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illegal Immigration Powered Child Sex Trafficking Under Obama Continues And Expands Under Biden : by Alfred


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Click Here To Download: illegal Immigration Powered Child Sex Trafficking Under Obama Continues And Expands Under Biden : American News Updates - by Alfred

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk about an article that is going somewhat viral online and the title of the article is obama administration placed children with human traffickers report sees now understand that with illegal immigration there's a lot of things happening and one of the things that is happening is human trafficking you know children that will be trafficked and end up as sex slaves and in different parts of the world you know this is in fact this is something that is clear and this is why you know it is amazing that ivanka trump was not giving any um acknowledgement for her hard work in fighting against this when president trump was saying build the world this is the reason for the building of the world this is one key reason for building the world so that all the things we stopped now biden is in office and has opened the floodgates for indigo immigration and it has gone to a different level there's now an increase a great rise when it comes to child trafficking for um sex sleeve markets in different regions of the world you know especially in the western world those who pedophiles are now getting a

stream and a large supply of children to suit their pivoted appetites which the lgbt community makes provision for that being said we must not just talk about distance but we must persecute people people need to be brought up to justice obama needs to be held to accounts buddy needs to be held to account we also must own the media it is important that good people christians own the media the cns the msnbc's start your own media network perhaps you could start from your blog your own um youtube news channel but you grow out and make sure that you know you have a plan to swallow up the news media good memories control the media look at trump trump is not president today because evil men control the media we had four years of lies against president trump and the trump family tomorrow it be lies against you and your family that will be used to make you is difficult make you end up in a concentration camp that being said check out alfredo's vip for more


- Melissa Tate: Obama did the same thing. Seeing a pattern..:

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