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Kai and Bri, two depressing siblings try to get over their parent's death. She becomes too close to him as she suffers from agoraphobia and anxiety as he suffers from depression. He tries to understand her.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie my brother my sister now this is the 2020 version you know the the movie that was published in 2020 now then industry official synonyms kai and bray two depressing siblings trying to get over their parents debts she becomes too close to him as she suffers from agoraphobia and anxiety as he suffers from depression he tries to understand her now this is the synopsis from the internet movie database this is very terrible and this is uh part of the lgbt nonsense a lot of people don't understand certain things about the lgbt like first of all it's included pedophilia you know which they are now referring to as minor attracted persons you know that is a huge problem you know now in this case this basically incests now they are coming up with an excuse in a plot to try to support incest they are saying that in this um story first of all they lost their parents you know and because of that you know um um like what is depressing first of all a lot of people have lost their parents and a lot of people have lost loved ones you know and as a matter of fact even kids when um in their growing years they often lose their pets so they get somewhat acquainted with the concept of loss via debts losing some of your debts you know and of course you know there's the case of um grandma and grandpa you know um eventually parents you know but this is something that so far for a long part of humanity has been happening to everyone you know basically you know so why is this now an excuse for depression and then cooking up this situation that you know they are struggling to cope and you know they come for the excuse that she has agrophobia you know these people with their funny words a lot of times when you see any word that has the word phobia at the end of it this was speechless because it is often a fraud it is often a deception you know if you are so called you know afraid of something you know face your fears and get over it it doesn't you don't have the created condition for it and say oh it's a medical condition you can never break free from the fear of that let's say you are afraid of spiders you don't have to come up with a big word and then explain and say ah because you have this medical condition you will always be afraid of spiders if you want to get over that fear you face that fear like other people face their fears and then there is a question of is it necessary to face that kind of fear you know when you get down to it let's say someone is afraid of lions you know and that is pretty much um so many people is there a special word for people who are afraid of lions is there a special word for people who are afraid of you know you know wild animals you know if someone is afraid of bears you know is there a special word for that why do people want to come up with this kind of thing if you're afraid of something it is part of the human process for you to learn how to get over that fear if you want to you know if someone is afraid of heights you know you it depends you know why don't you feel safe what is actually troubling you deal with it you you work three times and you overcome it you know that is life it's not like you have to define it as a medical condition and say oh this person has medical conditions so they will have to be afraid of death now this kind of situation where they are creating a medical condition where the sister has to be close to the brother you know this is crazy you know she becomes too close to him as she suffers from agrophobia and anxiety and he suffers from depression so now this guy excuse for an incestuous relationship for me and this is the kind of thing they are pushing in movies i know a lot of times you know parents don't understand what their kids are watching you know they just know they have been entertained but they don't sit down with them they are busy so they don't um see what kind of indoctrination they are actually receiving so when your kids wake up all morning and are like um they don't believe in god or they don't want to go to church and all of that he did not start today he did not start that day they have been days of programming days of information either from school from folks in school from movies from cartoons from everywhere else you see one thing i have always stressed about the church is that the church focuses on preaching the gospel on sundays and sometimes you know some people also go to church on weekdays which is not everybody you know now because of the fact that we have left everything aside we have left all the other dates when the person steps out of the church the president listening to the world on the radio you hear the world putting fear into people's hearts putting propaganda into people's hearts putting lies into people's hearts lie after lie after life now thanks to the trump administration more than ever it has not been made clear that all news media is propaganda you know it is all about propaganda and how certain people you know who control the governments want it to feel that is all the news media is lies lies lies and lies that is all it is you see and whatever they push they push secular music they push worldly music all kinds of nonsense degrading women making men see women as you know sexual objects are not similar that is the kind of thing they push and that is what is there on tv everything when person goes home from church that is what they see on tv you know look at the relationships with um the boss and you know outside in the marketplace when the person goes out shopping and all of that it is all based on the world system the church does not influence that culture and we should and in any case because of our lack of influence over that because of our lack of influence with our politics that's why we could have locked downs where churches were the number one targets mocks and other places are allowed to open nightclubs are allowed to open their churches that are still shut down so today the attractions that you never get back off they are choices that have been purchased by businesses why you know why is that churches were not given any kind of remnant remuneration you know we're not giving any kind of money for all the lockdowns that have happened it's part of the fact that a lot of resources help their communities a lot of these justices feed the needy in the communities it's part of the fact the government takes taxes and the government doesn't use the taxes to help the people the government uses the taxes for whatever um agenda and virtual signaling it wants to do and to launch new wars and to start wars and sponsor all kinds of people around the world that is what they are using with taxpayer dollars but it is the church for example there was a church in south africa you know where during that lockdown period the gathered in the church so that they can get food together and send out to people in the community and this is what we are doing yes the south african government and the leaders you know the security forces that kept quiet when people were looting when people were arriving when people were going crazy in south africa those people the security forces that did not do anything now raided the church and i'm talking about hundreds of security personnel ready church you know trying to arrest the pastor first of all where were these um security personnel when there were riots and all kinds of things happening in south africa also the security personnel is not ashamed this church is standing up to do what the government should have done first of all the providing of things for the people the politics was something that other nations had donated to south africa yeah the south african government was doing whatever same way they wanted to do it you know to make money for themselves you know they're not giving to the people now you have a trust that is from their own personal resources getting together to get our food to get to distribute to people and that is what the government wants to shut down did they ever read any mosque like that no because they know when you read one mosque all the muslims everywhere we stand up and attack you you know i need to end up with them killing you and they will get away with it as they always do you see but christians you know because of our lack of engagement and intelligence when it comes to understanding the world the bible says you know um do not be ignorant of the words of the enemy we have been ignorant the church for so long has been ignorant and has ignored the words of the enemy we have ignored politics we have ignored what the how the devil uses policies to destroy the church and attack the church every time the church has been persecuted it's a result of politics it's a result of good men not being in powerful positions in politics you see all the nations where christians are being killed and persecuted for their faith if they were christian leaders would that happen if there were leaders you know christians in places of true power would that have happened no but we ignore that we we we have brought the lie that satan saw showed us that you know true christianity you have to be poor you know you have to have nothing you know that that is humble you know you have to be nobody you know no you have to acquire power you know it is what you do with that power that we decide and reveal whether you are righteous or not but you must get that power you know how can you be the light of the world without power that understanding the meaning of that phrase you are the light of the world that means you are the only light there is no other light that means you are the only source of of light you are the only one who is shining jesus is in heaven so his light is shining through you he is the one who provides you that light so outside of you there is nobody that can be a greater light than you there is nobody that even have the opportunity to be light all they have is darkness that can masquerade as light to the blind to those who are also blind to those who have skills on their eyes so they are in darkness thinking they have lights you know but um that being said these kinds of movies you know this shows you where they are going this is how the lgbt started with earlier movies when you look at early days of hollywood the lgbt puts gay people in certain situations where do i make fun of underwear you know um the workers in some cases has developed or people have something wrong with them but we're giving them exposure and making them more palatable and you know more um making the people more receptive to them but in the corner then that corner kept expanding on so now they are they it has gone into their the lead and it's like oh they have to be a leading gay character or you have to push them so so percentage of your hollywood movies have to begin all of that and studios are bowing down to distance why can't christians why can't we make students bow down to look we are not going to support um your movies until you put christianity in a good light onto you create christian characters want to you know you do things that are in line with christianity but christians are uh never gets to that point where we unite enough or we believe or we love god enough to stand for god the same way the lgbt stands for homosexuality or the way that the witchcraft people stand for their witchcraft how many witches are there in hollywood look at the church of satan is just you know this is a small

yeah organization at the influence they have on hollywood why doesn't the church have that for most of the time we've had more money even now we have more money but we use our money wrongly we are spending millions upon millions to buy up air time on tv channels that we do not own and what are we showing preaching who listens to christian it's only christians you know and if somebody who is not a christian in the prisons when it's often those who had some um touch or some kind of familiarity with christianity or the gospel in their early years you know it is not a normal thing you know the spirit of god has to make miracles happen to make a non-christian listen to his seminar no christians don't listen to samuels god the same way you as a christian if you see a muslim imam preaching are you going to listen no there are millions uh i would say thousands from hundreds of thousands of religions in india if you are flipping through channels and you saw one of them tissue will you watch it as a christian guess what other people are devoted to something or the other they are either devoted to one religion or the other or they are devoted to atheism you know being a taste so they are devoted to secular humanism they are indifferent they have the mentality of i don't involve myself in anything religious all of that but they are devoted to that you see you have to understand that those people you know they strive for things that appeal to them we have to step out of our boxes the same way satan long time ago stepped out of his box you know he didn't allow himself to put it into any books and just went into so many different things and that is why he is the root cause of every other religion outside of christianity he's even the founder of many denominations within christianity as a matter of fact the whole idea of denominations in christianity was founded by sata that is how outside the box sitanism truly is

that it actually controls and owns an certain segments of the opposition you see so um we need we need to be wise you know this push for incest which you know it's all also a lot of you know when it comes to um the movies you know and you know the the extracted movies and all of that of the world there's a push for incest you know we see that in this is um a regular um hollywood movie they are pushing this also so it is all kinds of perverted ways of doing things pivoted approaches that these people are boldly trying to push and bring force you know so we must understand that this is what is going on we are in the middle of a war you know and it's a war for the minds and the hearts of men and the outcome at every stage of this of the world will the timing the shape that the world takes you know it's up to us to preach this gospel the gospel is the only salvation the only hope for mankind is the only answer jesus is the answer for the world today and forever so we must let the gospel of jesus be in every move we must push it you know put your money there you know the church of jesus christ will do a lot better if we use our resources from tithes and offerings you know to do things like you know rather than um feeding the hungry sending them hamburgers or or buying or buying grains of rice to send to people in third world countries why don't you go to that ted world country and start a food factory start a farm buy the land you see you have to use industry to change the world the days of trying to use charity to influence and reshape the world has passed it is not charity you have to use businesses and industry things that we keep making money because understand something the other industries and businesses now have agendas and they have made it very clear so that is now who we are competing with when it comes to trying to reshape the world and try competition for the ideologies out there you know wouldn't it be better you've heard the phrase about teaching a man how to fish you know that the phrase goes something like you know give a man a fish today and he'll be hungry again the next day batista man to fish you know and you you've given him fish for life so isn't it better for you to go to that third world country as a church you know a church you have your um because of legal reasons you have every choice you have is um business is registered business like an um a public you know if what is publicly traded or you know in limited liability that is up to them but you know the members of the church and those who get they should give it should be structured in a way that everybody can be a stakeholder and actually get profits from it then you have the charity aspects you know because that is the reality of the matter the church is running on only charity the charity model and when the more we ask for money the more people look at it and say oh they are all about money the pastor is eating and all of that like if the building and the maintenance of the building does not cost money like if there are no day-to-day costs like if the church doesn't give to each gift to um people in the community trees welfare departments you know every church gifts gives to people you know especially those who are in need that attend that church that is a fact so um that being said in that kind of scenario you know you start um a farm in that um other country now you have employed people you've taught them how to farm but now you are now creating food and giving it to them and you you have created an economy for them to get food and for them to also get paid is that not better at the end of the day you have a lasting impact with that it's just like look at the silly thing that um people did recently which is um and donald trump actually was a part of this where they are sending trees to africa in the name of charity how can you send trees to africa africa has more trees than any other part of the world you know we have trees are not the problem the problem is why the people not intelligent enough to harness the fruits of that tree the the trees the the the leaves on that tree to generate and create enough food for them to eat understand that before um colonization and all of that every individual family had its own farm or a stick on it so far money did not always exist i repeat money did not always exist you understood the importance of fending for yourself you created your own things you you and the trade that you did was trade by butter you had your own sheep you had your own you know poetry you had your own land where the fans if somebody else's farm is growing something that you would like that yours cannot grow yet you trade some of your produce with him and exchange it for his that is how it was so why is africa that was built on that model that prospered for centuries undermother why do they think now that they need money for them to continue for people to be rich for people to be able to eat there is sand all around you anywhere there is sand something can grow if the particular tree that you don't want that you that you want can't grow another tree can grow and when that tree grows there the fruits or what comes from it even the back of the tree is also money because it can be used to get rubber for certain kinds of trees and also to get root for furniture and all of that so even that tree you may not that may not be what you want to grow but somebody else wants it so you can from the fruit of that tree sell it to somebody who is growing what you want and then you exchange you know but these are concepts that people need to understand money was created to manipulate um nations and to keep the poor poor and the rich richer you know when you understand how the federal reserve works when you understand that the federal reserve actually just manipulates currency manipulates interest rates a man operates foreign exchange you have to think about it why are they manipulating it to who's to what end it is not the hand of the free market is the hand of somebody behind the share who is saying oh it is too high now let us take it down let us increase the interest rate let us decrease interest rates all these things that are being done behind the scenes to manipulate the currencies to manipulate the fates of nations and to manipulate the prosperity of nations not to mention the wars and all these other things so you have to learn how to be independent from this world system and when you look at the format that has always been and things that have been done you know how people got by in years prior you could see certain things that are fixed and certain things that can consume you know but that all being said you know if you like to be a part of making crystal movies making christian entertainment entertainment content that really changed the world and really impacts people with truth richards watson alfred with vip we are looking forward to hearing from you you know it's important that we make this impact and transform the world thank you and God bless you


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