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Intrusion : Movie Reviews


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A woman moves to a small town with her husband, but is rattled when she is targeted for a home invasion.

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the movie intrusion as saying an intruder you know so that's an intrusion now there's a movie that is a netflix movie it seems to be available on your netflix let me just read the official synopsis it says a woman moves to a small town with her husband but is rattled where she is targeted for a home invasion now based on the trailer it is typical craziness netflix has an agenda and it's a leftist agenda now a movie like this obviously would show the importance of you having your own gone you know it shows the importance of you know the second amendment you know it shows the importance of um people being able to protect themselves but this being a netflix movie it's crazy they are you know it is it is still a movie that is not um going against the gun control rhetoric how can you make a movie about home invasion that you know supports the idea of you know gun control people not being able to defend themselves people not having guns or weapons in their own home you know first of all if if you had reports in your own home and people knew it they wouldn't come you know it eliminates a lot of criminals you know only those who believe they have more fair power it's only those who believe they have no fair power they'll go after you or those who they have enough fire power ammunition and training to beat the security that you have on ground that we approach you but when you have nothing when you are in a safe space when you believe in gun control you are at a loss you are a victim you are a prey waiting to become a victim that is basically what you are predator always goes after the weakest you see and that is something you have to understand so that you will not be free when you are the wicked so you are perceived to be the weakest you are the most vulnerable and you are the one that will be attacked first so it is not like people are going to look at you and say oh you are helpless you know and then they will leave you know that is not how predators are prayed laws go for the weakest you know so um you are weak when you do not have any um con way to defend yourself in the trailer one line that was used because the there was a home invasion and the husband shot the invader you know and one line that was used in the trailer by psychiatrist so you know these psychologists are psychotic they are crazy people you know the line that was used there was that um

something about um um defending yourself or or shooting someone in self-defense could be traumatic or it's often traumatic something like that if you want that's a crazy way of looking at it now this fellow saved their life if you feel that it is traumatic to shoot someone in in the act of saving yourself then allow them kill you you know it is so crazy you know there is no opportunity it doesn't matter what country the police is not superman they are not going to come at the snap of your finger you know if someone comes shows up at your house you know with guns you know either to rape your wife or to kill you or to take away your money whatever the police is never going to come in time the police cannot fly you know the police are not superman they are not going to um here and then in this in a split second rush as a matter of fact even in a um in a supernatural supermarket situation if the police even had let us say that the police had the ears of superman and the speed they still wouldn't come in time because it is that easy for someone to shoot for someone to kill you you know especially when a person takes you by surprise or that person establish a situation where you cannot scream are you not aware that there are people who rob banks in spite of security they rob banks in broad daylight they pass a paper to the um

over the counter like this is a robbery you know don't say anything just put the money in the bag otherwise i would i would begin by shooting you and the person starts you know there are a lot of robberies that have gone on with the police presence right there you know because you have to you understand that's that kind of situation there are people who even go through and things of like they can show them a picture of their child

do you want your child to be safe keep quiet and just hand over the money so there's no opportunity to call the police but if you had your own gun you know if you had your own um system obviously in the case of someone kidnapping the child a gun would not have helped there but if that shot was like perhaps 18 and the team had it gone like it was in the cold cowboy days that now becomes you know if a path that how many will follow you know who follow that part you know you to kidnap a team with with his friends imagine you know um things like um you know college students or high school students you know girls or guys you know who always hang out together going to do whatever they do you know imagine if they had guns and someone wanted to like um do the slash accent you know the um quality knife to kill someone or to try to harass any of them and they all had guns that would be the most stupid cause of action can that person end up dead you know so um these are things that you know um need to be dealt with from the christian perspective only christian will totally shoot from this kind of thing that is why it's important for us to take over the entertainment industry every aspect of it because right now it is run by people who have their agenda who are their globalist new world order one world government agenda and that is what they want to push they want to put forth a a morally bankrupt ideology and that is what they want to push in movies people come to such um companies like netflix well disney and all of that with their scripts and they make sure that you know the stories and the messages behind the script are changed by their own writers to align with their so-called brand which is a brand that actually is structured to push force only a kind of thing that is pro one world government pro libra pro whatever nonsense do you want to push but it's always anti christianity and anti patriotism and anti anti-what is good for the people in the long run you know so um that being said if you want to start a christian um video game company crystal movie comedy christian music company just take the first step you know and then you'll see that i can take another and another and another you know and if you like to be a part of what we are doing whether you are starting your own company or you want to be a part of um one of our companies reach out to osan alfredo vip we are looking forward to hearing from you thank you and God bless you


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