NIH Now Finances Study On How The Vax Impacts Menstrual Cycles : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the nih ordering uh 1.67 million dollar story on how kovi 19's vaccine impacts women's menstrual cycles now this news coming out is something that under normal circumstances should shock the world and people should realize that's what those people who have been branded you know anti-vaxxers you know what they have been saying you know should be taken more seriously and people need to actually hold the verse has already been distributed globally millions have already taken the vex and it is now you want to do a study on how it affects women's menstrual cycles i have been saying it that this has a lot to do with population control this has a lot to do with decreasing the population of the world it is now you want to do a study on the impact of the wax on the menstrual cycle of women

understand that the whole system is owned by those who have the money and actually in large parts you know the globalists who are responsible for this whole thing so they can pay for the story to turn out in their favor or if the story does not come out in their favor they own the mainstream media so they will see all kinds of things that his story was led by conservatives and republicans and all of that and you know use that to debunk the whole thing because now you debunk things not by fact but just by smells and slows that being said you know you should get wise to this by now

and you should ask yourself you know what do you need to do because these people are not going to stop let us say that something happens and this entire fiasco comes to an end which it will not come to an end on its own but if it comes to an end if these people are still in power they will still do more or they will do something else that is for sure which is why i emphasize that as long as good people as long as christians and people who have the light you know who are christians of course because if you are not a christian you do not have delight unless christians men and women of god are in positions of authority all over the world we have left those positions for children of darkness then we are now praying that children of darkness we do righteous things we are now praying that darkness will produce light

that is not going to work so we must strategically plan to take down this new world order folks all these politicians that are promoting new world order all these politicians that are offered this new system of control all of these politicians that are using phrases like new normal they want this new normal all these politicians that wants to control the people and to make the people's slaves we must take them down you see we'll first of all try the illegality but at the end of the day we'll put our foot down that's this is the weight it has to be we have to be free give me freedom or give me that that being said check out alfredo's vip for more



- New York Post: NIH orders $1.67M study on how COVID-19 vaccine impacts menstrual cycle

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