Grant Cardone is a True American. Takes Public Stance Against Vax Mandate Authoritarians : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to commend grant's cardone on his tweets you know recently he tweeted as an employer i will not mandate the vaccine i don't

know anything about the safety of the vaccine i will not infringe on your freedoms liberties or rights to choose what is best for your health and spiritual beliefs send resume to careers at now a lot of people know grant cardone he's a billionaire primarily in the real estate industry but and as much as i would like to uh thank him for that you know more people should be like this but you have to see something also this creates an opportunity there are a lot of globalists you know and of course you can see all the organizations that are pro the whites mana evil all the organizations like coca-cola that are pro-cruc you know critical risk syria white men are evil african-americans uh you know when they're privileged you know they can't make it on their own they need handouts all of that you see those corporations that are pushing for crc to further divide races all those organizations that are sponsoring um democrats primarily and leftist ideologies those corporations this situation now creates a um

an opportunity for a swish of money and power from the hands of evil people to the hands of good men what am i saying we christians and we who have the lights cannot start our own organizations and in the way that those people stand for oh they stand for lgbt oh they stand for you and they are pushing it in their products they are pushing crs in their products social movements are not being pushed through multi-billion dollar companies like google youtube all these companies they are pushing for their ideologies and they are making it plain and they are giving billions we can announce that companies that provide the same service that creates the same products you know with the same goals that meet the same needs bets this ones are for christian principles these ones have a godly principle these ones are for freedom freedom in line with god's word freedom that works you know it was via freedom that america actually got to become the great nation that it became now they are now teaching that america is bad you know to destroy everything about what made america great the people they know the belief in the american dream dream the belief in what america is you know all of that that made america what it became all of that that was created via the version from the following fathers you know and a little afterwards now all of that is being replaced by a new set of people who are saying america is racist and all of that people who want anarchy and by destroying everything that america stands for by destroying everything that you know can make um the wise man you know those of european descent you know who truly value themselves and are not slaves of the government you know everything that um makes them self-confident it's not being destroyed oh are you proud of your of being european or of being of european this this thing that makes you racist that makes you a bigger that is white supremacy are you proud of being an american citizen are you proud you know as a white white guy you know as somebody of european descent you know in america you know who um is american you know are you proud of that cia white supremacists you know all those kinds of things don't to attack that image and you know to bring down the moral and by that i mean the the the the the gods the hearts inside you know the that inspires and that created what was able to stand against the nazis of germany all of that is being crumbled and crushed you see and all of this is intentional in any case this whole situation brings that opportunity we can start our own cola our own cola company and we stand by christian principles and the company that does not believe that white's man is evil a company that believes that you know it is the human race you know it is not white black purple green none of that you know a company that believes in truly giving equal opportunity to everybody you know by making opportunity be based on skill that is the way to truly give equal opportunity by giving people opportunity based on skill not based on their color because that is what it is now oh your skin is dark therefore you have um more opportunity you know our quota is to have 80 percent people of your skin color or 60 people of your skin color oh because the people that qualify you know um

um 90 percent of the people that qualify are white of european descent you know let us cut out you know forty percent so that the remaining fifty percent should be of another race you know all this foolishness all this um critical race theory which is also making those companies weaker we now have the opportunity to employ they are now a lot of intelligence white people who are left behind who have no company to work for who have no place to go there are now a lot of people who are who especially men now all the programs i get towards women all these scholarships are get towards women all the other are to help women these women's right this women's this women empowerment this woman empowerment that and all whenever i hear women in parliament what it is is that i have the opportunity to empower both men and women but i choose to empower only women if a bunch of people are in a pit and you come with women empowerment that means you are letting only the women out and understand something very interesting society has always been built on a platform to give women favoritism because in that kind of situation just like the titanic the people who survived madrid are women because the topic is women's first women and children first so that is the one that's you know in a society that is so-called male dominated and you know men are in charge and all of that we have always given women um not a fair share but puts them on a higher platform which is actually unfair to me because for example if there is a war the man is sure that he's either going to die

you know or win the war

and that is the way it has always been you know you not die if your captain or your king does not tell you guys to retreat or to surrender you know if you guys do not surrender you are going to either die or win the war but the woman you know the ones that could happen to her that she's going to have a new husband when the conquering army enters that is the worst that could happen to her you see on many occasions on a great many occasions there were few occasions where the women were killed the women were actually taken on the greater percentage of the occasion and that is where the word booty came from you know the women were part of the booty like this pulse of victory also the women were part of the um price but now the women were now they still got to leave and now they are now with a tyrant that is killing people and getting good that he's spending on her unless she became a slave or you know he took her as a sleeve that would now be a different topic



- Grant Cardone: As an employer I will not mandate the vaccine not. 1) I don’t not know anything about the safety of the vaccine. 2) I will not infringe on your freedoms, liberties or right to choose what is best for your health & spiritual beliefs.  Send resume to

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