Harvard Study On VAERS Vax Reveals Why It's Stupid To Take The Vax : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the news now circulating you know that harvard you know did a study and it found that see 10 of adverse events effects are reported on virus as virus is one of the works that are out there and it is reverses spells v-a-e-r-s now you may be wondering why would have reveal such things apart from the fact that you know harvard is still an institution that has um different professors and students who may not be all on board with the new world order or you know a manifestation of the new world order via a different vision or on under a different name for example if you are pro lgbt you are actually unbeknownst to you a party with a new world order you may individually disagree with the new world order a lot of people in that movement or like in berlin but understand that you are being used by the new world order to change society to change the way people think to change you know the structure yeah yeah use as a part of a breakdown plan when you have performed that function the new order we take away its funding and to start demonizing people within the organization and you know it always creates people or pay people from within it to change or redirect people onto a new path that is different from what the organization started from just because the reality of the matada it was always about what the bigger organization on top wanted whether everybody knew about the fact that they were controlled by this other organization but this is just the fact you know just like a lot of um christians you know if your eyes are open right now you should open up and see that a lot of churches are controlled by the government and are led by money you can see with the churches that are pushing for locked down the churches that are pushing for wax mandate and all of that and when you look at what the government did them the government did for most of those pastors or clergymen you know even agriculture bishops and leaders you know most of those people have been given money they have been paid apart from tax cuts from the government they have been paid you know and of course the the way to do it is by giving a donation it's just like hillary clinton when hillary clinton started the clinton foundation now this is something people don't understand and why a lot of politicians have charity organizations that you never see them doing anything you know you don't you don't see any of this charity organizations ever feeling report or giving to the 100 or doing anything but you know that this politician has his own charity organization like there's the obama foundation this and that and all of that you know clinton has their own even good luck jonathan of nigeria you know all these guys they have their own foundations what is the purpose of this foundation one of the reasons for having foundations is to receive bribe you see so it is given as a donation when it's like oh um we give for example there was a i think a russian company that gave a donation a large donation to hillary clinton dude through the hillary clinton foundation so you are paying a politician without paying the politician so it's legal yeah giving money to the politician to give you a fee to do a faithful so it's like we are booking hillary clinton to give a speech at our board meeting you know you know to inspire people on leadership so they give the politician a large sum of amounts but behind that behind the scene is also negotiations for um different deals and contracts government contracts that will be given to that company so that is one of the reasons why a lot of politicians have um charity organizations but you never see the charity organization doing any charity anything they never do anything with charity but what is the purpose of it it's just like the obama foundation you know so all these organizations it is a husband itself and a lot of you have now seen that most churches are like that you see they are run by people that perhaps the founder at one time really loved god or loved the mission but now it is all about money or it is all about politics so it's all about survival you know there are so many different factors you know some they still care about the gospel but it is no longer number one it is no matter first place it has not taken the back seats you see don't be deceived most of those pastors who are voicing out the opposition of the of um those who don't want to take the facts and you know those those pastors and kledge men who always you know when they po when politicians want to do something they want to go through churches and this um clergymen that are always on board a lot of them they are giving money but they are giving money as this is a donation to your church so it is not like it's a direct donation but it is still a donation to the individual who is the one running the church so it's like oh the ministry is recognize this you your contribution to society i would like to donate for the other politicians we give personally or through his foundation so this is a way that people um give gifts to or to to to get behind the reality of the fact that they are bribing their way into things and and you know it's a entire network for giving a receiving of breps but that being said you know a place like harvard you know um however a lot of harvard um it's current running you know which is something that um will get into a different topic perhaps i'll talk about that um in a different broadcast something else is very important to talk about but you know the funding of harvard you know most of it comes from donations but those donations come with conditions you know some of you are familiar with it things like you know when somebody donates a library to a school that their children will always pass in that school no matter their academic performance you know so it's all these kinds of husbands there are other things that big farmer would also do to control what is being taught in school that is why some schools actually recommend people to where and the disguises like do a study on this film learn about mary lynch or about jp morgan as in the bank and you know it's all the things you are trying to get people to be future investors in jp morgan just like mit you know has its team with you know some tech industries have their way there they are integrated into them so um you're going through mit or setting schools it's actually you are getting constant advertisements of a certain company because those companies want the best and brightest from that school to work for them in the future so there is that hustle you know so a lot of harvard you know it's money comes from from um those kinds of funny donations that come with conditions you know that they have been changing curriculums and that is why you can see for example even the school boards you know they have their sponsors they listen to their sponsors you use money to change the world and to change the ideologies of future generations but another way that harvard makes money is via investments which you should not have you know so organizations even charities are allowed to invest in headphones but the reality of that is that it now creates a situation where we have a charity or a non-profit organization making profits along with multiple profit organizations for profit organizations and that is one way that um a lot of rich people actually don't pay taxes by putting little in your name and putting everything in the name of your foundation or your organization that is why you see a lot of rich people have charity organizations the bill of marriage foundation you know almost any um real big heater you there are a lot of strategy organizations you've not heard of a lot of big hitters have sociality organizations the reason is so that they can defect taxes they can decrease their taxes for not pay taxes at all there are a lot of ways to manipulate this system you know that is the reality you know when it comes to taxes i've always said though increasing taxes hots the poor the most the government has been increasing taxes has it helped poor people become rich when has the government look at everywhere where taxes are increased you know what happens that that said that you see a a bunch of um anyone making money any business making money or perhaps you're in the position to increase tax let's say you increase the tax of taxi drivers or car drivers or whatever what happens it goes down to the passenger it increases the cost of transportation for the passenger you have you have now destroyed or changed or altered the cost of living you have increased this for everybody by so-called increasing taxes increasing taxes is not the way to go you know someone said that it is foolishness to do the same thing and expect a different result you can't keep doing the same thing you know taxes have been increased and increased and increased how has it ever helped anybody to become rich that was poor so why do and yet a lot of poor people a lot of people who love to call themselves still want to push for taxes increase the tax tax they reach tax to risk the the percentage when it comes to the amount of money that is the tax pool majority of it comes from the rich already and increasing that you know only makes things worse for the poor you know for the poor the most then you know second the so-called middle class you know which is the world that created poor people and of course it goes on but to get back to harvard putting out the story you know the study actually says that you know

there were over seven hundred thousand adverse events effects from this wax you know there have been over sixty thousand hospitalized hospitalizations from people who took these vacs they are over six thousand heart attacks over five thousand myocan cadets myocarditis you know whatever that is there's over 1 000 miscarriages from people who took these vacs remember these are the same people who are pro abortion so i'm not surprised that this particular vax is causing miscarriages then there's 90 over 19 000 disabled people and 14 000 dates this is what the media had not covered but this harvard study reviewed it now like i was saying why would harvard review this because this is about a particular box that is different from the works that they are telling you they have not revealed what the works that they are recommending the ones that um however recommend at the johnson and johnson one day especially the fisa ones you know this other works from this other company that is v-a-e-r vs you know this is the this is the destruction that it has caused but what about the destruction that the fisa vax and the johnson johnson and the modern all those ones what about that one they are not doing studies on that or revealing and publishing they are they are publishing stories on the works that are their competition that is what i want you to see that oh look at how how many people have died as a result of these people took the vats this is what happened yes you see they are still pushing the backs understand that the globalist new world for that folks they themselves are not taking these backs at all

so they are not taking it but they are forcing every they are forcing the people to take because it is not even about the verse it is about two things decreasing the world's population and also for population control much population control it is unfortunate that the presence of nations are so foolish that they are submitting themselves to a universal passport because that is what this is because you know this um the the vast passport is not going to be created and managed by individual nations it has to be something that can walk across every airport and that cannot you know um um people cannot sheets people cannot deceive people cannot hack so it creates a universal board of control a universal location of control of all these people's identities about something they have put in their bodies understand that we live in a time and age of nanotechnology where your your the wash that you wear you know for example this water when it's a smartwatch it can do everything that many smartphones can do yet it's just a wristwatch and there are more advanced watches than this you see we are living in a day where it is not far fresh for something that that that is you know the size of a fingernail will have the power of a computer that is how things are progressing when it comes to mass understanding of technology and then somebody wants to inject something into their their body you don't know what they are they are injecting understand that you know it doesn't even matter whether it is in liquid form or it is in the form of a sheep you know there are things that your your entire body you know there are things about the human body and you know um the the human system that a lot of people don't know that many people may have has greater insights into it and you know they can take advantage of you and controlling you by putting it inside you you know so um that being said make sure you check out alfred.vip and we must not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy sadly a lot of christians are living uh ignorant of the devices of the enemy the bible says we should not be ignorant of the devices of the words of the enemy know what the what strategies and what criticism the devil is up to and this is one of them there are many more things we need to be aware of these things i'm not saying it's conspiracy theory and we need to go against what the devil is doing otherwise we have ourselves to blame you see there are some people who are saying things like nobody can receive the mark of the beast without knowing it no don't be a fool when the devil is going to give you the mark of the business he's going to call it the mark of the beast you see the devil is a deceiver from the beginning so he will probably tell you that this is a way to get closer to god you see after that means to remember to check out alfred.vip God bless you



Melissa Tate: & Harvard study found only 10% of adverse effects are reported on VAERS: https://twitter.com/TheRightMelissa/status/1439584751820627973

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