Buhari Arrests Ex-Naval Officer For Telling The Truth About His Administration On TV : by Alfred

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the buhari administration basically arresting you know and detaining the

former naval officer who told the truth about the buhari administration and the boko haram issue first of all the use of the term gunmen you know that the mainstream media has been forced to use is inaccurate super inaccurate because we know that it is not the amount of government the bhari administration has moved to make sure that the boko haram

gang and the pro-muslim jihadists are not giving recognition for all the criminal activities especially in the north when we know that it is death they are not intended like bandits bandits do not kidnap people bandits is a term that refers to someone who steals that is what is for bandits is different from kidnapper a bandit is different from i'm rubber a bandit can be an armed robber but not all bandits that armed robbers bet or and roberts must be armed you have to understand the difference between the steps now the bahrain administration does not want to acknowledge the fact that it is boko haram that is doing all these things and the reality of the matter is that the primary administration is propocar now this ex-naval officer who was on tv you know and i believe it was interesting about china's television you know and said that the buhari administration is responsible for um this and he said basically what i have been saying for so long that how is it that the bahrain administration could find um sunday boohoo and gets um namdi carlo but yet the boko haram he cannot it is because he does not he does not want to he does not want to stop broken her and you know prophet isaiah you know um started a movement and he also showed some videos that these people some of them are not even from nigeria some of them are from neighboring countries nigerian all of that how do they let these people come in then plus the fulanis you know they are going to different forests and they are locating themselves in different forests around nigeria and in the meantime they are in the kidnapping business and there are certain politicians that are profiting from this kidnapping business because kidnapping is a very short and quick way to make a lot of money all the wealth that a lot of nigerians have amassed over the years legally just goes in a flash under this kidnapping business that these politicians are sponsoring where do these people get guns from if you're in nigeria get a gun let me see get a nickel for this ever it is only criminals that have access to okay for this ever and this is the problem with um criminalizing guns make let people have their own guns stats manufacturing companies within the country and that's why americans should never give up on their guns imagine all the riots and all of the all the chaos in 2020 happening you know and understand that that was after they have pushed for gun control gun control country imagine all of that without guns and at the same time they are telling you they are pushing for the directories that the police is evil and the police needs to be defunded by the police justice african americans and shoot them how can you have that mindset and say that then at the same time say that people should not own guns that they should be no private ownership of guns that is only the police that should then at the same time you are you are saying that the police are racist and they just shoot african americans on site what does that mean it means that if you really believe the truth that means that you want all african-americans to be shot to death and killed that is what you are saying but in any case it has been clear that the way to keep governments in check is for the people to have arms if the nigerians had amps and ways to protect themselves who how many idiots would want to come and read a police it would be a suicide mission but now it is um freeway because any bunch of robots or any bunch of kidnappers that stone city police they know they can just make it with a person you know in the um um there's a school of defense or something like that in in in northern nigeria that was read by boko haram and they took away the general imagine the madness of this how are these kinds of things possible and you see they know what they are doing buhari is setting up nigeria for a war he sets up nigeria for a a great war his first will take over that is what he is doing and he wants to see a lot of people because understand that if you are not full and he does not care about you and this is what history has shown how many hebrews is he responsible for killing during the first biafra how many ebolas does buhari have a hand in killing and then he has enough to come out and say i will speak to them in the language they understand so he wants to kill another over one million evils is that what he wants he he was able to stop ipob he was able to you know how many bombs has he dropped on ipob but how many bombs has he brought dropped on boko haram recently you know there was a new story that you know some ba so-called bandits you know these are boko haram people who are repented they call them repented bandits but these are boko haram people they are still calling them bandits you know these are um in whatever new names that these people come up with you know but they have made the video to use the word gunmen or use the word bandits now there's a new story that just came out that's three of them who are so-called repentance and have been on governments you know um from the government has been giving them funds like um it was i believe a hundred and ten naira per month because they so-called repentance from banditry that it was founded that they were still doing it so the so-called people who repented and are receiving a hundred thousand naira per month from the government how much does legal people make how much those honest and decent citizens make in nigeria

you know that the government is giving free money to boko haram that repents why didn't you give free money to ipob that repents you can see what the buhari administration is doing and what they are about now from the video that professor abubak should it is very troubling this is intentional because these people are making videos and everybody knows they understand that from your cell phone in nigeria the mtn or whatever line you are using you can be chased from your cell phone your location can be pinpointed

by the carriers from the cell from carriers so the technology is people already know and this is one of the things that was born to kashmir nandikan they tracked not just his cell phone and his cell phone location and the text messages of inaudible but those around him

those who are closest to him they checked so that in case that he contacts any of they contacted any of them that is one of the ways they detract enough to come but they cannot track boko haram or anybody likes kidnaps because they want to keep on making money from this kidnapping understand that this kidnapping business is a shift of wealth they are shifting all the wealth a lot of the world is now shifting to the hands of those who are at the top of this kidnapping business in nigeria

in all of the world because they are just targeting honest people decent people who are making legal money

and they are shifting it is a great world shift at the end of the day it is only those who are at the top of this kidnapping mafia that that will have all the money and the buhari administration is

enjoying this is taking all the money from this understand that there are also people around him you know and you know every nation you know basically majority of the nations have their own cartel and secret societies that are running things behind the scenes either they are trying to get power or they have a a lot of the power or there are several organizations that are behind the scenes that are trying to get power but those are the ones that manipulate politicians politicians are just fronts me for the parts that are actually behind them no politician is truly powerful it is the person that gave the politician the money to run for policies that we should be worried about

you see so um this is very unfortunate that brewery can you know get to the point of you know basically arresting someone for telling the truth is that it's an important question how can you go after i go after these bits with when it comes to boko haram all you're doing is granting them amnesty and doing everything you can to prove that you're protecting them now these people are going and are increasing the numbers and are locating themselves in certain bushes all around nigeria what are they waiting for and in the meantime that they are waiting for whatever plan or whatever dates they are waiting for they are sustaining themselves with the kidnapping business and you know whatever else they are doing you know whether they are also eating human beings you know the ones that they kidnap that do not have money you know and all the killings and whatever sacrifices they are doing and this has nothing to do with islam they are using islam as as a friend because the reality of the matter is that at the point you have to admit that a lot of this so-called terrorism in the name of islam is a paragraph by people who have the mindset of um warlords who want to kill for money and kill people and take their money because this is really not islam but they use islam as a front that's ah it is for allah and all of that jihad blah blah are they giving anybody the opportunity to convert to islam and if it is about jihad why are you collecting money from people

you see why why are you collecting millions and billions it is not is not about islam at all so also muslims have a responsibility to speak out against this and stand up against this because the more that these people do these things it's like when people call this out you know there are those who think that it has something to do with islam but and then the those who are really muslims feel that they have to protect all of islam but an injuries that they are not protecting boko haram and protecting people that they should call out and say first of all these people are not islam these people as a matter of fact they are insulting islam this is not what islam is this is what what this is this has nothing to do with being a muslim this is not even radical jihad because if it is radical jihad do you put guns to these people here as if convert to islam when they say yes they will let them go it should not be about money but this is clearly all about money and when you look at a lot of the so-called terrorism that goes on in the name of islam it is not about jihad it is really not jihad

look at the money that is being made don't you think that a smart lady was making a lot of money you don't understand that the people that are funding terrorism where do you think the money goes why do you think these people who are carrying guns are using this do you think that the billions and the millions that are taken from people they cannot power from all this act of terrorism and those that sponsor terrorism that all those millions and bearings goes to those guns no they are also building empires they also use need to invest and all of that use all kinds of shadow organizations and there are a lot of times they are giving the amount the money to someone that is above them that has legitimacy and is operating in society and people think he's a legitimate and a good person and that person is basically a money laundering and turning that terrorist money from terrorist activities you know into legal money for his own operation and those bottom people are being paid and in most cases you know they some of their key men have some stick in you know longevity and their children are also giving um a portion of the stick of all their criminal activities people need to be aware of this muslims need to start standing up against you know the people who are using islam to do terrorism you know it's a shame that muslims don't share like the importance of this you know muslims and christians have a lot in common we certainly have more in common than the lgbt and the leftists and all of that we need to come to this realization you know and understand that um if we do not make the right moves now at a particular point it will probably be too late to do anything about anything with that being said check out alfredo's vip for more


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