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In Moonfall, a mysterious force knocks the Moon from its orbit around Earth and sends it hurtling on a collision course with life as we know it. With mere weeks before impact and the world on the brink of annihilation, NASA executive and former astronaut Jo Fowler is convinced she has the key to saving us all - but only one astronaut from her past, Brian Harper and a conspiracy theorist K.C. Houseman believe her. These unlikely heroes will mount an impossible last-ditch mission into space, leaving behind everyone they love, only to find out that our Moon is not what we think it is.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie move4 now name just read the official synopsis moonfall is an upcoming science fiction action film co-written and directed by roma renaud and richard stance halley berry blah blah so in any case you know this movie um is probably going to be released in 2022 not even 2021 but you know the trailer is out you can already see it you know it's starting highly very and you know harry berry has been out of the hollywood scene when it comes to making movies for quite a while you know she was popular in the early 2000s um you know i i remember from the eddie flingstone movie you know she also starred in one of the um popular versions of cat's woman you know so but apparently i think she's she should be around 50 something years old now you know bet you know she's going to be in this movie this movie is from the directors you know from the creators of um independent states has that kind of going to the moon um kind of um so it's that's type of sci-fi movie there is not much that could be seen about the plots from the trailer so far but you see it's very important that we as christians are the ones who are leading the church when it comes to making movies and making an impact when it comes to entertainment you know we must make sure that the world is such that no matter where you look you can't see anything that doesn't have our imprint on it you see the lgbt community are putting their imprint on anything they have stolen the rainbow from the bible the rainbow that is a symbol of god's love you know the rainbow that has been a symbol in christianity they have story many times for their um the creepy um twisted wealth thinking you know and they are you branding it on everything they want to put that imprint in every single thing you see that is why they have um even common code they are true when you look at the liberals and the left is trying to put their ideology in mathematics you see so um these other folks the world is doing all kinds of things there are different organizations in this world that are trying to rule the world and are trying to force their ideology on the whole world and they are doing a great part to shaping the world and reshaping the world in spite of the fact that what they are doing is leading to the deaths of many they do not care about that but you see it's unfortunate that we christians who have delights we who have love we who have god you know we are behind when it comes to this there are many people who are you know they just believe in sitting back and going to church how has your sitting back and going to church works for you during the lockdown period understand that they are planning other lockdowns you see the last lockdown was very successful for those who it was successful for it was not successful for the everyday people but it was successful for the people who have who now have billions and trillions more the people who planned it the people who who actually orchestrated it it's funny that bill gates and falsey you know who are the ones who sponsor the creation of the virus they are the ones who are responsible for the creation of the virus and people want to look at them as also the solution you know it is crazy when you look at um these kinds of things happening when we allow the world and people who do not have god look at nigeria for example the richest person in nigeria aliko dangote this is a man that clearly has his own vision and his own will for nigeria which is super imposing there's a reason why when you listen to people like buhari buhari is saying things like this his administration is successful it is successful for him he has his own vision you see to every other nigerian the barrier administration is a disaster it is the greatest disaster that nigeria has seen for perhaps since independence as a matter of fact you know perhaps even pre-independence it is so terrible but to him it is successful he is very happy with the way things are going because things are going according to his plan for for his own good not for the good of the maid not for the good of the people that is the same way there are so many different organizations there are so many different couples and when people talk about this it's like oh are you this is illuminati conspiracy and all of that this is reality you know a lot of organizations even individuals one part what does an individual run for re-election because they want to retain power they don't want to let go of power where people have um when they run for president they live and then they start their own foundations that end up being more powerful and retaining the influence that they had when they are praised president look at the bill gates um bill gates foundation in in that case he was not the president but look at the clinton foundation look at the obama foundation you see what are the kind of things that those foundations have the risk to do understand that these organizations speak to governments the first person that i noted that did this kind of thing even though he was not a president but he was you know very instrumental in politics was harry kissinger this man was the guy who started an organization you know it was the first that i noticed that was giving advice to head of state when he was out of government and you can see people like george soros these are not government officials but they are giving advice to government look at the world health organization and the un all these organizations buhari the presidents you know of nigeria went to france came back and look at um channels television always talking about the the virus and vaccine this and vaccine that the virus and the vaccine is only a reality on nigerian television it's only on television it is not something that people see when they step out of their homes it is not something that they experience but people are so stupid that they are willing to be so easily programmed and manipulated understand that all these politicians that are pushing for facts and all of that these guys are being paid by foreigners you see but people are blind it is often when it is too late it is often when people are in the middle of the concentration camp that they are aware all around that oh this person was telling the truth i'm old all these things they have been believing are following it's a lie just like some people it is when they are inside hell that they will realize that they should have given their life to christ don't be like that

don't be that fellow who when it is too late that is when your eyes are open

you see so um be wise we need to take over every position of authority and every position of power and when we take hold of it we must establish the sense to make sure that it never leaves force it never leaves the grip of those who have the lights those who are children of god those who are christians and this is one thing that the family of god you know christian church is committed to you know we are going to do this you know this kind of thing is not for every question i'm not talking to everybody who calls themselves a christian because i mean jericho the people who call themselves a christian you know they are slaves of the world they go with whatever the world says you can always count on them to take sides with the world against the church you can always count on them to take shout with the world against what the word of god says and they will always come up with explanations to try to excuse and you know

permit living worldly and still trying to retain the name of christian like if that is what anything about it's about you know it is not about um retaining that name of christian what use is it if you call yourself a christian or you have everybody calls you a christian but christ himself doesn't but christ himself says i know you're not if the whole world says that you are a christian but christ says you are most what does it profit you you've gained the whole world in seeing your version of you know what you are doing just like the pope the current pope is doing so all kinds of worldly nonsense

there are crazy people who will think that he that is christianity

that is unfortunate that based on what he's doing now it is alienated from what the bible says it's annihilated from christ you know you need to be wise that being said i would like you to you know reach out to us on alfred.jsp if you like to be a part of taking over the entertainment industry you know you like to spare start your own entertainment studio just take your first step you know we'll like to help you along the way you know we are looking forward to hearing from you on alfredo's vip if you haven't given your life to christ also check out there's the salvation prayer link in the main menu thank you and God bless you


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