tackles a varying array of subjects including race, mumble rap, drug use, and depression. He also has spoken on terrorism and police brutality in his song “How The West Was Won,” a Tribute song to the Paris attacks on November 13th, 2015.


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the song propaganda by dax fish sharing tom mcdonald now this is the issue with tom mcdonald he's playing the fence you know this is something i reached out it is true that it would seem tom mcdonald stands for something and eminem doesn't stand for anything you know i saw a clip of a video where eminem was saying that um um what does what do people want him to talk about you know that sometimes he may just come up with a song talking about nothing you know that people say that you are not saying anything that people always say eminem is not saying anything that he's not saying anything you know and he was like what do you want me to talk about you know to eminem now this is me telling you eminem the fact that you don't have anything to talk about is sad it shows how much of a disconnect it is between you and the people you are living in a completely different world so you don't there's no cause that is worth standing for or dying for to you with everything that has happened in this world all you care about is having an award at school this is the great rapper or you know being known in the hearts of people oh this is the greatest of all time so this is one of the greatest is that's what is your own is that's what what's all you care about is just you know hip-hop and you're placing hip-hop that is all that matters to you that is your problem you don't even believe in anything strong enough to stand by it and as long as you know eminem doesn't do that or correct that he will be forgotten if he corrects it quickly and stands by something and stands for something he will then really solidify his his spots because when you look at people who do not get forgotten in music like bob marley to pack these people stood for something we know what they stood for you know i may not expertly agree with what they shoot for but they suit for it people have to look at you and say this person is fighting for me this person representing me this person is my voice if you're a musician and a group of people the latter the better but a segment of people a community of people don't feel like you are their voice that's a problem because your and your music is eventually going to die and it is those who stood for somebody whose music would live longer even if their music were not was not as good as yours that is a reality and that is a fact you know but so gets with um tom martina thomas donald even though it would seem he stands for something you know at least more than eminem he's playing defense and it shows that he stands for mutton you know someone said something about you know it's kind of like um

you saying you love basketball you know and then you shop for a game let's say you are in a music group are you sure to perform some members of that group is is wearing the jesse of one uniform the other and some members of the same group are wearing the jesse of the other or what the same people are mixing it it shows that you really don't care you don't really understand what is happening you know now that is spots and that is friendly this is more serious you cannot say that there is no such thing as left or right that you know all of them should come together as one that's crazy that is like saying that there's no such thing there's no difference between nazis and jews that let all the nazis and jews come together as one that's crazy you cannot say that you see and let us look at the reality of things the next has been calling trump supporters nazis look at the cancellations and look at all the nonsense that trump supporters have been put through and look at all the drama look at all the divisions that have been caused by the mainstream media it is true that yes there is propaganda but you cannot um be proposing that you should not be on the left or you should not be on the right that you know that the right and left you know we should come together you cannot do that without resolving so many issues without addressing so many things you know it shows that you don't believe in anything at all because if you believe in something do you believe that trump supporters have a right to exist do you believe that conservatives have a right to have values you you may say yes that that is the reason why you are saying what you are saying well the other side doesn't agree the issue is that the other side doesn't agree at least one of the issues the other side doesn't agree that the right should have a voice they want to cancel everybody from social media if they are conservative you see it is always once not the order to accuse them to blame and then there is the going back you know the conservatives you know um going against the um the liberals you know which apparently is not as violent as the other side you know there is antifa what is the alternative fantifah somebody may see proud voice but what violent sin has you probably ever done what show violence have the proud boys ever done where have the proud voice ever initiated any violence and and the proud voice you know apart from the fact that the group that was started by somebody who is you know not even white you know and they have a lot of people that are not even of european descent in that group you know so all that more sense of it's a white supremacist group is madness you know but um that being kept aside you have to understand that um this idea of playing the field you know people should be careful about it you know tom mcdonald might end up probably being he's putting himself in a dangerous situation him and ducks you know by doing this because it's all about um analytics that is what it's beginning to look like you know he doesn't really believe what he says he believes because as a matter of fact if you really want to come and say suicide you start to stop fighting you're not going to come out and say you need you and you need you on this kind of situation it's like think about it nazis and jews you say how can i tell a jew that the jew needs the nazis and how can you tell the nazis that the nazis need the jew you can't tell them that love is the answer that hates you only bring forth much more hate and you know you can't give the nazis reasons you know you need to um love the jews look at what the jews have done look how they have contributed their people to just like you many of whom who many people who were you know who are german married the jews and you know all of that they are being good blah blah blah you know you can't tell the jews to forgive you know but that is a different message from saying that you bought me this show that you should come together that is like telling and jamaica and belzy bob that they should both come together and hold hands you see it that it shows that you don't know what you're doing you know and it's it's kind of like this concept where we see christian musicians who go to grammy awards and they receive awards we we which we which i've always had a trouble with when you're a christian you are making music that's the other fellow is making music that is opposed to the kind of content that you are talking about and then you want to receive an award it is like the same person giving angel gabriel an award you now come and give one demon you know an award at the same event you know it doesn't make sense you know you stand for two different things the fact that you can come together and receive an award from the same place means that all you both care about is business you know in in that situation i've always had um an issue with christians who receive grammys why do you why are you receiving a grammy why receive mtv music awards and all of that why do you are you are you are you then condoning what the other side is making i prefer the world will be much better if we are all making christian music you know if we are all serving god i know what i stand for and i stand for what i stand for but you know what you stand for most also makes sense and it must be consistent and it must be something that you are not joking about and you are willing to die for you are willing to lay your life down for it you know of course christians don't die you know with a christian death is a choice because the keys of hell and the grief are with jesus you see so if you don't want to die you wouldn't die if you are a christian that only applies to christians but all of that being said you know this song you know really turns me off even more when it re when it comes to tom mandona you know because um he's playing this playing defense he's crazy are you a trump supporter are you on the side of conservatives what is it that you believe you know do you think what kind of quest is saying is right then at the same time you cannot think that what's joy really saying is right but think that these two people can um come together and hold hands and walk together and something will come out of it without resolving a whole lot of different issues there are a whole lot of different issues between the left and the right you know this side wants to eliminate this side and this side you know is you know very unhappy with this side and very soon both sides will have the equal desire to eliminate each other which is a different problem you know so that being said um that's what i said i have to say about the song propaganda there isn't also any meaningful hard hitting phrases from tom mcdonald there's no hard hitting quotes because perhaps that is to me you know especially since he's playing defense you know but that is seems to be where he has chosen to stand he has chosen to to to stand for standing on defense but you cannot you know remember the words of jesus if you are never hot no code i'll speak it out of my mouth that being said check out and if you like to be a part of transformed the entertainment landscape whether movies video games cartoons whatever reach out to us on alfredo vip we are looking forward to hearing from you thank you and god bless you if you haven't given your life to christ the salvation prize also in the main menu of alfredo vip click that salvation prayer link a page your commander has a prayer salvation say that prayer and begin your journey we've got dictators on what to do next you know to get involved with you know fellowship and to grow in the sins of god is also available thank you and God bless you


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