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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk about the candace boys versus russell brand um debates now russell brown is somebody that i've listened to and i like um some of his content but after watching this interview i've seen him for what he really is you know the guy is basically a super leftist and you know he is a racist a super racist because he thinks that african americans are by default under privileged african americans cannot stand up by themselves african-americans are in his eyes they are synonymous with poverty they are symonious with misery there is something wrong with him you know and it's funny that somebody who makes the most of the videos that he makes you know um say something honest of about um bill gates and all of that you know we need to be careful about people like that who the bible says that we should be wary of those who you know have an element of the true truth they have some elements of righteousness it's what they do you know they seem to be they they have a form of godliness but it is not godly you know that is a deception you know it has been said that a lie is not necessarily the opposite of which of the truths but the distortion of the truth anything that is distorted from the truth it's a lie a lie doesn't have to be an explicit purpose opposite of the truth you know first of all the concept of um getting um kind of someone is going to debate kind of so and so that someone will get into favor and get followers from those who hate candida and she's crazy and candace always is somebody that has never lost a debate as yet because she stands on the right you know she stands by that i mean she stands with for what is right if you stand on the part of righteousness if you stand on the path of holiness if you stand on the path of what is just afraid and you are knowledgeable if you are wise or you are smart or you you have um insights no one can defeat you in a debate no one can make your lights because it is not about you it is you standing for life you are standing for what is right no one can make what is right look wrong it is very difficult when you are dealing with somebody who is knowledgeable who is intelligent and who is smart and i believe the grace of god and the spirit of god is you know upon candy stores and that is what helps her she has this the spirit of wisdom so that's um it's a great age to candice lawrence that she um deals with people um that try to debate her own evil um than trying to push evil points you know it's it's unfortunate that rosa brand has this um racism and interestingly you know it is this um super racists you know this leftist and all these people that are trying to play defense of oh i am on the middle you know i am neither right nor left that you really should be wealth of such people because there is no way that you cannot be on the right on the left when somebody is burning an american flag you are either for the person burning the american flag or you are against it you cannot be on the right or on the left when it comes to you know you see someone trying to put all african americans in your books that people cannot succeed you know because of their skin color and you know we need to take from people over here and give to people over there you know you cannot be on the right on the left you cannot be on the right on the left of good and evil you are either on the side of good or the side of evil now to deal with certain ideologies now first of all russell brandt said something about um over 90 percent of the people who are wealthy today uh who are rich today and their parents are rich first of all that is a lie and understand something everybody that is rich once upon a time either they did not have money or their parents or their ancestors did not have money as a matter of fact even kings who are kings by bloodline when you go up their bloodline you will find ancestors that were not kings it took one man one of the ancestors to rise up to that position of king there is no body there is no dynasty that remains and that is when it comes to aristocracy and the era of artificial frequency that era is over you know the um few kings like the queen of england and all of that those are more figureheads now so the main part the main decision making is now under so-called democrats and all of that but to deal with um the aspect of what um russell branson when it comes to um over 90 percent of people who have money they inherited it you know the truth of the matter is that in this whole world there is only one family in this world that is you could say is first generation wealth the truth of the matter is it is the rothschild family the rockefeller family are not as worthy as they are as they are as their ancestors where the rockefeller family are the ones that are responsible for share oil company you know and you know basically he's the um original um pioneer of oil you know he took advantage of the discovery of oil being useful and you know he started um the first conglomerates of oil companies you know that became standard oil and then you know um if it wasn't for him southern arabia would not develop it because it is his company that went to southern arabia that was just a desert southern area that is now funding terrorism and is saying deaths to america every once in a while if it was not for americans finding out the usefulness of oil and them going to saudi arabia to to drill off and you know scout for oil and they're finding all that for you if that did not happen saudi arabia would still be a desert nobody will know that under that sand is so much value but in any case the rockefeller family we have descendants that gave away money then there are descendants who disassociated themselves from the name they are descendants who lost the part of the money that they were in that they inherited so the rockefeller money has so-called has seriously decreased now when you look at people like bruges bouquets and juan buffet ron buffet has already disowned one of his grandchildren that we know of ron buffett has al also started foundations that he's telling you that and he's forcing and and telling different billionaires that they should give away majority of their wealth the reality of the matter is that trump's history a lot of wealthy people you can make wise decisions you can fight and do all the things for money but what about your children by the time you pass it on to your children and you are no longer on it and your children have children and they are no longer hurt what happens is that either gambling women or charity something happens and that money is depleted people look at um even like the hiltons paris hilton thousand wealthy family the majority of it has gone if you look at the wealth you know and especially when people marry and they live a certain kind of life by the time they have verse divorce their money has split into half the first wife has taken half of their money the other wife has taken then they have children the children are divided so the money depicts and most of these children when they get it they start going to gambling houses there is no family in this world that is fourth generation wealth there is no they all waste it there is no there is no family you can measure and the um when the red child family that has passed um fourth generation there is no telling what will happen with the future children but this is a fact you can do your research on this this is a reality about money and people always there there are people that have owned islands that have given away their islands they gave it people that you would think that they will never give money money to charity um capone was a criminal he was one of the key mafia when you see mashiach mafia movies america mafia movies it is based on this man's life this man killed people left right and center but towards the end of his life you know even majority you know of of near the question of his life he gave so much money to share it yeah this was the killer this is a guy that a lot of mafia movies are modern after al capone and how he lived his life but this guy gave so he was basically a one-man um salvation army in chicago he fed people on a daily basis he fed the poor on a daily basis what happens to a lot of people when they have money is that it bothers them they are people who eat brothers they start giving it away to charity there are those who we even if they don't give it away either them or their children we spend it well it is going to be depleted there is no name that you can call that this guy was a multi-million his great-grandfather was a multi-millionaire he was he he's the other one after that you know his grandfather was a multi-millionaire then the um father was a billionaire and him too he's a brunette there is no such thing in the history of mankind they always waste it or they give it away it is what always happens it is what always happens it has always happened and keep in mind that there are wars and there is taxes they are different all it takes is one person during one of the the periods of one of the generation somebody to come up with a wealth tax or a tax for this or a tax for that or for one person one of the descenders to make one bad investment decision and all of it goes away that is what has happened there is nobody in this world that is first generation wealth no there is no there is a fact there are people who you may look at and you may be confused because they are building new based on name for example even uh megamaco and you know um actually prince harry you know because he's the one that is royalty a lot of the money that is made now and that is why you could see and prince andrew being friends with um jeffrey s epstein because that was his wealth rebuilding wealth understand that the royalty and and when you study um european history and titles a lot of them they started becoming impoverished a lot of people from royal houses were becoming impoverished and they started marrying wealthy americans by mine they were the americans let us say that a lord who is poor marries an american heiress now she becomes a lady she now has that royalty tied to but now because of that marriage he now has he has not replenished the family posts but you see that wealth he the wealth was not passed down he just did a new hustle a new um business move for for him to make money so there is that aspect of things that confuses people but the money depletion even those men who did that they after getting with getting their wife they destroyed their wife's money

a lot of those lords who married that way you know and even women who you know married a wealthy lord the money still decreased so these are things that you have to understand about about reality you know so that claim that 90 percent of the people who have money today they inherited it is nonsense and that's oh poor people never rise up or people who do not have anything cannot rise up that is a terrible mentality to have you know and it puts you because i know russell brand is making money even from his youtube channel from the other things that he does you know and he that he did even before youtube you know you're making money what makes you think that what gives you the ability what makes you think that you you can succeed but other people cannot what does that make you how racist does that make you how can you not see that is that that makes you racist you know so these are things that people need to um think about and you know understand shout out to candy stores for holding her ground and i will advise you know i keep hearing my prayers you know you should pray for people who stand for what is right and are in the public eye and move into questions of um political influence to change territory because right now satan and his kids have a large voice and they are saying so much and they are doing so much that being said check out for more god bless you


- Russell Brand: Populist Revolution - Will It Go Left Or Right? - Candace Owens & Russell Brand:

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