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Forever First Love : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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Paul is a photographer who runs into his first love, Anna in a busy Filipino market. The traveler's passions reignite, their principles on relationships, religion and morality clash. The night they spend together will change everything.

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the movie forever first love now let me just read the official description paul and anna run into each other in the markets while on holiday rekindle their lost romance tensions arise when they realize there are still fundamental differences between them now i've seen the trailer and

this is going to be a boring movie you know the writers of the movie have to understand the setting fundamentals of writing a romance for the screen you know they are setting things that you can write in a novel because you are expressing it but you cannot translate

on the screen you just have to understand that the screen is a matter of showing not telling there are a lot of people who have the idea of showing not telling in writing in writing novels shouldn't tell that is true but the ability of a writer to express words to going streams of consciousness and to bring people into what um the characters are thinking what they are feeling and all of that cannot be communicated

without certain kinds of knowledge that are only available to people who have really mastered certain ads for virtual storytelling you know those things you know are difficult for example you can write when you're writing a novel you can control how the reader is supposed to understand the scene or how to how they feel by giving them an understanding of of the same life you can see um in very poetic times you know his hearts or her heart sunk beneath within her chest and she felt like the the rock was pulled out from panda and you can use such colorful language to communicate and experience the the reader is getting it as oh this is what the person is feeling now how do you communicate that same thing on a screen in a movie

there is no way that the actor or the actress can act in such a way that will communicate that same powerful tone of

my heart or her heart somebody within her chest and she felt like the rock was pulled out from under the leg she felt losing all of that and you know all those kinds of streams of consciousness and all those kinds of explanations you can you are actually manipulating how the reader feels on the deeper level but when it comes to a movie you know people observe on different levels people see on different levels so people are seeing different things but based on what you show them the depth of what's you are showing them how can you communicate that kind of feeling there is of course the case of um using an overwriting voiceover letting the the main character tell the story so there's the use of voiceover and you know that is a different technique of of movie making and you can do that for every movie and it will run certain stories when you because by doing that you are making it's um kind of like the

main character is telling the story of their experience you know as it is happening you know and not every movie can follow that technique especially when you want certain things to be knowledgeable to the audience but you want the main character to be ignorant of that so it's a matter of the reveal later on you know in in such moments you know there are so many things that you have to understand that this movie i believe you know it shows the novel outline of of that a lot of people follow for writing romance novels when it comes to formula wise you know and it did not translate well to the screen because at the end of the day what people are going to see is a very boring movie you know it also has wokeness not necessarily workness but you know the western ideology of um you know sadly brow this new liberal ideology that permits the west you know we've been trying to um buy to the idea of promiscuous see you know being promiscuous and you know um so-called acting like guys and you know having one night stand you know the liberated woman you know so the guy wants a long-lasting relationship she's like why can't yours be this just be about one night and all those kinds so that's kind of um ideology and all of that you know it's it's um terrible because you know this is obvious um

worldly knowledge and worldly the way the world carries out you know their activities and the way they do things you know that is just basically what this is going to propagate more of it the movie is going to end up being boring you know that being said you know it's very important that we christians are the ones that are leading when it comes to entertainment and telling stories we tell better stories every story would be better when it shows a christian perspective we cannot act like if we are an any admitted from the creator we cannot act and you know operate in this world in a way that ignores the manual of the crater that is the bible you know the bible is the manual that god has given us you know so we have to

dominate and you know be the ones who are leading when it comes to making movies music video games everything you know we have to really go into every single aspect of um

communication and every aspect of um existence you know go into the world and preach the gospel if you like to be a part of telling christian stories stories that will change the world you know there is not about oh this is christian entertainment oh that is the worst entertainment no we are out to take everything we are out to swallow everything so that anywhere you look you all you see is christian entertainment you know no more worldly entertainment that is what we are after and that is what you know um is the goal here that being said check out perhaps you want to start your own entertainment studio we'll be happy to work with you perhaps you want to work with us on one of our numerous products or projects richardson's alfredo vip if you haven't given your life to christ click the submission prayer link in the main menu of alfredo's vip God bless you


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