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China Bans Effeminate Men On TV While The LGBTQ+ In The West Pushes For Men To Be Effeminate & Women Masculine : by Alfred


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Click Here To Download: China Bans Effeminate Men On TV While The LGBTQ+ In The West Pushes For Men To Be Effeminate & Women Masculine : American News Updates - by Alfred

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about china banning a feminist men on tv you know it's funny and it's very obvious what is happening to the westerners particularly america canada and the uk when they are going work certain nations are going in the other directions you know when the usm is putting out ads on lgbt and you know

service um women who are raised by two lesbian women and all those kinds of things when they are pushing that other people's armies are focusing on being stronger and you know rational since china has has basically made it in laga for men to act effeminate on tv no homosexuality no weak men you know this is different from even talking about gays this goes past that a man cannot be shown to be weak on tv whether it is a tv show whatever tv show movie whatever even if it's a hollywood movie when hollywood ships movies to china the movies they ship is different from the one that the international market sees the movies they ship abide by the laws that the china wants otherwise the chinese government will say no to it and hollywood miss out on all that money so think about this propaganda you have a lot of propaganda that is meant to make men effeminate in a place like america in the uk and canada and then they want women to be masculine that is what they are pushing the idea of a strong woman is a woman that is masculine like all the women that were feminine that did great things in all the years past since the war began all their actions are worthless and useless they were weak women because they were not masculine because they were not acting like men you know and then it's my men they want to be effeminate so people need to be smart and see what is going on this is the clear destruction you know the the weakening of one's society and civilization and the straightening of another so when you see china or another nation like um russia rights to be world past and america is um obliviated from the scene don't be surprised keep in mind that when you see all this buildback beta one of the um buildback beta ads actually listed imagine a world you know when we're doing their um ad campaign they're like it might be a world where the us is no longer the world power that is what they want so when you see even u.s presidents like biden saying build back beta you see um macron you see um the trudeau from canada you know all these guys saying build that better buildback better part of the buildback beta is for the u.s to not be the world power to not be the greatest nation and so they are actually doing everything they can to destroy the us so what happened in afghanistan his plan and his things going according to plan is not um since misstepping this is what they wanted and what they wanted were just not for the good of america and good for the american people that being said check out for more


- Daily China Bans Effeminate Men On TV To Promote ‘Revolutionary Culture’ - by Ailan Evans:

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