Jim Acosta vs Tucker Carlson. Proof Democrats Are Using Selective illegal Immigration To Change America's Voting Demographics : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about jim acosta of cnn calling tokakausen a human manual spreader you know for you know basically saying that this idea of getting all kinds of people from afghanistan without vetting them is a problem and it is going to you know also change the voting democratic demographic of america now first of all there is a fact that is clear and it's unfortunate to know that jamal castro would use the word human manual spreader on tv to refer to somebody because of their view and this is how they demonize people that is why what's like homophobic was created homophobic islamophobic that it is to branch somebody with something that you know will be useful to demonize them you have to label what you want to demonize so it's like if you are inside this bracket if you have this view they put this label on you you know to label you like a rats you know and of course um during the nazi germany the temp that was used to refer to jews was rats you know now it's all kinds of things that have phobia with it that is why there is no crystal phobia there is no christian phobia you never hear that but christianity is the most persecuted group now what happens to all the christians in afghanistan then let's get back to um the issue at hand what takakao since when it refers to changing the democrat the demographic of the voters in america that is facts the changing of western culture into a different demographic that is no longer wise is something that is obvious now to point this out where was it that the same democrats who are happy to take people from different kinds of um

nations you know as illegal immigrants being the only ones that support inequal immigrants that is this people are most likely going to vote for the democrat party because that is the party that wants them to be there that's that is pushing itself or picking itself as the supporter of the illegal immigrants so the illegal immigrants when they move over to america they are going to most likely vote for the um democrat party which is super socialist and you know pro-communism now observe that the democrats don't want to give these indie girls legal status donald trump made all kinds of bit of agreements or tried to make all kinds of agreements with the democrats to give you know those who were already in lagos in america a path to citizenship but still blocked the border from fewer people but those who are already in america will become legal citizens but the democrats pushed that um they did not want that because that credit will now go to um donald trump and all those voters will vote for trump but you see it is important to keep these people in legal to not give them legal status that is what the democrat party will do because they are the only ones who who supports that people who fall under that category and now to show you something the same democrats refused taking people from venezuela when venezuela fell and venezuela had this crisis why because they knew that the people in venezuela suffered and the reason for their suffering their current suffering is because of socialism so they are not going to move to america and vote for socialists the same people you know for the first time we had democrats actually saying that you know that um the solution is not for those people to move to america that they don't want them to move to america you know that they want them to make their country better america you know the democrats they refuse the venezuelan um refugees you know um revenues people from venezuela are going to america for everybody but they want to accept afghanistan and of course you know this move that is actually because the globalists want they are intentionally pushing a lot of muslims and a lot of people who have an adverse ideology into certain nations they believe that that is how to destroy the nation that is how to bring down the nation they are trying to destroy because these people are the super racist they think that africans are only a bunch of monkeys they think that people in afghanistan their brain cells are that of monkeys because when they look around them and they see all the things that was invented when they look at all the advances you know they look at it and say man what has africa ever done what's innovation what invention came from africa in this modern world what modern inventions have come from all this um afghanistan and this um people you know they look at them it's in spite of the the fact that human brains are human brains you know nobody's um brain is more superior to the other because of race or because of um location anybody can learn you know and anybody can grow you know anyone can in can innovate and invent you know but these people are the super racist so they are using this as a tool this is their way of trying to destroy and weaken what they believe is a great civilization that is why they are attacking all kinds of um anything that they perceive to be white anything that perceives to be european you know and they are flooding western nations with people that they believe have low iq but understand that these people have their own agendas a lot of the people that have left afghanistan a lot of them have um their loyalty to jihad most of them are taliban members you know recently you know um it was found out that the new zealand ice isis knife tourists you know named ahmed alati mohammed suh dani you know a italian muslim who arrived in new zealand 10 years ago you know it has been 10 years he had been in new zealand in spite of the fact that he had been in unison for 10 years it took him 10 years before he did his own terrorist attack you see and you know he

got to new zealand on a student visa seeking refugee status this is what they think is going to happen with a lot of these afghans you know moving to america and what do you think they will do when they see homosexuals and they see transsexuals what do you think that belief system is and what do you think america they believe in freedom of special or so-called what do you think that a it devours muslims from those parts of the world we do when somebody disrespects muhammad around them even though they are in america what do you think would be the outcome that is how somebody's heads will get shot off and of course the netflix movies and all of that to be like oh people who are racist if they have this video you put forth the honest muslim the one that is not doing anything i use him as justification as because of this guy who is honest do not bring up the topic or the um address the issue of these other ones who are criminal and who are terrorists and who you know who have this violent tendencies you know who um are against western civilization who who are like death to america and all of that it is same thing with the african-american community when somebody talks about the decrepit nature of the african-american community about a lot of bad things they will bring out the pictures of african-americans that are successful and say oh because of these ones you cannot complain about the toggle in the african-american community there is no community that is more giving to toggle than the african-american community you see so um you have to understand all these games and all these things that are going on you know it is shameful that jim acosta can come out and say such things and people are not wise to see it for itself to see things as they really are that's wow these people just push forth all kinds of globalist and anti-american anti-patriotic ideologies they are not ashamed at this point is these are the same people who did everything they can to push force push out trump and push for abiding cnn is the great reason cnn msmb selectively that they are the great reason behind the catastrophe in afghanistan and they are still covering forbidding they are still providing and saying that bryden did a great job you know under the circumstances and under the giving situation now china you know has declared himself the partner of the caliber in ruling you know of afghanistan and of course the taliban is now using us reports people need to be smart you know and until this evil people in power are you know are held accountable you know we have an issue now it is obvious that the system is corrupt and even the legal system is corrupt but we will still push forth and you know we must use our power to make sure that you know if everybody's eyes open there's no way evil can continue we must push to everybody's eyes that are open and you know we go after the different levels of government the different levels of power so that will leave no stone untouched and clear out the darkness and the agents of darkness that are trying to take away our freedom and to slowly push for slavery upon everybody and make everybody like it to you we will not not be happy that being said um check out alfred.vip for more



- Black Conservative Perspective: Jim Acosta Calls Tucker Carlson A 'Human Manure Spreader' For Afghan Refugee 'Conspiracy': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92zFa77eTrs&t=37s

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