Jen Psaki Hushes Male Reporter On Abortion : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about jane saki's response to a reporter when asked how come joe biden supports abortion when he's catholic fake is against it josecki did not answer the question and for those of you who do not know jasaki is the white house press secretary under the binding administration she did not answer the question you know she was talking about that it is up to the woman she believes that it is up to the woman and the doctor to save god the child when asked about the wealth of the child but the child is different from the mother the baby inside a pregnant woman is different from the mother so there's no such thing as my body my choice you know the woman's stress wasn't opening or closing her legs the woman chose to open her legs you know if you don't want to get pregnant don't have sex it is that simple now talking about people who get pregnant by reap that is a regular ridiculous argument if someone gets pregnant by rape who is the mother of the child is not still the woman who is the mother so you see and apart from that what about the child the child is an independent individual what happens to the human rights of that child it's unfortunate how people show how evil they are and how pro-abortion how they are so determined to kill people and they twist things and say it's about women's rights you see nah abortion has been responsible for the death of many women how many female babies have been killed and then bringing up the idea saying that a man should not have an opinion of it because men don't get pregnant you know men don't know what it's like to get pregnant that is stupid because if a man has relations with a woman and a baby ensues as a result of that relation nobody is going to ask the man's permission whether he wants to keep or not keep the baby you know if the man has money a lot of times the woman keeps the baby and starts taking child support you know how many basketball players have been shocked by this why doesn't the man have an opinion on whether the baby is kept or not you know so that in itself is clearly twisted but that being said nobody has the right to commit mother mother is mother especially for you to be so evil and wicked to be killing innocent babies this is worse than what the prophets of bowel did you know those who gave shout sacrifice you see people like aoc that is pushing and telling people that well they can discreetly receive pills that will terminate the baby you know true meals you know and this is unfortunate because by giving that kind of advice this is advice that is given to little girls you know and teenagers and that means they can get these pills without their parents knowing so their parents don't even know that they are getting abortions they are getting these pills via the meals discreetly and this is what a congresswoman is so adamant to push and that is basically indigo because in that state that is proposing that it has now been made illegal for someone to have an abortion you know thanks to the um take that um heartbeat law and all that that being said for more check out alfredo's vip



 REPORTER: "Why does the President support abortion when his own catholic faith teaches it is morally wrong?"

PSAKI: "I know you have never faced those choices, nor have you ever been pregnant but for women out there who have faced those choices, this is a difficult thing."

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