Nancy Pelosi Once Again Shows Her True Colors & Allegiances By Blocking Reading The Name Of Fallen Soldiers : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about nancy pelosi blocking reading the names of fallen soldiers now this is the person that was all for this say her name say her name movement you know brianna know

that makes the democratic party look bad the democrats are clearly against the democrats are all about politics they don't care about human life they don't care about the consequences of their actions all they care about is their careers there used to be a time where even though politicians cared about their careers they had a conscience you know they were selfish but not um to the degree that they they didn't care how many lives were lost as a result of their personal temporary gain you know there was a they they had some conscience and they would stop or pipe things down sometimes people would voluntarily step down from their positions you know they were all about um being selfish and self-serving but it had their limits but apparently now the limits are you know completely off and it shows you how evil certain people are america needs to understand the importance of patriotism and you know this goes to every nation in the world the same way that you have people like ian uma who hates america you have people like aoc a lot of people who are anti-american they always take the parts against america you know they are not getting into positions of authority within america what do you think is going to be the outcome for america when america is destroyed and falls to the ground would it come as a shock is this supposed to come as a shock to anybody when you have

put a system in place where patronism is criticized where people who are not patriotic are allowed to go into positions of authority if somebody does not like dogs for example why would you put them to be a keeper of dogs

you know let's say somebody eats dogs you know that is another level why would you allow that person to be the one to manage your pets your pet dogs why would you allow the fox to be the one to take care of the hand and expect things to go well in the poetry

you see um americans need to be smart christians need to be smart and in different parts of the world you know place like nigeria you know a lot of the leaders are self-serving and they do not like nigerians they do not like all the people in nigeria for example the buhari administration only cares about muslims and fulani people look at all his ministers muslim muslim muslim muslim foreign he knows what he's doing he is replacing all kinds of seats of power and authority with just his hausa and muslim people there is hardly any person in authority a set in states that is dominance with a certain tribe like states that are dominantly igbo where you will see an ebook of nobody people who are um handpicked by the president to serve in that administration are all hauser you know that says a lot people need to be mindful of this and there needs to be laws in place to prevent certain kinds of people people who have certain kinds of allegiances and leanings from stepping into positions of authorities yes christians we must make sure that nobody steps into a position of authority that will persecute christians or walk against the interests of the church that we walk against the interest of anyone who follows the teachings of the bible we have the right to vote now we have the right to sue now we have the right to run for positions of authority now which apostle paul did not have if our apostle paul lived in the timeline don't you think that he will run for president don't you think that he will encourage christians to run for governor this is a man that said that we should pray for leaders and those in authority so that we may live a peaceful life he could link it that these people influence the level of peace that we as christians live at half so imagine if he had the opportunity to run those were days where there was no social democracy it was a matter of who your parents were you know you either were born into reality or you will not you know you could marry into it but those are just those limits you know it was a matter of bloodline you know bets um now people can run for office we must make our voice heard the same way that certain movements the lgbt and the rest of them have made movements of their ideologies and they impress the ideologies on everybody we must move to that now we have churches that are supposed to compete with the amazons the apples huna are pushing ideologies amazon is not going to push or allow anybody publish or sell a book that says anything against homosexuality or against the leftists when the leftists bring their attention to substance all these movements are bowing down are making all these movements are making corporations and all of those things about them and they are pushing for the ideology so look at all the companies look at the school systems look at the politicians in office they are all pushing the ideology we as christians all we have is the church and then they are targeting the church and they are trying to do everything to decrease the population of church and to persecute the church so what voice do we have who at the end of the day will make the most impacts and how many deaths will now be as a result of the children of darkness ruling because only darkness can result from darkness you know darkness begets darkness you know evil cannot produce good you know you cannot do something evil and then have a good outcome from an evil act for more check out alfredo's vip


- Black Conservative Perspective: Nancy Pelosi BLOCKS Reading Names of Fallen Soldiers But Honored Breonna Taylor & George Floyd:

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