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Greta Thunberg Promotes Saving The Planet By Killing Babies In Their Mother's Wombs: by Alfred


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Click Here To Download: Self Proclaimed Icon Of Compassion; Greta Thunberg Promotes Saving The Planet By Killing Babies In Their Mother's Wombs: American News Updates - by Alfred

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about a tweet from greta tonberg greta tombe tweeted a picture you know and the text above the picture is the reasons why women's have abortions now reasons why women have abortions written in the picture it's a pie charts with 60 percent personal choice 10 not your concern 8 mind your business 22 percent f off you know i'm not even going to a little girl like that using the f word you know but let's look at um what this um female is fighting for this is the so-called climate activists this is the sumo so-called champion of climate activism greta tomberg and why is she fighting for abortion why is she fighting to ensure that babies are killed in the womb that women are killed innocent little girls female babies as well as new babies are killed in the womb this is the person that is supposed to care about the planet and care so much about you know the the world and be the conscience of the world you have to be careful about these things it shows how evil she is she's she claims that she cares about the environment and that you know people should stop using airplanes and you know use eco-friendly this eco-friendly that's and all kinds of silly stupid things that this little girl stands for you know she's not even little anymore she's she's groomed but she's still um marketing herself as a little girl but in any case this evil individual is fighting for the rights is not a right you know it's it's he's fighting for mother to become legal you know as you know it has been repealed in texas you know the abortion is uh the fight against abortion you know thanks to the large number of christians in texas you know this is not um surprising that this kind of news is not coming from california or san francisco and this shows you the impact of christians this is why we as christians we must resource we must lead people to christ and it is when christians are increasingly and true christianity is on the rise and we are politically active and we are letting our voice be heard in politics you know a lot of good will happen the lgbt are less than two percent of the american population yet they want to control everything and they want to imprint everything with their own brand of thinking and their own ideology and people think it's okay but christianity is part of the fact that a majority they want christians to be silent so you have to be mindful of this and understand that we have to go full force it's not just only taking um over um things like this particular law that has not been passed that has you know made um the heart beats um loading and has made um abortion illegal as it should be illegal we need to take over the media so even the news stories and you know even the social media stories this kind of things on is on the on a platform where christians control we should flag this kind of things the way they flag donald trump streets we should fly these kind of things and put this kind of thing we should censor the voice of evil we should have the power have the money and sense of the voice of evil let their voices be drunk and dominate the whole place with the gospel with the voice of righteousness with the voice of holiness let people value the lives of children that time their mother's womb you know this kind of person who claims to be the the moral um voice of the left you know the moral voice of you know she wants to project herself to be the moral voice of the of the warden of regeneration you know yet she's pushing for abortion it shows you how evil these people all this eco-friendly a lot of how these eco-friendly um leftists are and what they really are all about for more check out alfredo's vip


- Greta Thunberg: The reasons why women have abortions:

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