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Charlemagne Refuses To Give Donkey Of The Day To White Girl Who Wore A Gorilla Mask & Threw Egg At Larry Elder : by Alfred



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Click Here To Download: Charlemagne Refuses To Give Donkey Of The Day To White Girl Who Wore A Gorilla Mask & Threw Egg At Larry Elder : American News Updates - by Alfred

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about charlemagne you know the fellow who calls himself shall i mean the god you know it's more like charlemagne the racist now this guy you know who is going around giving people donkey of the down calling everybody a donkey

in spite of what's happened to larry elder you know larry edda you know who is um running against cavanuso he had a white lady wearing a monkey or gorilla mask heckled him and you know true stuff at him yet charlemagne who is giving everybody donkey of the day didn't give her donkey of the day why and this um is very important this is a guy who is all about race and all about injustice against african americans but apparently when the injustice is against an african-american that is conservative it doesn't count they're the same person who buy them looked at and said if you if you don't vote for me you know you are not black you know i wasn't even going to the topic of calling people black you know but charlemagne did not address um by it and then then for saying that you know it shows you what the breakfast club is about and what challenge is all about it is all about votes for the democrats it's all about creating a situation where all african americans are slaves for the white establishments or you have to think like this you have to do this you know if it was a democrat that that happened to charlemagne will be on it every day you know the mainstream media cnn msnbc but this just goes to show you you know the so-called leaders of the african-american community and the people that they put up front you see who is who is putting them up front if an african-american makes a song that is responsible that that upholds you know going to school or education or things of that nature that is never boosted on the radio that is not played you know that is the kind of thing that is not pushed

but however when it comes to the caribbean pushing her nonsense you know if they are talking about sex you know and all the kinds of things to degrade the african-american woman to be all about you know basically the debt is slot on the side you know that is what they push that is what youtube pushes you know you can get someone to create a hot song the same beats and say positive stuff but it will never go anywhere however you know especially if that person says anything that sounds conservative youtube will start censoring them with every other conservative look at tom mcdonald's you know youtube views this is a household name you know tom mcdonald is a household name yes look at his youtube views you know it has started tanking based on youtube being youtube just the same way if you search for candice owens in youtube instead of her channel she has two major channels her channels don't shoot none of her videos from her channel's shoes somebody who types in candy's humans is looking for candy so his contents but it is not her content it is what msnbc cnn and other people who are on the left say about candice os that shows other websites is not like that but youtube that is how it is when you look at certain media that are leftists they do these kinds of things to to a lot of people and when someone let us say someone is a new um content creator you know or somebody starts posting content online on certain platforms all these leftist platforms like the um facebook youtube twitter instagram if you post conservative stuff your account gets shadow banned and it's very difficult for you to grow you can try and experiment create two accounts one post conservative contents another one post leftist contents or any other kind of content and you will see the disparity with growth that being said check out for more



- ABC10: Egg gets thrown at Larry Elder as he tours homeless encampment in Venice:

- Fox News: Woman in gorilla mask throws eggs at Larry Elder:

- CBS Los Angeles: Protester Wearing Gorilla Mask Throws Egg At Recall Candidate Larry Elder; Venice Tour Cut Short:

- Sky News Australia: Elder egged: Shocking video shows protesters attacking California Republican Larry Elder:


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