Portland About To Break Homicide Records In 2021 After Defunding The Police : by Alfred


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everybody i'm alfred and i'm like to talk about the portland city council you know last year in response to the blm protest center the founder police protest the portland city council you know voted to defund the police however now they are now

on pace to actually break records when it comes to the number of shootings and homicides in portland now it goes without saying this is not a big surprise for anybody with common sense when you deform the police when you take away that security whatever they expect but for criminals to run rampage now people need to understand this

you can't sit back and do nothing and if you are not in portland you cannot say that well i am not in portland this does not concern me understand that foolishness is contagious you know and madeline king once said something he said injustice anyway is a threat to justice everywhere and that is something must understand especially if you are in the same nation you know you don't even have to be in destination it concerns you any injustice any part of the world should concern you now the world is run by people who um take advantage of organizations that can break through barriers of borders and then push forth their will a lot of times in the name of justice in the name of social justice and in in the name of the common good and trying to help people but a lot of times it is all about control the u.n the world economic forum the world bank all those organizations even a lot of worldly charities a lot of them are responsible for a lot of the poverty and debt that a lot of third world nations for fostering so-called are in you know what really makes a nation a third world nation is it the wealth it has in comparison to other nations that are considered faithful nations or is it its asset column this is its liability column you have to get things straight and understand what the healthy bank balance sheets is you know nations should have a healthy balance sheets a lot of charity that is done to so-called third world nations put them in in poverty that they weren't in before let us say that a nation does not have good roads it does not have beautiful airports like the first world nations have but guess what that nation right now let's say it's not in debt it's not doing anything by the time that the so-called charity organizations and you know the un and the world bank and all of that provide all these facilities for this nation's facilities that the people in those nations don't know how to monetize and they wouldn't be given the ability to monetize it to pay the bills but first of all now they have gotten deep into debt debt that they cannot pay and of course there is interest so even when the people are making money the interest is rising so they are forever in debt and then the manipulation of international currency due inflation rates you know and true um things like the federal reserve and world bank you know this um trading the forex markets it manipulates currencies in such a way that the currencies of western nations the currencies of first world nations will always be greater so africans and terror nations need to start seeing their resources as the real currency because if they are looking at paper currency if they are looking at the currency that they are printing in their own central bank like if nigeria is looking at the naira the value of the naira is strongly related to the value in the international markets you know the value of the dollar and the value of other currencies so that fits into it you see but your resources are your resources the oil you have in the ground is the oil that you have in the ground the cocoa that you have in the ground is the cocoa that you have in the garden do natural resources that you have you know and even things that may not be recognized as natural resources better for example sand sunday some integral parts of creating microships that are inside computers many people don't know that you know there are a lot of things that you look around you and you take for granted but it is actually money and you need to check out my book money grows on trees which actually explains that everything is money because everything has value and you know as long as it has value to somebody that is money you just have to you know if you want to take advantage of it you know you have to figure out the way that you will um take the value from it and deliver it to somebody it has value to and when you create a system to do that that is a business you know but everything around you you know your internet connection you can share your internet connection with somebody for a fee you know you can even um do there are so many different things that you can do with every single thing that's around you you know you are watching me now on the internet you can get paid for watching videos you can get paid for listening to music there are a lot of people who um uh upcoming videos who want people to listen to their songs there are websites you can even start your own you know start your own app where people can actually get paid for listening to music or get paid for watching videos you know so all these kind of things it's very um interesting and you have to understand it there's money all around you you just have to figure out how to convert money in whatever form it is you know to um paper money or basically in a way that it is actually going to create an asset which is the best which is bigger than paper money because paper money is going to pass away and that currency is manipulated you know to work um against the favor of especially those who hold it that is why you know the value of every currency drops you know you have to multiply currency you have to multiply value so that is what it's about and have ownership of that grid volume of value and when you do that you use it for good now back to the portland situation you see it goes without saying look at how dumb people are this is just common sense a kid should know that if you take away police security crime will rise when you defund the police what do you expect wait thinking that the police were doing nothing you know and it this should be a case study and people should look at it and say wow blm is wrong blm has caused more debts to african americans than any of that seen in the past 100 years i'll say no that would be abortion abortion has caused more debt and destruction to african american communities you know and groups that is number one killer you know when it comes to um natural since you know that is the number one the number two will be bla you know then when if you want to look at um so-called natural since you can look at heart disease and stuff like that but the points that i'm making is that we as christians we can't keep allowing evil people and in this case don't people who who are not smart enough to understand that one plus one is equal to two you cannot allow them to be your lo your leaders and your rulers and if you are not in nations or in cities that you know have such problems you still have to exact your influence be heard use your voice on the internet on the web write letters create organizations inspire organizations look at the impact of blm in nations that don't have anything to do with george floyd when it comes to the george flores riots did you know that the way george floyd murals in afghanistan what's in the world is a mural dedicated to george floyd doing in afghanistan of course i believe you know um they are saying that the taliban has covered up the mural and all of that but you see what business does the people of afghanistan have to do with what happened to george floyd they have no business but they see they don't want to push that um imagine that rhetoric you know and that goes without saying by also by pushing force the worst of a risk as the champions and propagating them all over the world that is a big problem imagine if you are in afghanistan and you don't really have any rapport with with people of um um dark skin you know people who are african-american so africa percy you don't really have them around you let's say that that is your experience you don't have many of them and then your exposure to them is they are pushing for george floyd as the hero then you look at who george floyd is and look at the kind of criminal life he lived he had a life of crime he was a career criminal when you look at what would be your perception towards african americans or africans because they have pushed for this as this is your hero it's just like south africa let us say you look into the life of mancy mandela and you see very funny things but you don't you didn't know anything about um you don't really have exposure to a lot of south africans you would think that well if this is the best among them this is how all of them are others will even be way worse that is how you would think you know um so that is a different topic but we as christians you know we need to expand christianity you know not just for the mission but also for survivor it's necessary that we increase the number of people who are christians then also we must exact our authority you know and our influence on politics and in every form of life otherwise we will really see a tribulation period that is going to happen before the tribulation period that is official look at what those in um room you know the christians in any room what they experienced under nero and under a lot of the other roman emperors that were opposed to christianity look at what they suffered that was not the tribulation period yet look at what they suffer we also can suffer the same if we allow the same kind of um people getting to power because understand the spirit of antichrist is still in the world the same spirits that was behind those roman emperors are still in this world but thankfully they have been a move of of um christian influence men in politics you know we started from the catholic church and you know the roman empire and of course there's so much to say about the catholic church but that was not true christianity you know and that is also a leftover of what is from the roman empire the current catholic church is a leftover of that bit you see that changed the attitude and the perception of christianity but the thing is that it also changed the meaning of christianity but now we have gotten um closely back at least a lot of people have have not gotten any refreshing we now know um really what christianity is and a lot of us like me are you know christians you know we have a true understanding of christianity as christ meant it to be not what the roman catholic church wants it to be but you know that being said if it wasn't for that if it wasn't for things like the founding fathers and yeah the influence of christianity is not the roman catholic version you know and all of that you know having a place in politics a lot of things will not have gotten better a lot of innovations a lot of great things will not happen better and a lot of um positive attitudes towards christians but that is now changing because you know for so long prisons have gone away from politics christians have moved back when it comes to influence what is our presence in schools educational systems say christianity is not allowed what is our presence in the arts the entertainment when we look at movies and all of that it is always bashing christianity but pushing for witchcraft look at all the stuff on netflix they put when it comes to the supernatural you see a push for the supernatural but it's witchcraft you know and wishes good wishes and all of that which is doing good since charmed bewitched this that's you know this um um piling up to um witchcraft but at the same time they this christianity has supernatural from christianity as it is crazy that being said check out alfred.vip for more God bless you



Portland Police: Press Release: Large Number Of Casings Recovered At Parkrose Neighborhood Shooting Incident - No Injuries (Photo) Link: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/police/news/read.cfm?id=351964&ec=1&ch=twitter

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