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Aftermath of a violent tragedy that affects the lives of two couples in different ways.

Quick Credits:

Director: Fran Kranz

Writer: Fran Kranz

Cast: Jason IsaacsMartha, PlimptonAnn Dowd


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to you about the movie mass does m-a-s-s let me just read the official synopsis it says two couples meet for a painful and raw conversation in the aftermath of a violent tragedy now first of all based on the name of the movie what will come to your mind is like the catholic church mass and you know there is an image of that also in the trailer you know however this movie is a movie that not only does it make people think of christianity based on the name mass you know and the link with the catholic rational like christian mass you know

they are dealing with something that is best dealt with by a true christian and unfortunately they are actually bringing forth you know um a terrible approach to things the movie from the trailer what i see it's about a couple who think that they can get healing from having a discussion and a conversation with the parents or the the couple you know who are parents who um at the father are mum to the fellow that killed her child so it's basically a mother and father talking to another mother and father one killed the one's child killed the other one's child and now they want to have you know the one that is um whose um kid was killed now wants to have a conversation with the parents what kind of profitable conversation would come out of that it is just an opportunity to breed an animosity in the guise of looking for healing it has nothing to do with healing and when it comes to healing healing is something that is up to you you have to let it go when you come to christianity when you come to christ you let you drop everything at the foot of the cross that is the way to healing all this trying to get healing by talking to someone or meeting other people putting your healing in the hearts in the hands of other people in the name of seeking emotional healing which is what psychologists and psychiatrists do that will lead you into danger you know what if they don't um grant it to you and what makes you think that they can even give it to you if you can get healing from another human being is it really healing or is it just an ego sin you know because this is basically revenge you know she's seeking an opportunity for some sort of revenge what kind of conversation are you going to have if someone kills um a relative of yours or your son or your daughter what business do you have with going to their parents to that person's parents to that person's relatives you know it is like the the aspect of someone who um when he is hot or when he feels hot by you he kills your entire family you know what concerns the family with with the with what has happened you know so um this is very unfortunate and of course um it's going to play out in a very interesting way there is it's not really um action based when um i look at a trailer but there are so many negative things to um look at in this um case now this kind of synopsis can be dealt with but it being dealt with from a better place from a place that shows the fertility and and the foolishness of social acts because it's basically you are seeking an opportunity to hurt that person you want to hurt the parents the same way you feel hot that your child has been taken away so now that is the recourse because i believe now the child perhaps who killed the other child you know perhaps they both died you know or that is the way it would seem even though i am not um quite aware it's not revealed from the trailer from the synopsis but you know that is what it is it's like a leftover let me see if i can hurt them but it's under the disguise of the conversation will bring healing you know if you understand why someone killed your child or your relative how would that bring you healing how does that help you you know do jews sit down to understand why the nazis did what they did how does that help anybody and look at the african-americans you know who are always open arms about slavery and all of that like if african americans have not owned slaves for centuries way longer than any white person you know have been into um slavery as a matter of fact the whole concept of slavery you know was stolen from africa from egypt you know um the jews when you read the bible what were they in egypt slaves you know this is not um slavery is not a new thing you know so um understand that and africa has been very involved in it but that outside you know people need to

listen to the truth and to be fed the truth and that is why it's very important for christians to talk about all aspects of entertainment we should be in charge of all of this because when the world tells stories they give their own ideologies and their own version of wisdom you know their own teaching from psychologists and psychiatrists who are slaves of money who you can pay them tomorrow and tell them that all of a sudden the psychiatrists and psychologists who who used to put homosexuals in asylums now all of a sudden because of money and because of sponsorships they now all of a sudden are saying that that is the way to go that people um that it is normal to be gay and you know the transsexual and cross-dressing is normal these are the same psychologists who years prior will put such people in asylums now you see it's a matter of who controls whoever has the money and controls the associations just like look at the doctors with the world health organization you know the people who have the most money and controlled those parent organizations can put their will that goes against science and common sense and use the doctors and the so-called scientists to be pushing nonsense this is why we christians must be once you know tourism you know take over um entertainment and every aspect of power and so that is done we have left people who are children of darkness to rule when the laws are made by children of darkness what kind of laws do you expect you expect lawlessness and the antichrist is the sum of lawlessness you see that man of lawlessness that is who the antichrist is and the spirit of antichrist has been in this world we christians you see how we live before the rapture is up to us if we refuse to take up positions of authority refuse to get money get power get control we are going to be in soup the best days of humanity has been when the world has been under so much of a christian influence when it comes to the leadership of the world and that is why western society that embrace christianity advance faster and way better than others and now that the certain western countries are going away from deviating from look at how they are becoming a disaster look at america it is it is going down then the united arab emirates and places like dubai is just going up china is just going up you know people may say that america is still a world power but the fact is that if everybody is going up at exponential rates and we are going down even though you are up for now you will soon meet and then it will soon you'll soon pass each other one is still going up the other one is still going down so um that is that check out alfredo vip for more

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