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Candace Owens Denied Test By Pro BLM Medical Staff Because African-American Lives Don't Matter If They're Conservative : by Alfred


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Click Here To Download: Candace Owens Denied Test By Pro BLM Medical Staff Because African-American Lives Don't Matter If They're Conservative : American News Updates - by Alfred


{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about candice always being denied from taking a covey test this shows you what these people are really all about this is all about politics they are all about hating those who don't think like them it's about the right versus the left it's about creating a group that demonizes anyone who is patriotic or anyone who uses reason or anyone who is against globalist if this was really about a pandemic and they were they were concerned and i'm talking about the libras and the leftists and you know those who the night candace the test if they were really concerned about the virus that was going about wouldn't they be eager to get candidacy tests and perhaps even take pictures and photos of it as proof and say that we'll look at this you know she says um people should not get the vaccine but look at what she's doing she's getting the kobe test this is not what this is about it shows you all about keep in mind that can this have stance on the vaccine is that you can take it if you want and can take it if you don't and you know her stance is different from mine i say don't take it at all nobody should take it you know for obvious reasons but her stance is if you want to take it take it if you don't want to take it take it but the government does not have the right to force people to take it people miss that Candace Owens is one of the most intentionally misunderstood people people intentionally misunderstand her so that is not even really misunderstanding they intentionally paint what she says or what she represents a different way you know there are people who say that she says racism is not real or she says there is no curvy she has never said such since she has said that the largest problem facing african americans isn't white supremacy that is what she said she didn't say that there's no racism as a matter of fact the people who are always calling her begotten always trying to put her in a box and telling her how to think are racists antifa a bunch of racists those people that want to make everything about race i want to demonize white people and everything that is white they are racist so how can she denied racism she's calling out racist she's calling out how racist a lot of african-americans ah she's calling out her racist a lot of white people are but white people just happen to be liberals you know and the leftists and you know the mainstream so it's interesting when people don't realize that this is all about sites it's not even about the point anymore if we if the people who denied how the tests were really about um if they really believed there was a virus out there you know and you know it was contagious wouldn't they be excited to get as many people the vaccine or get many people the tests why they deny some people the test and the vaccine you know so this about this group hitting that group and it it is so funny now what needs to be done is that such things need to be um

fought against we need to take legal action against sustenance you know legal actions should be taken against such people a lot of times it's not about winning when you take clinical action it's about the impact and the fact that people know that if you tread on this side you know if you trade in this direction you will get this kind of drama and that is what council culture is doing council culture is forcing people to act within certain boundaries because it's like oh if you act this way if you act outside of those bounds you may get canceled or you'll get this kind of drama on twitter so people avoid it so there's that pressure we need to create on leftists when they do crazy things we need to make them feel the pressure of the evil things they do because they will keep on taking more space until they take away all our liberties you know and in the end they too will be persecuted and you know destroyed by the ideologies that they are serving you know it's easy for people in a capitalist country for example to support socialism but the socialism when it arrives we destroy the people who are standing for socialism you know at the end of the day you know even the people in government who will be becoming millionaires and billionaires in spite of their pushing socialism for example bernie sanders you know when you eliminate um people being creative and rewarded for their creativity and productivity by taking away you know the the wealth and the results of productivity in the name of spreading equality of outcome and equality of finances in everybody's bank accounts when you do that people lose purchasing power so there's not enough money to buy more and to actually help the socialists get richer but what socialism does is that it eventually makes everybody poor but the last people to become poor are those that are at the political top class you know but of course you have to understand that socialism is brought to america to destroy america it is not brought to um help the socialists in america to rule or to have true power it is brought to destroy america and those who are outside america in certain countries you know they would have more power and of course you have to understand the politics of nations the fall of one nation is the automatic rise of another nation you know if one person is taking a one p i mean one person is taking first let's say a is taking first b is taking second and c is taking ted in a wrist if something happens to number one the one that is taking first the number two guy becomes number one even though the number two guy may not be involved in taking down number one and i'm talking about not as a result of merits as them running on number two running to meet up to number one but i'm talking about somebody shooting number one if there's a race between number one two and three and number one is shot and the race continues you know or something happens they have somebody dropped here and he was still sabotaged kind of like what socialism is in america the number two guy becomes number one so that is the politics of nations um that being said in addition to taking legal action against socialists and others libras we must go after the next generation and make sure that there is no new indoctrination look at what antifa is antifa is the capturing of a generation is the result of a capturing of a generation ever since you know um prayer was taken out of schools and atheism was was being taught in schools a lot of different ideologies came in and you know there are those who have seen that that is the way to manipulate the nation we christians and those of us who believe in liberty those of us who believe in freedom we must take the next generation and make sure that new generations are not indoctrinated into these kinds of things so we must take about the schooling system let's take over the educational system and the knowledge that flows out that the communication that goes out there you know beyond the educational system so even if the educational system you know is not taking even though we we must take that but even if it is not taking the peer pressure the society the way people think the way young people think we must go after that and control it and one of the ways we can do that is by pouring out information controlling or creating channels of information you know our own movies our own cartoons with our own ideologies our own music with our own ideologies our own celebrities who push for their own ideologies that is what you must strategically push forth otherwise all will be lost thank you for more check out alfredo's vip



- The Officer Tatum: Candace Owens REFUSED COVID TEST:

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