Facebook & Instagram Locks Candace Owens Out Of Her Account & Threatens Permanent Ban : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about you know kind of audience being rocked out of facebook and instagram now this is something that a lot of conservatives have been experiencing or multiple locations you know no social media platform sensors like facebook and of course facebook you know mark zuckerberg but they also on instagram you know um a lot of other platforms shadow value twitter um blocks and sensors conservatives that is not news and you know a lot of people are not even on twitter you know and tick tock has the kind of content that they choose to promote you know there's a certain kind of content that's sick talk as a platform promotes if you post any other kind of content that goes against their um policy of you know short skits you know and dancing and you know all these kinds of crazy stuff um primarily virtual signaling if you post content that goes against that you know you will not have your posts promoted as much you know the engine that really helps um tick tock and why a lot of people grow faster on sick talk is that on other platforms to grow on such platforms you need to promote it you need to spend your own money but with a site like tiktok they have um review boards you know behind the scenes that select certain kind of content that they dreamed good and then in the in the system itself they push it forward themselves you know and it is not a matter of recommended you know this recommended it just shows you when you swipe up it just shows you you know it's showing you videos from people you haven't even subscribed to yet so by pushing for content like that you know especially based on you know what is trending so they push it out to so many people so that's why it's easier for people to actually increase um the number of followers they have on tick tock as long as they post their traditional content but you see sites like facebook and and instagram you know um this obsession with not just ripping people off because if you have a million followers on facebook for example you know they still want you to pay for this for to to show people the um who are following you your puss which is crazy you know they have subscribed to you you know um facebook will only show like less than two percent of the people that subscribe to you your post which is sad you know a lot of people have to go out of their way consciously for them to search for if you have posted something and then see it you know that in itself should have some repercussions facebook should not be able to get away with that and also this obsession with censorship that facebook has censorship of certain ideas ideologies you know censorship of um

conservative content or christian content you know it's crazy and it goes unchecked now there are a lot of people for example let's say you hit candidates for wins or you hate conservatives you know or your belief system is not in line with that you are okay with that yeah you seem to be okay with that what happens when the facebook starts um going against your current beliefs you know start censoring people from saying what you believe or what you stand for because this is how authoritarianism starts it normally starts with breaking people dividing people into different groups so that we fight each other and then attacking individual groups that is how to win a war against you know a large mass of people that is more you know than the the person who is actually um when the attack or trying to raise way against them you know so um it's nice that you know i understand that candice owens um husband works for the alternative um parlor the parlor has been banned on the app stores you know they're stuck off it's coming back it's not coming back but when i look i don't see parlor you know you have to go to the website you know this is very interesting because when all the companies are working together you know to preform an agenda you know okay their parlor has been created but even though parlor has been created it's like um who are they going to host it with they had problem with amazon you know so it's like you have to own companies on every level of the chain you have to get to the point where you have to own the internet and service provider but let us look at this as something very important this is a business opportunity that has presented itself a lot of people may not see it as that but when you have this opportunity to create companies in every aspect of the markets you know in every service you know a lot of businesses let us say like for example you make um shock boards for schools you're a shock board manufacturer your business is based or linked to those who are manufacturing shockers and both of your businesses is also linked to the number of new schools or the turnover and exchange rates of boards within existing schools so you can see how all this business is linked together so when people behind the scenes from cartels of different shapes and they have one goal like oh we are all going to promote lgbt or we are all going to promote conservatives so oh we are all going to promote the vax when you have this kind of things it becomes a problem for people who have businesses with things different only factions you know who are just on their own or they are doing something that's you know um it's like your business is dependent on something else on other people's um businesses you know if you are architects you are dependent you know on you know um the real estate markets you know yeah yeah dependent on real estate investors you are repair dependent whether you like it or not on banks that provide mortgages because if banks are not providing mortgages you know it decreases the number of investors in the real estate markets and the strategies for that it also affects you know people building new houses and needing the the architects so you can see how all these things are linked so in the same way we have an issue where okay yes you have built your website and you have built and i bet you now need to be on people's phone you not have to be on the app store when apple and google who are the mains um service um operating systems refuse you what do you do you know you have to have your own os and okay if you have your own os you have to have your own phone because um let us say that let us look at android for when it comes to android there are so many different companies that are manufacturing um phones that run on the android there is samsung there is techno there is lg there is um um i tell all kinds of you know infinix this and that so you also have to have that phone you also will eventually have to have your own you know you have to have your own um web service provider hosting service you know what about the url name so it's like where does this end but we must get people conscious of this and invest down the line let people get into it because now we are now living in a world where companies are now arms of ideologies companies are not representative of ideologies and movements and companies are even um professional careers that require certifications they are now used as arms for movements just like look at the vax a lot of doctors if they speak out against the works it shortens their medical license even though what they are saying is the truth even though they will bring out hey look i have treated susan's two thousand patients with this and it works because somebody has so much money you know some organizations have so much money and they have put out you know a system where it's like if you say that kind of thing your medical license could be you know threatening you know and this is a problem because now sense is now based on um not science anymore it's based on what some people see what science so-called says or doesn't see cannot be bought and sold it and it's now the constant in constant ownership of some people it is no longer based on reality or facts you know so we have to um understand this opportunity and we have to invest in it and you know one thing i'm doing with alfred and friends is that alfred and friends and you know with the alfred investors club is open for this so we are going to need people who are knowledgeable in different industries you know to basically come in people who are knowledgeable in banking people are knowledgeable in every single thing you know we need to re if you currently work for a company you need to on the side we'll have a place for you so that you can have an a part of our system of creating an entire new system an entire new global empire and an entire new financial system and economic system of this world that would be based around conservatism and it would be a series of companies that are independent and do not need on any of the supply chains or any of the chains of production or creating of services or products and getting to the end user up to you know not just that is not just um websites and also owning the urls even if it means owning our own version of the internet and re um um reconnecting the world with our own fiber optic um cables or even using satellites and putting satellites in peace in space you know having all kinds of things so that will become a force to be reckoned with and the foster does not need them and since they started this business of using companies and industry for agendas and for political aims and for pushing for ideologies we will stick to the ideology of christ we will stick to the ideology of the gospel and we will use our own network of all these companies in every single thing it doesn't matter from whether it is a company that takes out trash you know to banks it doesn't matter we will have to replace the current system of businesses because this system is based on slavery to current ideologies that setting global elites want to push and since all these companies are interdependent on one another a lot of them don't want to break free but we can create our own that will have our ideology something that we believe is something that we stand for we are not going to allow the slavery to continue you see it it is up to us to do something now before it is to date um that being said make sure you check out alfredo's vip for man also to check out details on how you can get involved with the alfred's investors club thank you and God bless you



 - Candace Owens: What the actual hell, @Facebook ? @instagram just locked me out of my account and warned me that my account may be deleted over a post that I apparently posted in November of 2020— how is this possible? They are clearly having employees retro-hit accounts to justify deletion.

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