Haitian Migrants Are Discarding Their ID's At The US border Because They Have Refugee Status Elsewhere : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk about a lot of the video evidence and picture evidence circulating on the internet that many hatreds are showing away their ideas at the u.s border because they have already been given refugee status in other countries now you see patrons need to control the media and this needs to become a bigger story christians we need to use our resources to buy up all the big media and social media networks there needs to be a corporate takeover of the establishment mainstream media by patrols and when we do just like the left push workness we need to push patriotism and judeo-christian values you see christian patrols we must also take legal action against the governments you know that know that this is happening and yet they are still allowing all these hatreds to get into america this is something that was won against when it was happening in europe with the immigration crisis now it has come to america it was clear that trump was standing in the wake of it's happening in america all of this is planned you see how did all those haitians get to america what gave them the confidence to take that journey you know how did they make that journey and to make matters more interesting a lot of those haitians already have refugee studies in other countries but yet they are still flooding into america you see if the patriots in america do not stand up the america that you lift your children will not be recognizable and it's going to be a terrible country that is without a fact you know that that is a fact you know that that is um plain and simple and it's going to be an america that is racist towards white people you know and people who are not quote-unquote poc as they like to classify themselves you see also all passports needs to be gathered and their owners should be haunted down and deported christians need to also send relief to haiti and most importantly christian business orientated organizations you know need to make business deals with haiti leaders regarding the development of haiti in a way that benefits haitians christian investors and the future of christianity in haiti because if you leave this to the government that is actually what created this crisis people living things to the government and hoping that the government takes care of things people complain that the government does not do this and the government do not do that but yeah they keep on wanting big government and bigger government and giving away all their power and giving away all the responsibility to the government and expecting things to get better that is madness for more check out alfredo's vip



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