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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the um kind of situation you know kind of be treated that's um something about a cousin of hind of hers in china that you know or something of that so that the friend of a cousin you know took the works and you know it affected the fellow's reproductive system and his you know he ended up you know losing the woman that he loved you know she refused to marry him you know and it it had made him impotent and all of that you know and a lot of people were attacking um has seen she said things that she did not see not something that in spite of the fact could be a leftist and she has said all kinds of terrorists and you know she has attacked candice who wins from several locations the interesting thing is that's you know and this is um when it comes to the turning point of will people begin to see you know when sentences are done to them now that she's receiving this kind of treatment from the left that she has been on you know for saying what she believes to be true you know

now she has turned into somebody that is now you know it has gone to the point of her being basically called a white supremacist like candice owens which she you know was on that train distinct kind of stories now you see the problem and this is what um things have turned into it has turned into name calling now that word racist has no meaning it's like oh this person um does not agree with my views therefore they're racist therefore their bigots or this person is voting on this side but this person does not like this work ideology or this person does not want pronouncing bias oh they are a big gut and all kinds of things so this person is not championing and you know doing all kinds of things for the lgbt oh there are big goats all these kinds of craziness you know it's funny that now that is happening to her i wonder would her eyes open but it says that a lot of people like that their eyes don't open they want to um make themselves the exemption you know what why is she there now saying that he left his lying about her when it comes to the facts you know why she's saying that and then thinking that you know the left didn't lie about trump or the left didn't lie about candice or lie about so many other people on the right why is she the exception it just like when it comes to alec jones when they came after alex jones it was like it is just alex jones so a lot of conservatives kept quiet alex jones was the first key person to be targeted strongly who are the first you know conservatives that was really targeted and you know they they went through for some time you know in that era they were also going after laura luma and lauren sardone that time lauren sardone was on the right now she's basically jumping in between you know trying to play defense but alex jones was the first person that was attacked and it was like it is just alex jones soon we started hearing you know conception still complaining about shadow bunny shadow bunny shadow and the let's thought it was a joke now that these works came out anybody that says anything about vacuum or the virus you see all the notifications on your account and you see how you get shadow but now it's not general you see when they think it's spreading when at what point do people's eyes open you know they looked at elegance like oh it's just electrons now they they started um central conservatives now look at how they went all the way to trump and they burned trump from facebook and twitter yet the taliban has an accounts on twitter the taliban is not banned on twitter but donald trump is this shows you all you need to know look at george bush coming out on 9 11 to say that patriotism is basically terrorism calling trump supporters you know terrorists that they are the same thing as the terrorists of 9 11 calling anybody who believes in you know patriotism patriotism has now turned into white supremacy you see you have to come to a point you have to realize that soon what you believe will have to align with every single thing they keep telling you to believe any new thing they tell you to believe otherwise they will have a name for you when you are looking at them as they are attacking others and calling their name and shutting them down they will soon come for you because in spite of the fact that it would seem that most of the things they stand for you also stand for there are new things that we stand for tomorrow that when you don't stand for you also will be given that same treatment that they gave others so you need to be smart and understand this you know we need to um understand what is america about is america a place that believes in freedom of speech that believes that people you know have the rights to live their life freely or is it now a place that everybody now has to be woke otherwise they will be cancelled otherwise they'll be cast away from society otherwise they could even face prison term in the name of hate crime which is which is which is so ludacris that somebody can't claim that oh this person committed a hate crime they have to go to jail or they have to pay susan so far you know and now a hate crime is now somebody calling you know misgendering somebody or so-called you know somebody is born a man and he says and call me a woman but you choose to still call him a man that now is he hates crime that will send you to prison and they will tell you to pay thousands you know as a fine and they always put a fine that you know the people cannot pay the person in christian cannot pick or it really hold that person back account you know how does this go and what happens to freedom you know all of this is you know a result of good men doing nothing and good men not going into positions of power and authority i have said it before when chris has stepped away from having money and having influence and having a voice not just a voicing policies but running politics what else do we have is not enough to vote have to run policies and you have to understand power it is cute to be the president it is huge to be a governor but understand that there are positions of power that are way more powerful than all this do not trump was president but look at all the things that he couldn't do that he wanted to do look at all that he faced it is not enough to have a donald trump in office we must also have ownership of the cnns the msnbc's the news media the twitters the facebooks when everybody of on on twitter you know their their their posts are promoted and pushed when they say negative things about trump and trump cannot even defend himself because he's bad you know what happens so it is not enough to be the president you know it is it is not enough to be the president when you know you can have people like shema mili behind the scenes going to a dif another country and planning against the president plan against donald trump and general mili you know is still in the abiding administration and the body administration is protecting him look at all the corrupt people this is the swamp that donald trump was talking about this is you know the these people who are uh are trying to really destroy civilization and bring about the new world order you know if we do not move fast a time will come when there will be no um opportunity you know that being said make sure you are prepared for the rapture if you have not you know go to alfred or vip a servation price in the main menu click the salvation prayer link a page your commander has a preservation say that prayer to begin your journey with god thank you and God bless you



- Anthony Brian Logan : MSNBC ATTACKS Nicki Minaj Over Met Gala Vax Comments!:


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