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Nigerian Governor Of Rivers State Openly Reveals New Lockdown Plans For January Next Year In 2022 : by Alfred


MP3 Download Link:

Click Here To Download: Nigerian Governor Of Rivers State Openly Reveals New Lockdown Plans For January Next Year In 2022 : Nigerian News Updates - by Alfred

Broadcast Notes:

- What scientific proof is there that the last lockdowns in Rivers State helped

- Until we take evil people out of power they would continue doing evil and authoritarian things to the people.

- The church is paying the price for decades and centuries of ignoring politics even though the numbers has been on our side. Now politics is being used to attack the church and decrease its numbers.

- The Nigerian media admitting that they want to put fear in people and bolding saying it's necessary for them to do so, so people would take the Vax

- Why does Nigerian Politicians ignore drugs that work like hydroxy & ivermectin and insist on the Vax

- Christian Churches must form a United voting block and pick candidates from amongst us that would answer to us 

- Christians must get their voice heard by Wike and he must answer to us

- Christians should get ready to take legal action against Wike

- The people of Rivers should sue Wike to pay for past palliatives he didn't give to the people yet forcing a lockdown.  

- The people of Rivers should sue Wike for planning another lockdown and not providing people with enough palliatives and provisions that would last them the entire duration of the lockdown. Sue him for the people he plans to kill with hunger and the poverty he would be bringing on many people with such a move.

- Some in Nigerian media like TVC supporting the draconian roles Wike pull in 2020, and saying the Edo State government's move to mandate the Vax makes sense.

- The claim that the virus spreads faster in churches than in market places because of churches are covered areas and markets are open air spaces. What about supermarkets; that's where the majority of Nigerians go their shopping.

- You ignore all the people who get healed in churches that couldn't get healed in hospitals by medical science. Why are hospitals then open while churches are to be closed or have to abide by the rules from so called medical science

- The Nigerian government should be held to account for pushing the Vax but solving pressing issues which they can like Boko Haram, Kidnapping, ...

- The elitist owned media not covering every kidnapping, only the ones that go viral on the internet first making it difficult to ignore because they don't want people to see just how bad it is.

- The claim that those who are refusing the Vax are uneducated and uninformed is nonsense. It is those who are taking it that are uninformed as to what is really going on; the fake news, the alternative treatment, natural immunity, the origin virus, how the WHO & NWO are using this to push for a build back better New World Order where you'll own nothing and be happy.

- There must be a flood of Truth to counter the Flood of lies.

- If you can leave Nigeria, leave

- It is better to die than to take the Vax

References & Sources For This Video:

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- Viable Tv : ...Gov. Wike Threatens to Re-impose Lockdown In Rivers:

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