My Response To BLM & CNN Making The Gabby Petito Media Coverage About Race : Alfred Speaks



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- The killers & those who carry out violence against African Americans are also African Americans so the media doesn't cover it. They wait for the Shooter to be White before they cover it.

- Just because African Americans keep quiet & condone chocolate on chocolate crime doesn't mean non should be quite and condone Vanilla on Vanilla crime.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to address the attitude some people have towards gabby petito and you know a fellow sweetheart if you are white think about it in your own experience first can you name a single person who was reported missing that was not a white rumor i'm guessing most of you cannot non-white women and men of any risk don't get this saturation level of coverage on cable and everywhere else now my response to this is very simple you see the reason is that the killers of those who are african-americans and those who carry out violence towards african-americans are also african-americans that is why that gets swept on the wrong how many thousands of people have been killed in chicago since george floyd and actually as a result of the war on the police this the fund the police movement that swelled the increase in debts what coverage does that get when someone talks about it it's oh that is um right-wing media oh that is conspiracy theory oh that is a a conservative speaking you know it doesn't matter you throw that away so thousands upon thousands then on the little location where you you see the the person who is the shooter is white or the person who is in some way or shape or form responsible for that person's um death or demise is white or non-white then you see all the media coverage you see i mean think about george floyd himself so that's kind of rhetoric it's crazy it's actually um the other way around you see i and you have to understand just because african americans you know keep quiet and condone

crime within themselves you know chocolate on chocolate crime you know those who have chocolate skin you know killing other people who have chocolate skin just because they do that doesn't mean that white people too should then begin to be quiet and condom you know um crime within their own communities you know when a vanilla skin person kills another vanilla skin person you know

that is not um going to happen and it's good that that doesn't happen you know trying to encourage that to happen it's what this fellow is doing and it's crazy you see are you saying that you know um

because the female is white her life you know is less valuable than the fellow who is african-american that's great the case and you know people don't even care about morality and right or wrong anymore you know all people seem to care about is they are rhetoric they want to push that blm nonsense you know and virtue signal in that blm way and that is all they care about you don't you don't care about doing what is right you know if you want to carry this energy about um reporting you know when crimes are committed against white people understand that the person who carried out the crime is the is also whites you know but if you want to carry out this energy take it also with when african americans are busy committing abortions for joining gangs and killing each other you'll see shooting it so that all the drive back should address that this weekend there is probably going to be quite a number of drive-bys and gang shootings and there will be no media coverage about that but if the shooter the day that the policeman shoots a gang member and kills that gang member that should be all over the news then black lives matter will come out you know but of course now black lives matter seems to have taken arrests you know of sorts you know now that the elections are over and the party that those who fund the black lives matter wanted to win have won so um i guess that all of that has subsided you know it's part of the fact that things have gotten worse for african americans you know charlemagne the racist is no longer complaining on the breakfast club about you know how racist america is now that they have their abiding in power that being said for more check out




Brandon Tatum: MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid Calls Reporting of Gabby Petito’s disappearance Missing White Woman Syndrome:

- Matthew Sheffield: If you're white, think about it in your own experience first. Can you name a single person who was reported missing that was not a white woman? I'm guessing most of you cannot. Non-white women and men of any race don't get this saturation level of coverage on cable and elsewhere:

- Elijah Schaffer: Joy Reid’s comments about Gaby Petito being overhyped because it’s just another missing white girl Would be considered hate speech if I used the same logic on Floyd Imagine: “just another black man killed while committing a crime” It’s only okay to trivialize white deaths:

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