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How The Buhari Administration & The NBC Uses The Media For Fake News Propaganda in Nigeria : by Alfred


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Click Here To Download: How The Buhari Administration & The NBC Uses The Media For Fake News Propaganda in Nigeria : Nigerian News Updates - by Alfred


{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about fake news in nigeria you know like i've said the virus is something that people only witness on television it is not a problem that when people step up out of their houses they see you know they have been all kinds of problems in africa and africa has faced all kinds of more deadly diseases hiv chlora malaria and all kinds of diseases that during several periods when those diseases were spreading there were no drugs that took care of it yet now we have the so-called verse that it is only on tv you see how many people have actually died they are just showing numbers the same way that america was just inflicting our freaking numbers during trump's reign now that biden is in office we are those numbers they don't show any of those numbers in america anymore when you watched cv any cnn msnbc any leftist media broadcast when trump was in power every day no matter the story of course the story was always white man bad you know orange man bad always decent trump just to inform us this and trump they put that fake numbers of rising death toll according to them it was like the whole world was being wiped out like if the whole american population was being wiped out

nonsense where was the increase in you know the the coughing orders you know where are all these people being buried you know girls all the land where's all the funerals do a routine everywhere and you want to tell me that millions of people are dying daily and all kinds of nonsense but in any case the fwelling of numbers and the fake news they are now doing it in um nigeria for a lot of people in lagos you know because um lagos is apparently where majority of the nigerian population is and you know that is where a lot of people who are linked to different foreign bodies uh you know the propaganda there is a hundred times more and the tv channels there all they do 24 hours is they talk about the virus the virus the virus the virus so it is pumping fear into people it is talking all kinds of nonsense this is the same propaganda we saw with the left it is now being pushed in nigeria and all the all of this is creating an atmosphere where the government can take all kinds of rules to enslave the people it is very unfortunate you know and the people in nigeria you have to wake up to this you have to see that the media is fake and the media is controlled by the governments you know the bahrain administration and they are using the national broadcasting you know cooperation and all their laws that all broadcasters have to abide by they are using it to control and dictate what news is given to the people they are clearly frustrated because when you when you look at if you just go to the channels tv um youtube channel all you see is it's always on the virus and vast all of that that is all they do it's like nothing else is happening in nigeria it's like there's no other news to cover just the same way during um trump's four years in office the only news that the leftist media the only news that cnn msnbc could cover is negative things about trump to twist everything he did and make it negative for example when ivanka trump you know helped save hundreds of thousands of um children that were sex trafficked and you know there was um the um several events like one in the white house where you know she met with a victim and the victim told her story cnn puts that as that the trump family is using it as a publicity stunt what kind of nonsense is that somebody was safe from sex trafficking now you want to see that oh he's really need to get political points that is the kind of things that they twisted every good thing that he did when he did something under they'll say eyes for politics oh it's just for photo op oh this and that what about the other people do you know how many people have been sex trafficked thanks to the the the seas season of the building of the world and all this must illegal immigration the majority of the people who are migrating are not people who would actually be helpful to the country and are not people who are real refugees they are not people who are really being persecuted in their country you see a lot of them because when you look at the roots that they are taking only people who have a significant amount amount of money can do it there are people who are traveling from far distances getting on planes going you know to all kinds of routes and pay different

coyotes and human traffickers money for them to give get them to the roots in which they can get an illegal point of entry into certain western countries such people who have that kind of money are not refugees those people are not strained you know so there are a lot of things that unfortunately a lot of people ignore but what has to happen with nigeria is that the bohari administration you know needs to be fought against it is it is an organization for terrorism it's um is a terrorist organization and you know people need to push forth using different media outlets now buhari has banned suita you know he banned them twitter um some time ago he he wants to control everything that nigerians see and he you know and he wants to make sure that he's using all kinds of evil means of propaganda to control the outcome of

his long-term plan of evil for the country of nigeria christians must pray christians must get involved in politics christians must make their voices heard christians must start taking legal action and you know make peaceful protests and plan towards it otherwise a time will come when it could be too late and you know the best kind of slave is a slave who doesn't know that he's a slave and that is where the world is being led to a place where they are slaves and they will like they have the globalists have told you you will not now you will be happy of course you can program people to be happy when they are even if they are shipped to the slaughter

you see so um that being said check out for more



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