Jen Psaki Says It's Unfair Companies Are Increasing Prices After Tax Increase : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk about the white house secretary johnsack is saying that it is unfair and absurd that companies would increase costs for consumers in response to us taxing them more this is the most ridiculous statement that could ever be said it goes without saying that this is the effects of affirmative action and the poor educational system of america how can somebody see such a thing how can somebody be so crazy and this is the thing that guides socialists and communists they believe in taxing and increasing taxes they don't see that increasing taxes hunts the poor the most it hurts those at the bottom of the ladder the most this is just common sense taxes are costs for the business businesses has costs it doesn't matter if it's a multi-billion dollar business they need money to run they have expenses has joined zach has seen a balance sheet before has she seen an income statement before have she ever read a financial statement before has she looked at how a company is run how is her own life being wrong doesn't she know that there is assets and liabilities don't she know that when you increase the taxes you are increasing the cost

artificially so because it is not even necessary you are increasing the cost of running that business therefore how is that business going to run that business needs to increase the price of this product it has to increase its cash flow it has to increase its income and that means that it has to increase the price of the products so it's that loss of the customers so this is crazy this is amazing that this is this is a shock to anybody who has who is supposed to have some understanding of accounting even on an elementary level you should know this you cannot increase cost of a business if the cost of a business rises for that business to survive the business has to raise up the price of whatever good or service is offering to the public that is just the fact if people ask for a risk in a company if everybody is asking for a risk the price cannot remain the same if the company gives people raises they will have to even things out by firing some people and increasing the workers of those who retain their jobs that is something that people do not see and when you're asking for a raise you are asking for an increase in salary for doing the same amount of work that you used to do so there are so many things that that um somebody should know when it comes to economics and accounting that apparently this lady who has secretary attached to her name and you know is representing the white house does not know you know this is something that people are used to need to know profits and what keeps a business running it's not like oh this this company is a multi-billion dollar business so this person is a blue now this person is a millionaire and oh they are just eating profits no it is the profits that keep the company alive if the company stops making profits the company will fool and guess what the employees will not be able to get paid the employees we all because there's no normal company the employees you have to come look for job elsewhere if they see and if it's something a case where these people have spent five years ten years in that company when if they ever find a job elsewhere they are not going to start in a position in that new company that recognizes that 10 years or five years because that five years of things was it another company so they are going to start from the bottom that is just the reality they will start from the bottom in that new company and when you keep increasing taxes and doing that that is what you do you destroy the entire fabric of society

in any case the people you know we need to number one i have said it before the educational system is terrible there needs to be not just homeschooling but with christians we need to create our own educational system our own full circle system where we have our own educational board our own educational curriculum and stick to things that are important nowadays people spend so many hours learning that they shouldn't spend learning back in the days when people spent less time in school they made more money and they were happier a lot of the things that people learn in school are not helping and all this additional stupid nonsense like feminism and social justice worrying and all the um critical theory foolishness all of that does not help with increasing income or giving people's necessary skills to live and to improve society so christians we need our own full secular educational system leave the world let them be doing their own thing we need our own schools you know i know there are christian schools right now but i'm talking about schools that are not subject to the educational system of the world the christian schools right now are still running on the world's current column on the curriculum of the school systems leave that we need our own sister and then we employ people stats companies and employ people that graduate from our own system you know and also you know when it comes to employing people we need a set of christian companies the situation where they are forcing um certain companies are forcing people to to get the vax that has created an opening for someone to actually go in and spread out and create a company or industry in every single industry that exists and i believe that this is what god has opened up for me and this is something that we need to do together we need to have companies in every industry there are a lot of nurses who are not allowed to go to work because they have been fired because they refuse to take the vax that is an opportunity to start hospitals we can start our own hospitals and employ those people look at all the white people who are not giving jobs because of the color of their skin there are a lot of people who are doing quota system oh we have to meet this quota oh so so percentage of the people are caucasian we need um and they love to use the word black we need black or we need latino and they have even turned down to latinx or crazy stuff you know all these people that are that have the ability all these people that have merits but are rejected because they do not have the skin color that the left is pushing now keep in mind to follow a few who have dark skin for those of you african americans tomorrow makes you think that it is your skin color that will be favored right now they are favoring your skin color and taking away jobs from the white man are giving it to those with your skin color what happens when next thing they do it's they they say that you are now in majority and you are over privileged and then they now start giving it to a different set of people perhaps indians or perhaps arabs would perhaps muslims or something else what happens then or perhaps they just give it to gays or lgbt or people who mix in whatever um little cocktails of of oppression that they want to cook up and they keep cooking up in any case be wise for more check out alfredo's vip



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