Nicki Minaj Says Celebs Are Too Afraid To Say What They Feel About The Vax : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and this is kind of like an update on the nicki minaj situation when it comes to you know her sweets and the facts and the entire drama going on on twitter she recently you know just told her fans that's 80 percent of the celebrities you know that they follow and they like feel the same way she does about the facts but they are too scared to say anything you know it's very interesting this is this is very interesting it is nice that she's beginning to see the lights at least in this wax issue hopefully she'll see the light in a lot of different areas but you see people need to be bold one of the reasons why evil prospers is when good men do nothing and understand that this is a trust strategy when people who um operates with fear put out fear a lot of times they know that if not for the fear you could stand up and fight and defeat them and that is the situation it is right now people need to wake up people need to stand up people need to be smart and people need to actually you know get up


fight against this whole shot this whole nonsense of this vaccination and fox vaccination that this whole um nonsense people need to do that if you do not do that with the power that you have the little power that you have that you think you're going to hold on to you will lose it including the don lemons and the joyrides and all these evil people who are pushing for globalist agendas you are not safe including the barack obama's when america falls which is the endgame of those people it will affect you even if you have a plan to travel to another country what are you going to be there what position are you going to feel in there there is no plan for you to actually enjoy satan does not have a plan to be a blessing to any human satan does not even have the ability to offer blessings to any human there's a reason why when people quote unquote sell their soul to the devil you know the so-called wealth that they have is temporary and you know it's they've signed themself up for help you know they have signed themselves for destruction based on their choice and the path that they have chosen satan cannot offer anybody anything

he can only deceive you he's not offering you anything there is no points in this world where satan has made an offer to anybody that has benefited even the fallen angels among the foreign angels guess what if they had rejected lucifer's suggestions regarding you know the treason and basically you know that's entire um atrocity of trying to you know um get into god's god's place now and and sit on gosh through if those angels who are currently following did not listen guess what they would not be demons right now they will be in heaven with god with archangel michael and the rest of them imagine that now they are now condemned to spend the tennis in hell when they could have spent eternity in heaven when it comes to other everything that satan offered other he could have gotten way much more plus he would have never ever ever and no human would have known what suffering means suffering would not have been something we experienced even animals would not have experienced suffering suffering is not part of god's plan nobody would know anything as pain and that is why it is written in the scriptures that you know in the new heaven and the new earth he will wipe every tear from the eye you know there will be no soul there will be no pain pain and suffering comes with darkness it is not part of god's design god did not create pain and suffering some people think that pain and suffering is part of life no that is not how god designed it god did not design life so that you can suffer and then learn from your mistakes so learn from your pain and push through it all of that was a result of follow me satan has never made a good plan look at the deal he made with he wanted to make with jesus and he said um look at all the nations of the earth bow down worship me and i will give it to you what was he saying you see he was telling jesus to give up everything understand that he hates the lords and the fullness thereof first of all it was not truly satan's own to give satan had taken that authority over the kingdoms of the earth from other now how can he give it to jesus and if he gave it to jesus then jesus is now becoming bowing down to satan so it's still it is now putting satan above god it is god bowing down to satan so satan now basically sitting in the throne of god that is what he wanted and what what would not again happen to jesus in that kind of scenario he will obviously um want to kill him or destroy him but you see it was not a good deal my point that i'm trying to make is that satan does not have any good deed to offer anybody whether human or non-human he's not in the position so you have to make up your mind to stand for what is right even pay the ultimate price for what is right there are people who have paid the ultimate price for things that do not matter there are people who have died because they fell in love they fell in love with one girl then because of that girl it has resulted in them now being dead they went to fight somebody also they found themselves in in a shootout you know over a girl and now they are dead they paid the ultimate price for something so irrelevant now that girl or that female later went on got married and happy had a happy life but then they are dead they died overnight you see in the old days there were many people who went to draw jewels who had dwells over women whether sword fights or you know gunfights you know over women those people died for nonsense what about you have you are you going to die if are you going to be willing to lay your life down for what is right for freedom for righteousness for the freedom official generations you know you must be willing to put everything on the line put your so-called careers on the line for what is right and do what is right for more check out alfredo's vip God bless you


- Melissa Tate: Wow @NICKIMINAJ just told her fans on IG that 80% of the celebrities they like and follow, feel the same way she does about the vax but are too afraid to say anything. Cowards!

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