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Documents Show Johnson & Johnson Monetizes Both Giving People Cancer & Treating People With Cancer : by Alfred


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Click Here To Download: Documents Show Johnson & Johnson Monetizes Both Giving People Cancer & Treating People With Cancer : American News Updates - by Alfred

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about a few days going viral online a tick-tock video where a young lady is showing some evidence that johnson and johnson actually creates a product that has elements in it that cause cancer and at the same time joseline johnson creates the pharmaceutical products that actually cure or treats that kind of cancer now this should not come as a shock and a surprise to anybody it is same thing with the facts the same people who are making money from the vast are the same people who are responsible for the virus and in spite of the fact that a lot of evidence and a lot of you know proof is out there when it comes to alternative means of treatment people still you know the government is still in seeks and on the back so that the pharmaceutical companies that these government officials have invested in and their relatives have invested in will make a lot of money keep in mind that they are paid also for that a lot of those pharmaceutical companies have given gifts quote-unquote gifts to a lot of those politicians and that is the fact we need to ensure that you know we as christians we begin to be the captains of industry starts your own companies you know we can't rely on investing in other people's companies for our parts to increasing we wealth and blessing god blesses the works of our hands so when we put our money in evil businesses of businesses that have ceos on board of directors that have nefarious plans we are at bringing ourselves and our blessings to a company that will at the end of the day work against the church and work against the good of the people if some people in the world could have the moral aptitude to refuse to work in certain companies because it goes against their beliefs there are certain people who have the skills but we refuse to work in a company that hurts animals in the cause of creating their products because of that their beliefs because of their um animal rights beliefs what about you as a christian we need to start creating our own christian businesses you you hear people use phrase like black owned business so black business and all of that and i won't even go into the topic of that word black colleagues and people black you know just look into the dictionary and see the meaning of that word and why i don't use it but um we need to start having our christian businesses you know presences that are owned by christians and we know that and we put our might be behind that so that the church will be at the forefront it will be the christians that will be making the laws and creating things because what are people are slaves of money are you surprised that johnson and johnson and so many other companies are doing these kinds of things creating the problem and also making money from so-called curing or treating the problem it's no big surprise for more check out our free dose vip


- Young Lady Outs Johnson and Johnson 4 Monetizing Cancer:

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