GoDaddy Gives Anti - Abortion Group 24 hrs To Get Off Their Servers & Use Another Hosting Company : by Alfred


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- Christianity most become a Political & Social Movement. We must be able to pressure Governments & Corporations to blend to our will like the LGBTQ community, Leftists, Abortion types, etc. 

- We must start calling up companies and making demands about what they should do for the Christian community.

- We must create media pressure to push our interests daily just like the LGBTQ community.

- We must change people's language & culture to reflect us, just like the Liberals are using pronouns in bios, micro aggressions, and cancel culture to control people's language.

- Tithes and offerings should start being used to create and power Grassroot movements that would lobby politicians, change school boards, and push Christian ideologies, representation, and influence into every aspect of society.

- We Christians must take ownership of every demographic. As the people who have the best interests of every individual group in the minds of the people. 

- We must create movements that become the voice of the people.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about godaddy giving an anti-abrasion group to infor us to get off its servers and find another web hosting companies now christians must understand that it's important that christianity becomes a political and social movements we must be able to pressure governments and corporations to bend to our will just like the lgbt communities the leftists and the abortion types and the rest of them a lot of satanic ungodly dangerous unpatriotic movements they have the ability to make the government and corporations bow to their will but also at the light of the world don't we need to start calling up companies and making demands about what they are doing for the christian community just like the lgbt community and the rest of them do we need to also change people's language and culture just like libras are trying to do with all the work pronouns you know with the pronouns in the twitter bio with the changing of people's pronouns even as fast going on to best certificates that now you can write whatever you want i can refer to people in plural they eat them whatever whatever pronoun they want to invent even even now so they can't call themselves a now and say it is now a pruner you know all kinds of stuff you know the use of those things the use of microaggressions and the use of council culture is actually for the purpose of controlling people's language and creating a new culture a work culture a new way of life for people to live you know a new way of talking for people to speak that aligns itself in loyalty and basically is enslaved to leftist ideologies we christians we stand for freedom freedom in accordance with the word of god we must push forth our own ideology and create our own movements and our own schemes and strategies to change language and culture as well then tied some offerings needs to start being used to create grassroots movements and to lobby politicians for things that will work in the interests of the church and since that will work for the protection of the church we cannot restrict titan offerings to buying up airtime on secular tv channels or even if we have our own tv channels the satellite companies are owned by the world that we still prefer there will be ideology so we are just giving them money for them to push their own ideology on times that we have not purchased that is what is happening but we need to shift out what the titan offerings are look at how many churches have shut down now in the name of long term and there are governments that are planning new lockdowns and clearly the target is the church the church is always locked down in all the places that lock down hits but mocks are not always locked down in a lot of places clubs are allowed nightclubs brothels are operating in most places hotels somehow tells our prison but it is the church that is always locked down be wise we need to start using the tides and offerings towards political influence towards changing the media you know towards pushing christian ideologies and representation and influence into every aspect of society the world wants to use the word representation and say oh we want people who look like us to be represented the gay community says oh we want representation you know hollywood movies have to have gay characters in all of them oh the black lives matter crowd say oh you have to replace the white people with dark skinned people in all your movies change all the heroes make superman african-american make batman african-american make w7 african-american make guillaume and and king otto you know all those kinds of crazy things you know make all these people um african am american in the name of representation what about representation of christianity you know we need to start pushing that also the way they push if they want us not to push it they should stop pushing it and also we must move to start buying and creating companies you know we must also support make our if it's to create a stamp to let people know that this is a christian company this is a christian owned company this company the finances behind it is aligned with the vision of the church and what the church is doing and we sponsor it that is what the lgbt is doing and that is part of the reason why the lgbt flag is on a lot of company logos those logos is a representation that that corporation with the billions of dollars is making is aligned with the lgbt community what their interest is pushing for to their ideologies and the finances of the company is used in line with what the lgbt approves that is what that lgbt flag is doing on hamburgers and on cars and on all kinds of weird stuff so we must create our own thing our own local that do companies want us to patronize them they have to have that and you know they also have to be a check a checking system in place where it is checked that the finances are lining up with the interests and the protection of christianity and christian values and also pushing christian ideologies lgbt wants companies to push um lgbt ideologies the walk critical theory crowd wants coca-cola to do indoctrination within their ranks and be teaching their employees um wokeness and that all white people are racist we should push for coke to have bible study hallelujah in their companies and let their employees be taught bible study you know if the critical race theory um racist folks who believe all white people are evil and bad and are inherently racist if they can make companies have those programs that the first employees to go through that training system we should push and let them start having bible studies where everybody in the companies everybody that works for the major companies apple google all of them let them have bible story we must push for that then if they don't want us to push for that they should stop pushing for for theirs you know and they need to pay off some kind of compensation for what all the times that they have pushed so we must have if they have [ __ ] for one year you know and they want to stop we must push our own for one year with them stop and then after one year we'll know where we'll go from there you know but it has uh we are not going to be morons we are not going to be fools you know we christians you know must also take advantage of ownership of every demographic you know in the sense that people in people's minds people should have the thought process that christian stands for this group it is just like blm stands for african americans who authorize blm to stand for african-americans but in people's minds blm stands for african americans and if you're against blm it's like here racism against african-american but that is not true who who gave who gave blm the right to speak for other african-americans in the same way a lot of lgbt organizations do not speak for a lot of people who are actually gay but these organizations have become the mount peace for these demographics so we must do it just like how the democratic party took over the african-american community in the in the sense that in people's minds they think that if you are african-american you have to vote democrats or if you are republican you hate african-americans because the democrats have poured into people's mind that they represent the demographic in the same way we christians we must understand every single demographic and it must be seen that if you're against christianity against african americans if you're against christianity you are against white people if you're against christianity even gays you are against them we must strategically put ourselves in a position where we encompass all of this you know we must take this seriously and move seriously and i'm talking to all the saints for more check outs alfred out


- ...We have informed they have 24 hours to move to another provider for violating our terms of service,” Dan C. Race, a GoDaddy spokesman, said in an email.:

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