Christians Should Not Allow AOC To Get Away With Using The Term "Christian Extremists" Like People Should See A Christian's Right To Vote As The Same Thing As Suicide Bomber Killing Innocents : by Alfred

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hello everybody i'm afraid and i'd like to talk about christians you know christians we allowed aoc to get away with using the theme christian extremists you know in her tweets where she said christian is extremely surpassing force but laws to intimidate and cut off abortion services including those of victims of rape incest and child abuse you know and so on and so forth you know what i want to draw attention to is to that phrase christian extremists you know this branding of christians now as a streamer so you are now an extremist for being a christian you know what happens to the the so-called religious rights you know already just freedom you know your right to worship you know that does not apply to christians apparently it applies to muslims and leftists and only um those who have left this ideologies you know why don't we christians counsel people christians you know we couldn't cancel littleness x there was no attempts to even cancel later on as x but the lgbt community boldly canceled or did their best to cancel the baby you know why is it that christians we we never stand for what we say we believe we we are so easily pushed into a corner when the when the world pushes back against us you know when the world pushes us we we shrink into a corner you know that is not christianity that is not the life that god has given us you know we need to uh step away from these churches that are confronted to the world these churches that abide to the world they go in whatever direction the world tells them oh it's okay to be gay next thing you see this they slowly go into that direction of oh we allowing people to be you know gay we embrace everybody just opened his arms to everybody then sooner or later you now see them having gay pastors and gay masters and all of that and they never tried to convert or talk to anybody that is gay you know if you if you are yeah the the bible solution is very simple the bible solution is clear stop being gay it is that simple it says if you are if you are homosexual you know repent stop being homosexual you see you may you may say um what about the origins because first of all homosexuality is not how anybody is born nobody is born a homosexual god did not create anybody a homosexual you see homosexuality it is an act you must never forget that homosexuality is an act if you have not slept with somebody that is your own sex you cannot say that you're homosexual you have not done it you have not done anything for you to be a bank robber you must rub it back if you like dream about robbing banks until you rob a bank you have not really i'm not a bank robber in the same way homosexuality is an act you have to actually have homosexual sex before and you know you subscribe to that lifestyle before yes you a homosexual now let us talk about the homosexual desire let us say that you are out there you are struggling and you say that um you are struggling with homosexual desires whether the bible says the bible makes it clear be transformed by the renewing of your might you see the bible tells us in joshua once it's meditate on these things should you know meditate in the lord dare night then you have good success this is the secret you need to have your mind transformed you know you need to be transformed by the renewing of your mind are you somebody that has homosexual tendencies and you know you want to stop there are a lot of um people you know who come and say that and they have been struggling to be with being homosexual they have you know they they pray to god that god will take the gay way the bible does not say that you should pray to god to take the gay way the bible says the bible has given you instruction number one if you are into homosexuality stop having homosexual sex number two be transformed by the reunion of your mind that is what the bible says says you you may say ah is it that easy to know that that is not it's are you still have struggle that is your problem you do not believe in god you do not believe in what god says you do not believe in what god sees is the solution for you let us say that you're a kleptomaniac you know you you just like to take things that you know does not belong to you cannot control there's a devil behind it

there is the position in in that case of you know casting out the devil now can you cast out the demon that is inside you without somebody laying our hands on you yes number one give your life to christ number two is the name of jesus if anyone say unto this mountain without removing that cast into the sea and shall not doubt in their into in his heart if you have whatever i say you as as an authoritarian you cast that devil out of you in the same case there are a lot of there are some people who have those homosexual tendencies that there's an influence of the demon behind it cast out the devil and when you have catholic house you know understand that hell everything is under the name of jesus that is number one then renew your mind you have to constantly feed on god's word you know you have to have a mental diet stop putting things that will put the wrong thoughts into you around you whether it is movies it may be a movie that is not even pornographic but it has elements and teaches things that points you in that direction things that trigger you in that direction perhaps it's a website perhaps it is a style of musical or musician stop it stay away from that you see so you have to understand distance you know and when you do that you will see yourself working in victory and you'll be out of that it is that simple um that being said we as christians must begin to take action again people who use terms like um christian extremists it is only the world that uses pressure that has pressure and uses um the media to make people conform to the ideologies request since you must start doing that for more check out


- AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez): Christian extremists are passing forced birth laws to intimidate & cut off abortion services - including for victims of rape, incest, & child abuse. While we fight back, know you still have options. Pills can be mailed to your home discreetly. Info here: *

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