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Insurgency Sandstorm is a team-based, tactical FPS based on lethal close quarters combat and objective-oriented multiplayer gameplay for PC and consoles.

Insurgency: Sandstorm is the sequel to the indie breakout FPS Insurgency, reborn for PC and for the first time on consoles – improved, expanded, and bigger in every way. Experience the intensity of modern combat where skill is rewarded, and teamwork wins the fight. Prepare for a hardcore depiction of combat with deadly ballistics, light attack vehicles, destructive artillery, and HDR audio putting the fear back into the genre.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the video game insurgency sandstorm let me just read the official description uncertainty sandstorm is a team-based tactical fps based on a little close-quartered combat and objective oriented multiplayer

to the indie gamepl fps insurgency reborn for pc and for the first time on consoles to improve the expanded and bigger in every way experience the intensity of modern combat where skill is rewarded agree in the fights prepare for a hardcore depiction of combat with deadly ballistics lightweight vehicles destructive axillary blah blah blah and blah blah blah you know that's a lot of

technical video game dragon when it comes to trying to sell something and actually doing such a terrible job because there's nothing in the description that you know can't be copied and pasted onto the description of another video game but aside from the description being poorly written and this is the official description from the company's website you know insurgency dash

you know the game itself i've seen the trailer and the game is actually quite good the game is spectacular you know when it comes to what it delivers you know based on the trailer i've seen the quality the graphics you know the gameplay is amazing you know but um one thing about games like this when people make war games what really separates one more game from another is the story behind it a lot of war games in the past didn't have strong stories but some have put up strong stories look at some feature and you know when you look at ubisoft what they have done with the splinter cell series you know a lot of people have fallen in love with the character of some feature when you look at assassin's creed you know it is the story behind the character that really empowers when it comes to war games you know there has to be the politics and the play on reality and what is happening in the real world based on the thread eyes so it's like the setting is kind of like um americans going into the middle east type country and shooting up folks now that kind of idea even though that was not seen but that is what it looks like you know from the trailer you know the reality of the matter is that when you're making a walking somebody has to be the hero and understand that the world is open so people in different nations are going to place so one nation has to be the hero and one nation has to be the villain when you are making war games so that kind of makes things complicated and of course since a lot of games are made from america um you know thanks to um several reasons you know i can't um really pinpoint why you know you could say because of the influence of hollywood and because you know that's where the major companies started when it comes to video games you know there are also video game companies in um canada you know there's a strong video game presence in um some parts of europe you know not london but some parts of europe you know but i would say canada you know right beside america you know and america are the two top um places when it comes to video game studios you know but that being said when you are making a game like that that you want to sell and of course we live in a damn age where a lot of people sell games online and thanks to google stadia you know you have to think about the future where there are no consoles where due to 5g and faster internet connections people are actually streaming the gameplay you know people just all they need is from their phone or from a pad you know they connect it to anything that connects to the internet you know and they play with high definition quality and you know there wouldn't need to be system updates like ps1 ps2 ps3 or xbox one xbox you know all that advancement that also so-called you know i did a um a talk on it many many years ago like over 10 years ago which i um titled project abandoned and i explained about um what is called technological leapfrogging technological leapfrogging is basically um what happens what you see with companies where this company has this product let's say this company has you know the ipad and the iphone another company is making the android so they keep on jumping over each other oh we have the most advanced visuals now and it's future the futures that this company has you know it's more than the other one and you know it's based off of the sports you know i would say the children exercise lip program but this is actually an economic concept then the other company now jumps over and creates something that outdoors when it comes to technology the other company's products and they just keep going back and forth so it's like ps1 the other one does the the xbox you know this one those ps2 this one does the next step you know so they just keep on going you know and the reality of things is that since that now becomes part of the model a lot of advancements and a lot of futures are held back it's like well we have enough futures to beat our existing competitors let's not add too many let us reach to the next let us read to the ad and we'll see how things are then we'll add so there's a plate now and in that kind of scenario the customer is getting ripped off but you see it is that kind of thing you know if a company doesn't do that he could sell itself shops and you know run into trouble so it's kind of like a an insurance so like um hoarding you know but this is the holding of ideas and the holding of futures you know that a product could have you know but all of that could be exterminated and will eventually be exterminated with things like google stadia you know it's unfortunate that many other people don't see the opportunity to do that kind of thing you know um and you know i'll have to look into it and alfred and friends has to look into you know creating servers and you know via streams you know with fast internet connection people streaming games directly it doesn't have to be left to google city i know and that's where they can use any party one time you know we'll do it so that it could be any device you know and that would be much fun i know there are even smart watches that are big enough for people to see what's on it so there could be some types of games on that you know but um that is a completely different topic that will be left to the future you know it's best done than seed but in any case back to this game you know in addition to the fact that you have to be careful when you make games war games especially because you are going to be painting one nation as a hero one nation has the feeling which is unfortunate you know you can go around that by bringing about peace and bringing about you know like this is what the people want well the reason why these people as well is because it is not like this nation is really the villain but it is because of these politicians so you make the politicians that give the instructions for the or people in the military you know especially people who had a military training that went into politics make them the villains on both sides you know take it away from the nation you know so that is something that is very important you know and i know that what i'm saying sounds a little bit um like if um it is the kind of thing that'll come out from somebody who is work but no that is not um what this is about you're just good advice and i have my reasons but i won't um go strongly into that now also when it comes to the idea of from shooting you know the desensitization that's resolved from a lot of kids a lot of young people shooting people in video games understand that also many people's streams of consciousness is is um could get blown you know it really happens you know and that is why um like it has been said it's not like somebody plays a violent video game and goes out and starts shooting people but with certain people with certain um medical conditions psychological conditions you know that line could be blown and that is a problem but on the general sense you know the overexposure to violence for everybody doesn't do good and you know the bible tells us you know we should keep our minds on whatever is pure whatever is known but whatever it's worthy of praise you know so we as you know like african friends with our group of companies and those who partner with you know especially in the investors club we are going to do what we can to change the war games a work can be fought without blood being spilled and the world can be fought without people being killed just like you can subdue someone you know without killing them you can subdue someone without you know um

having them live their life and that is basically um what the police do you know now you see in in which one saying you moving and arrest people but no you can do several things you can freeze people and of course it's a video game you can freeze people you know that's way they are not dead but they are frozen you know and on that that's kind of um storyline you know it's like they can be revived later you know or you could um shrug them so rather than going around shooting people you could use trunks you know tranquilizers you know you could use um um shorter silky shorters you know to shock them you know stone them and you know um restrain them it's a view again so as long as you if you've tied up somebody you move on you know the person can just disappear it's a video game you know so it's a matter of um you moving on like that and keep in mind that they might want to shoot you and actually shoot you you know but if you want to remove that aspect so that to avoid um people using words like oh i i died or would they have killed me because the power of confession is very important when people are playing video games it's better the fact that it's a video game the more you are saying things negative things than your acoustic yeah customs to such things you know your it is it comes freely for you now it is those who are spiritually minded who understand forget what i'm saying for most of you if you have not given your life to christ you are you are probably looking at this and saying why is this what is all this you know but you see when you're accustomed to saying certain things when your language is getting a way that is not consistent with what you what you want to see in your life you know that is going to be a problem because your words creates your future your what creates your reality so it is not healthy for you to be seen who have died oh they just killed me you know that kind of language so if you want the other side to have a kind of similar we've only kind of the stabilization you know or whatever system i mean it's a video game you can do that too you know so that's where we can edit and actually change and push force you know the uh a change the transformation when it comes to word games so people will still have fun but the negative aspects you know things that don't go in line with the scripture or what um god will want for us you know another day i know there are some people who who hate that and i like well in the old testament of the bible there's a lot of violence well we are in the new testament you see so the violence in the old testament all those wars that was then you know in the new testament look at stephen don't you think that the christians in the new testament could have picked up guns are sorry you know do i know they're not guns back then that's you know um swords and knives and all kinds of bows and arrows and weapons to defend themselves when they were being persecuted very see they they were different they walked in love so they um didn't want to hurt anybody which is an interesting thing you know so that is where we are from we are according to that folder you know we can easily decide to pick up um weapons and and protect ourselves and say you know this presentation has to stop if you come near me and try to feed me to the alliance i'm going to take my soul to you but that is not the spirit of christ that is not the spirit of the holy ghost that is different spirits you know so that that is a something that most people have not really thought about you know but of course we live in a world where violence and force has its um sway in getting things done so what i'm doing like in this video game it is a matter of yes violence and false of sorts but not killing a mother you know so it's kind of um tempering down it's it's effective in setting getting certain goals wrong you know not like the christians who choose not to fight lost you know because there's also the question you know let's say one of the early apostles decided to fight when they wanted to throw him to the lions and he killed everybody i ran away would he still go to heaven you know that's a question for another day you know so um the the reality of the matter is that you know we are here now we are we are doing things um this way you know we don't have to

kill people to subdue people so that is a part to take you know we are not literally turning the other side and you know when these kinds of things are pushed in video game it helps to really change people's mindsets and talk to kids and you know put messages out there to kids because understand that this game in spite of the fact that it is not part of the maker's intention to put for the message it has the message everything you see has a message every communication has a message you know so um it may not be what you intend to put out but something is being put out so it's important that we as christians take advantage of all the kind of messages and all that could be put out and put forth messages that are consistent with what we want to see though in this world that being said if you've not given your life to christ go to alfredo's vip that's www.alfred.jip click the salvation prayer link in the main menu the page will command as a browser

you know or better yet let me just leave you in a salvation prayer right now repeat this pray after me dear god i come to you in the name of jesus your word says if any man believes in his hearts and confesses with his mouth in the lordship of jesus he'll be saved therefore i believe and i confess with my mouth that jesus is lord and as i believe and have declared i am saved thank you father i also ask that you give me the holy ghost and as your word says accent you shall receive i know that i have received the holy ghost by faith in jesus name amen so that's that's that's done you're now a christian that's how easy it is to become a christian now you have to learn more about the word of god you have to study the word and begin your journey with god you know instructions on that are available also alfredo's vip thank you and God bless you


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