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From Delta To Wu, The Variant Names Just Keep Coming : by Alfred


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Click Here To Download: From Delta To Wu, The Variant Names Just Keep Coming : American News Updates - by Alfred

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the new virus you know that is coming out that is called mu you know this has not turned into a sequel at this point if you haven't woken up to the reality of this whole fiasco you have something wrong with you you know they talked about the delta virus and they have brought out so many other variants you know trying to make it like oh this one is more deadlier than the neck than the last one oh this one is more deadlier than that they are trying all the they can't to push for fear and these are the same people that were like oh trump was using fear to divide america no it was the mainstream media that was twisting everything to trump states to divide america though it was the mainstream media that was calling everybody who voted for trump a deplorable it was death that was divided in america now we can see that president trump was actually standing in between the globalists and the enslavement of america and the world at large now they are there they are talking about a new strain of the virus called moon as in mu it's funny they will still come out with more and of course all these things it's only a reality on tv or on the news media is not something that you see how many people do you know that have actually died of this thing and as a matter of fact all those deaths that they were manufacturing and showing on tv that's boom so million people all that nonsense lies the reality of the matter is that apart from the fact there lies the few people that actually um um died during those periods you see that had um they also had other complications they also had other medical issues so from a scientific perspective why isn't it those other issues that killed them why would you say that it's covered and you receive themselves use certain language like sometimes they will say complications to code what is the meaning of complications you are trying to say that well it is not exactly covered but there were complications as a result of clothing because there were other things that were there the person had other medical issues but you see it is those medical issues what about all the other people that had covered that it's that their own immune system took care of it without any drug you know and what about those who have taken several drugs and it worked but they still want to push the facts and even when you go to some of the websites you know the official website you see that the wax does not clear the virus does not give immunity then why are they still forcing people to take it and understand this very important fact in spite of all of this you know they are um drugs that are actually taken that and have been proven to to take care of the virus yet the wax that they are pushing does not but there are drugs that take care of the virus and they they want to burn it this is all about you know a power grab and it's crazy that people are not awake into it and people are not saying this you know people need to understand note that this is not the end let us say that we solve these these stops the same evil people that put forth this emotion are still in power so there needs to be a replacement we need to replace all these evil people with good people we as christians we must stand up we must ensure that we have a grip on government you know so the governments are full of chris will be full of christians and they will do what we want do we do what the bible wants to do what god wants they will ensure that freedom is number one not this enslavement of people look at how australia has turned into and a giant slave camp anyway for more check out alfredo's vip


- New York Post: WHO investigating new COVID-19 variant named Mu - by Jackie Salo:

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