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Scriptures Referenced In This Broadcast: 

1 John 4:20 (NIV)  

Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen.


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hello everybody i'm alfred and you're listening to breakfast alfred let's open our bibles to the book of first john chapter 4 verse 20. if a man's side loved god and hated his brother he is a liar for he that loveth not his brother whom he has seen how can he love god whom he had not seen praise the lord now this is very important now a lot of us have relatives that have offended us who have done all kinds of things for they are basically crazy you know

there is a saying that you know in every family there is a black sheep but you know this is very interesting what the bible is saying the bible is clear and i'm saying this so that a lot of you will not be surprised on judgement day on the last day this is the mind of god that you have to love everybody understand that god wants you to love even your enemies and in this scripture you know there is an interesting priority that has been set okay so if a man loved not his brother whom he had seen how can he love god whom he had not seen now there are so many things to say about that even though for example one may not have seen god physically you know in in bodily form for some people that is not the case for many people and for me you know in addition to folks who have seen visions of jesus you know and those who by revelation have the understanding that when you have the holy ghost once you are baptized in christ you have put on christ so if you have seen another christian you are seeing christ you have seen jesus if you have seen a christian you have seen jesus so there is evidence of jesus all around me i see jesus everywhere you see this is something that you have to understand remember jesus said that's um um some of you you know when he said that um i was naked i included me you know i was in prison he rested me this and that you know and then he said some will say that when was it that's you were in prison you know if he's telling you and you know where is it that's you were naked i'm declaring you and he said to any time he did it to the list of any of this sense my breath you deal it on to me and there's something you have to understand also about you know giving to to the needy there is giving to the poor and there's given to a christian you have to anytime you see someone who is in need who is a christian it is different from somebody who is not a christian because that's christian in need that is an opportunity to give to jesus that is what you are doing and that is what jesus said that you know as nakeda included me you know the reason i visited me it is not just talking about criminals in prison he's talking about christians in prison you see it is good to visit prisoners in prison asking um those who are bad people who are not christian you know who committed a crime and they are in prison it is good to visit them and to win souls and bring them to christ you know but you have to understand this a huge difference between that and a christian in prison you know so that is that is what you have to understand look at apostles um paul when he was so on the road to damascus what did jesus say so so why are you persecuting me he did not say why are you persecuting my disciples he said why are you persecuting me so basically every christian you know is representative of jesus anything you do to any christian if you say bad things about the christian online you have said bad things about jesus online if you go into the comment section of a christian and you are insulting you have done that to jesus so i see it's just all around me but you have to understand that also it takes um it's part of the fact that this is reality for most people if you take fates you know so um this scripture is striking a problem and he's saying that if you don't love the brother whom you have seen how can you love him whom you have not seen now understand that the writer of this vest knows that um even the world loves those who are their friends and that is why jesus said you know that's if you if you don't if you love only those who do good to you and you don't like your enemies you are just like the world you know even then they do that so he knows that in this case there are some relatives of those who have done crazy things or who feel a certain way towards you somebody can hate you but that only stop you from loving them you know someone use the phrase you know loving people from afar you can love somebody without being a friend to that person or trying to seek a close relationship with that person but that love has to be there and it has to be sincere and genuine and i'm saying this so that you will not be surprised on the last day or when the rapture happens then you are left behind and you are surprised that you are like what where did i go wrong you see you have to love everybody including the people who have done crazy things to you you know whether they are in your family or not love everybody it doesn't mean that you not have to become friends with them or go to visit them and all of that but you know if there is a fruitful way for that to walk forward in that direction you have to take it if your loving them is sincere and the reason is that you know the bible says we should be you know um you know as in as much as we are calm like you know sheep and and all of that you know we we and and gentle we must also be wise that's happening so you cannot put yourself in the position of somebody that wants to stab you in the back or somebody who would like to shoot you and see well the bible say that if i do not love my brother that means that i do not love god you know and then you now um go and visit the brother that wants to shoot you in the face you know bet that understanding you can love somebody that wants to kill you but you know you still don't put yourself in hamstring of perhaps let's say contacting the person will now result in insults which will result in a person trying to now dedicate the rest of their attention towards killing you you know or something like that you don't have to do that but in your hearts what do you bet for that person is it love or hate because hate is a cancer that will destroy you and it will also you know it's a hindrance in your relationship with god it's a hindrance to you getting outside prayers so these are things you have to you know note and take seriously i know some of you you know may have been thinking uh prior to this as well that i know that i love god of course god is good to me but is this my brother or this my sister or this person how the person is not related to you or this former friend or this or perhaps the person has an ex or whatever you know oh is this person that offended me or this person i have problem with this this person you see your love of god understand that god is love when that god is made ma when god is made manifest when that love the love of god shed abroad in your hearts by the holy ghost is made manifest his love your love for god will deserve any hate for anybody and all you have is love look at stephen when he was stoned because of the love of god because he was so acquainted because he had so embraced the love of god he could do nothing but love the people that were stoning him to death that is how you are it is not because of them it is not a matter of um because they obviously did nothing to warrant stephen's love you know it is not a matter of him um

um on his own accord you know trying to you know force himself to love them or you know doing anything else other than the love of god him accepting it and then making that choice you know receiving it in truth that yes i love god and because you love god you now love others you have not let the love of god share that brother you have to take over everything so there's no provision for hate you no longer have the ability to hate anyone even though they deserve to be hated the hate is not going to come from you you no longer have the ability to hit that ability is not with you it is just like a dog does not have the ability to meow a dog box you know a dog does not have the gills like fish to jump into water and to live inside water for days on end a dog does not have the that ability it does not have the ability to do that in the same way your ability to hate can be eliminated and drowned out by love and you know one of the things you have to do is you know in you have to meditate on the love of god and you also have to meditate on the word of god meditating on the love of god is there from meditating on the word meditating on the word you know you study the word you think about the word you let it you know scriptures you know on certain issues you know you let it you personalize it let it dominate your mind you think about it you ponder it and also you speak it forth that is another part of meditation make sure that your words are not out of line with god's word that is one thing meditating on the word then the meditation on god's love is thinking about god's love sometimes you just sit down and think about how much god loves you you think about scriptures about his love scriptures that show about his love that tell you how much he loves you how much he cares about you how much he reaches above all things that you prosper and be in good health even after so prosperous you are not living by sight you are walking by faith so you are meditating on it and you are looking at it i'm looking at your bank account to check and see uh my bank accounts um um level either verifies or unverifies what the word of god says about god's love for me no you meditate on his lord you personalize his love you know so that is something that you have to do meditate on the word and meditate on the love of god so that it will take over you and every part of you this is um very important and it's going to help with your preparation so what's the rapture that being said if you haven't given electric crafts go to pass to sorry go to alfred.vip you know and there's a prayer of salvation or just say this prayer after me dear god i come to you in the name of jesus

your word says if anyone believes in their hearts and confesses to their mouths the lordship of jesus they shall be saved therefore i believe in my heart and i confess with my mouth that jesus is lord he is the lord of my life thank you lord father i also asked that you give me your holy spirit as your work says you will give to anyone who acts i ask and i receive by faith thank you lord father for your holy ghost thank you lord father for making me born again i am now a child of god i am now a part of the family of god in jesus name amen thank you for saying that prayer you are now a christian you know it's that simple now you have to read the word and study the word and you know work out your salvation free and trembling you know let me about good and enjoy your crystal work you know if you fall you stand up you know you fall you stand up [ __ ] you have to hold on to the world the more you learn the more it will be difficult for you to fall especially when you believe and acts you know but never stop never stop um going forward in your journey with god thank you god bless you remember to check out alfredo's vip there a lot of um teachings and you know materials that will help you with your work with good also to join our family of god chris central's details about that is on alfred.vip or the family.xyz thank you and God bless you

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