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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the jawbreak in kogi state at the kaaba correctional facility over 240 inmates have escaped or were released now this has become common in nigeria and of course it's because bohari you know harry's um concern is in trying to persecute hebrews and look for unambicable and you know sunday boho you know that is his consent you know he ignores the boko haram issue and he has used the media to make it such that anytime boko haram or a muslim extremist group does something in nigeria they are referred to as bandits or gunmen he refuses to use the term boko haram or fulani you know and because he is fulani and he supports their move that is why he's silenced about it you know it is obvious that he's the one key singular reason for all this nonsense but let us look at these kinds of things why are these people always going towards prisons and releasing inmates a lot of these inmates you know they have nowhere to go understand that they it is a matter of going of people you know boko haram folks going to prisons killing the cops and then setting the prisoners so-called free those prisoners are going to join the boko haram so it's a it's the creation of an army using inmates and prisoners are murderers of course a lot of those people have nowhere to go they can return to their families because you know everybody knows you know and the police might say let me check that place out so they are not going to their families when it comes to traveling and leaving the country they cannot leave the country via illegal roots because they already have their documents you know the um correctional facility already have their documents and their records so they are wanted and you know they're listed so they'll they'll just be submitting themselves to the authorities so what is there for them you know all those people that have been released and why have they not been caught that means that in the bushes and in the forest i mean whatever locations there is a raisin up of an army and what is that army for you know this is something that is just common sense and you know if nothing is done regarding this army that is being built you know not to mention the extremists who are um getting recruited from the radical muslim teachings you know bits you know that then those who are coming from other countries into nigeria that also have the sharia ideology then now this inmates and this criminals you know because a lot of these people they will follow their capitals you know they are in a sense characters of the people who so-called set them free you know so it's like now your criminal activity now has to be within this you know understand that as they are leaving those prisons they are not living with guns or anything it is it is kind of like um in a sense you could say the kidnapping of prisoners you know so that they can be inducted indoctrinated as and you know put into a whole new process where you know they can be used to carry out more criminal activities and when you look at this this is the creation of a huge cartel because this is organized you know and then there is the matter of why is the um nigerian police so weak anything can be attacked when it comes to schools they read schools kidnap students they read military bases kidnap the generals the raid prisons and get all the prisoners else so the reality of the matter is that the

structure of nigeria when it comes to basically everything that has to do with the government from the police off you know to the president you know nothing works there is a great dysfunction there is um incompetence in every layer there is corruption there is um just

all around incompetence you know and this is something that if it is not addressed quickly it will be taken advantage of because whoever is controlling all of this you know of course bohari in his own path you know he's playing a part and he's a is a great supporter even though he is not intelligent enough to be the key person or you know um be one of the key heads of the cartel that is really structuring all this but this is strategic this is a building of a very violent army you know now uh i have said that if god leads you to leave nigeria i advise you to pray about it and leave nigeria because the current um government is actually setting nigeria up to become the next afghanistan and the leadership if you are if you are to stay in nigeria or for the meantime while you are here you have to do something to influence the politics and change the status quo and also bring forth truth because it is only disaster that awaits you cannot head in the wrong direction and expect paradise to be at the other end of your journey it is not going to happen so there's so much change that needs to be done when it comes to you know so many things you know that being said i have made many videos talking about you know how to tackle the security you can look at them you know the funny thing is that um nobody you know when it comes to the government the government doesn't act on it because the government is a part of this good system and the government doesn't care this barary administration has done so many things to [ __ ] nigerians to show that he doesn't care about nigerians when you look at how he has handled everything look at with his burning of sweeter a lot of nigerians do business on twitter and it has cost nigerians millions in revenue because a lot of nigerians the advertising they do for their business is via twitter or facebook now that twitter is banned even if you use a vpn a lot of nigerians are not going to use the vpn because vpns take more data and in and apart from that many nigerians we still do not want to easy vpn but you know all that business what has happened the priority administration was okay look at cryptocurrency a lot of nigerians you know it was a way of stabilizing um the the financial states of many nigerians on an international scale because the naira keeps dropping you know but what happens to um cryptocurrency debris administration bounces look at patreon where um young people who are creative who do things you know perhaps they make youtube videos they draw at they do all kinds of things so even churches that they have a patreon account patreon was banned along with twitter and this is something that many people don't know many people in nigeria don't know you now have to use a vpn to access picture for you to access richter you have to use a vpn of a lot of key ways of making money that the everyday nigerian people have access to when it comes to the international markets brewari has shut it down and look at paper for example paypal allows nigerians to make payments but not receive payments isn't that criminal you know why hasn't the government and you know um the cb and the central banking you know um the central bank of nigeria why haven't they raised up these kinds of matters because imagine if nigerians were able to receive payment when you look at the people who are talking about yahoo yahoo that nigerians are doing yahoo if there were legitimate ways more legitimate ways of making money in nigeria online you know using um getting paper payments and all of that that is what nigerians would be doing nigeria how many like just really do you think have the time to be sending emails you know do you know how many emails you have to send to somebody to scam that person it has to be like sometimes a lot of these emails where you know a woman in america sent somebody in nigeria money that's sending back a photo of emo took a lot of times one year two years of them shattered and a lot of deceits in between there is so much hard work there are so many easier ways to make money if all those ways we're not being blocked by the broader administration and previous administration you know people were opening things up you know challenging just like people are like look rather than um going at twitter paper why is it that in nigeria can spend money and buy things from other countries with paper but in nigeria cannot be sent money via people and the same thing goes with a lot of the online services a lot of payment services online do not allow nigerians to receive payments but nigerians can make payments why is that what kind of strategy is that they want nigerians to be poor society should be challenged and you know brought up fronts you know and thanks to things like um um bvn you know and all of that you know you can really trace fraud in the cases that it might happen and understand that fraud happens in every country why does some international communities want to single out nigeria and act like nigerians are corrupt and all of that you know a lot of the scams that are now on are done by people in uso india not even nigeria you know but nigerians keep on being persecuted you know and the government is actually the worst when it comes to persecuting nigerians so all these things you know need to be addressed and challenged you know obviously we can write letters to our representatives we can run for office we can select people and you know get active in politics especially as the body of christ because if we do not see it no one else will do it you know that being said check out for more thank you and God bless you





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