Pro ANIIFA Portland Politicians Pushes Law To Ban Companies In Portland From Doing Business With Any Company In Texas Over Abortion : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the leftists the globalists and the actions that they take towards conservatives and christians and how christians you know never mashed it why is it that we as christians it's not even like we are bringing knives to gunfights we don't even put up a fight at all we don't even bring fists you know to the gunfights we don't do nothing the mayor of portland tetra you know said that the city council will vote on an emergency resolution emergency resolution they are making it you know something that is forced illegally these people are using the law to push force their agenda and every single ideology that they have they are using the law to bring it out the city council will vote on an emergency resolution to ban the city from trading with texas and to ban city employees from going there for business travel this is a response to the texas hearts beats acts now the texas heart beats acts is basically um burning abortions if he had bits can be detected know that this is not a total banning of abortion so it is not even a total victory because if you know um someone gets pregnant you know or they start showing signs of pregnancy and the uh they have not reached that um um stage of you know food development you know or enough development for a habit to be detected that person can still kill that child you know and it is unfortunate that this goes on we need to go towards it but now just this heartbeat acts look at all the lefties showing you how evil they are these are the so-called people who who came who claim to be all about the people who claim to be about love and helping the people and all conservatives are a bunch of wicked heartless people oh they are all because they are all racist but these are the people that are championing and pushing for deaths of innocent babies you know when a heartbeat is detected in the woman's room you know the child in the woman's room is clear you know that this child has a heartbeat you know there why would anybody want to argue and say that um killing that child is not mother

you know this is unfortunate and it shows you the kind of wickedness and how demon possessed these people are now texas is maki i mean portland is making this kind of law against texas why don't conservatives make this kind of laws why don't we pressure them why don't text us and you know christians push for laws to ban people from since they want to do this to manipulate you know uh people so it's like you are not going to have business you are not going to have money from us we are going to ban everybody in portland from doing business with anybody in texas because those in texas passed a law that you know any baby with a habit cannot be aborted now why don't conservatives do the same thing why don't we pass laws banning companies we work for companies we own or christian owned companies or you know um in places that are conservatives wrong why can't we pass laws since they want to play this game why can't we pass a laws that bans consensus from doing business with liberal states doing business with states that are pro-abortion states that want to kill innocent babies why don't we pass our own laws if they want to play this game we need to start fighting fire with fire or with more gun power otherwise we are not serious you know the way we play things is crazy the lincoln projects actually you know put out a tweet saying um national companies headquartered in texas are forcing hundreds of thousands of employees to live and work in states that not only ignores their constitutional rights but actively is trying to take them away first of all abortion is not part of the constitution there is no part of the constitution that says you can kill babies you know abortion is not a constitutional right and if any nation in any part of the world has as part of his constitution that people can kill innocent babies that nation has to remove that from his constitution otherwise the courts and the blood of those babies we speak out against the nation and and it will result in a lot of chaos because do not be deceived whatsoever amongst that shall surrey you know there are things that individuals so and their things that nation source is a nation so they see if a nation you know and its leader represents the nation if the leader decides to invade a nation an opposing nation or make a foolish move the entire nation will suffer for it that is the facts that is how life works if you are inside a boss and the driver has something wrong with his head and he drives recklessly when an accident happens it will also affect you it is not like oh because it is not your fault it's not you that was driving recklessly you were at the backseat of the camera so you have to know when something happens it will affect you so you have to be mindful of whoever is leading not everybody can be the captain but make sure that the captain of the boat is abiding by god's laws make sure that the captain of the boat is abiding by common sense because whatever the captain of the boat shows you will reap the titanic sack because of the cutting of the titanic

you see all the people who died in the titanic it was not them that saw um you know the iceberg and you know thought that it was just a little piece of what a little piece of ice it is not them

that decision and that's occurrence whether the captain saw it or did not saw it see it or misunderstood what it was or whatever it was because of the cutting and because of his captain all those people died so understand that the leaders of the nations are the captains and when especially when um christians and good people don't run for politics political office or don't have their grip on what those in politics do like the lgbt and you know the blm crowd and the leftist class have manipulated their way such that those who run for office start by pledging allegiance to the lgbt and all of that in spite of the fact that the lgbt and the warcraft are leading people down the sewer look at how much destruction have been done to america and you know america if it starts being the greatest nation in the world the nation that they take over for it what makes you think that they are going to stand for or even have any time to stand for freedom you know and unfortunately there are secret societies and there are people behind the scenes who pull the strings that have used america for evil for so many years and so that blame is on america so that is how america looks like the original thing it's the original beliefs of the american of what america supposed to stand for has not been what has been going on or what has been projected to rest of the world look at china china is working with the taliban they don't mind working with terrorists they are making business moves they don't care they have no interest with women's rights human rights all of that look at wuhan where this virus came from they have been back to business china has been back to full capacity when other nations were locked down china locks down few places few places and then it's lifted this lock down and everything went back to normal when other people were still doing lockdown and the profits of china kept on rising all the food and all the equipment and all the things that you are buying with stimulus money during the lockdown all those things were not manufactured in your country a lot of those things were manufactured in china your country was under locked down china was still producing and it is them that actually the virus came from now the they are always giving you new names for the different variants of the virus and people are buying it from this to that from that to delta from delta to they will still come up with new ones some people will be ah oh it is more deadlier than before it's more deadlier than before and at the same time this is a paragraph and the pharmaceutical companies are making a lot of money and setting companies a lot of tech giants are making more money than ever this is the elimination of certain industries the brick and mortar industry the physical companies that you have to go to are now being put in a position where their market share is now going to companies that are online and have exemptions you know some companies some major corporate corporations like amazon was allowed to run when every other company was giving you know the small businesses were giving um lockdown orders they had to lock down but amazon you know what makes it think that amazon as big as it was and with all the deliveries the way all abiding to the social distance now whatever do i not doing that but the point is that they lock down different businesses look at the same thing with hollywood you know how many hollywood companies select hollywood companies who are still making movies in the middle of the lockdown and that is why we still see movies movies never stop coming and you see certain people who have invested in certain places you know that's still making a lot of money just like the politicians so you have to understand this and it's dangerous when the the these and secret people behind the scenes are using their money to sponsor politicians and tell them you have to do this you have to push this law you have to produce law and the politicians also are getting paid for pushing those laws and they are also investing in income so they are making money on both ends people like trudeau who is a criminal that should bring you if we do not stand up against what his politicians are doing it will be too late when you find yourself in the middle of a concentration camp for more check out


- Andy Ngรด: Portland mayor @tedwheeler said city council would vote on an emergency resolution to ban the city from trading with Texas & to ban city employees from going there for business travel. This is in response to the Texas Hearbeat Act.:

- The Lincoln Project: National companies headquartered in Texas are forcing hundreds of thousands of employees to live and work in a state that not only ignores their constitutional rights, but is actively trying to take them away.:

- The Lincoln Project: Corporations have been filling the campaign coffers of @SenBryanHughes , the lead sponsor of #SB8. Among the top contributors are @ATT , @GetSpectrum , @CVSHealth , @WeAreFarmers , @Deloitte , and @Comcast .:

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