My Thoughts On AOC's "Tax The Rich" Dress Designer's Hypocrisy : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and this small fan updates on the aoc tax tourist address you know it's now going around the web that's the lady you know who designed the dress for her you know the lady who stood beside her you know in the popular pic she is actually weighing thousands in unpaid taxes how can she be pushing the message tax the rich why she's paying the government taxes you see so it shows you the hypocrisy this is the rules for the but not for me how many times have you seen these people who are telling you to wear marks then they are not wearing marks how many times have you seen these people who are telling you all kinds of nonsense about global warming yet they have like two three airplanes for one person how does that even make sense three or five private jets you see how many times do you see the hypocrisy they want one thing for you you know and they tell you you have to do this but yeah they are doing something else not to mention aoc is the most similar there are a lot of people who you know i'm not smart i want to debate that you see i have said it multiple times we live in a damn age where visibility is correct followership is currency you know if you can have people's attention if you can gather people's eyeballs if people's eyeballs are on you that is currency that is money that is much monetized whether you monetize it or not someone else is monetizing it and a lot of people you know thanks to a lot of easy systems they monetize it themselves so there is no way that i should think that somebody like aoc who when you create an online account on most social media platforms she's one of the people that is recommended that is an unbelievable amount of advertising not to mention that she's always doing crazy things that is always putting her in the in the news so that in itself is a lot of exposure that is a lot of currency so she clearly is very wealthy and she's also married to or actually not my she has a um boyfriend that is you know a wealthy um white fellow so um these are just common sense you know a lot of those people that is one thing that all these um so-called democratic socialists have in common they want you to pay taxes they want you to be poor they they are like oh i stand for the poor and i'm against the rich but look at how many houses they have how many houses do you think aoc has you see how well did you think that that that she look at her netflix deal do you have a netflix deal how many people have a netflix deal this is somebody that has you know at the drop her she can get a book deal or any so many different things you know how many things do you think that she's already doing you know what do you think that she's doing with the money that she's getting you know and all the things that she's retweeting understand that when it comes to the kardashians a lot of their money comes from retweets i'm posting stuff you know not the majority but quite an interesting amount you know that is not money to be played around with especially when you are investing that kind of money you know it really speeds up quick so you know that goes without saying she clearly is a multi-millionaire

the the fellow you know um bernie sanders you know super monsoon millionaire another one who is always saying oh i stand for the poor and i'm against the rich but they themselves are rich and they themselves have and utilize a lot of taft exempt scenarios that benefit them look at the the clintons look at all the folks on the left who are like i um um they are pushing for that libra nonsense and you know um that is their thing you know you have to be smart and look at what is really happening that being said check out for more



- Black Conservative Perspective: AOC's 'Tax The Rich' Dress Designer OWES THOUSANDS To The IRS & Stiffs Her Workers On Pay & Benefits:


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