BLM NYC Leader Promises More Protests Against Vax Mandates While Christians Sit Back & Accept The Jab : by Alfred


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hello everybody um alfred and i would like to talk about the incidents in the new york restaurants where an african-american lady was denied service you know because she didn't have the vax passport or any proof of vaccination now um blm you know has taken it up you know as this is racial discrimination now my question is is it now blm that is going to save christians unto and is it not them that is going to end up saving the church from these vast mandates but let us see how things go because this is a big conflict of interest in many ways because the globalists and the people who funded blm have been using blm for you know their evil ends you know those um once upon a time that malcolm x said and malcolm x is not somebody that i respect for obvious reasons you know he is somebody who was basically a racist you know if he hates white people you are just as racist as the glucologs clan um at least the electric cloud force you know race is in good bulls both ways you know there's no such thing as reverse racism if you hate someone because of the color of your their skin that is what you are you know they see huge difference between malcolm x and martin luther king huge difference i love malcolm x jr and you know all that he at least what i know he should find what you know he did you know it was great he's not somebody i consider a role model you know as a christian um the only role model that we have is christ you know we can admire people and learn from people but we cannot have human role models that is putting your trusty man and that is working at the council of foolishness you know don't do that why would you follow someone else when you can follow the good shepherd you know when you can listen to advice from the holy spirit why would you listen to advice from a pastor you see it it is true that the holy spirit too would speak through the pastor then you see when you grow up you have to understand that that is not the original design that is why you are said in that day you will you will need nobody to teach you anything you will not need any man to tissue anything when you have the holy spirit you know so um when you have the greater and you can follow the greater why follow the lesser so in christianity we only have christ as a role model you know anything else is you going the wrong way and you know you will end up in a in an unfortunate direction but you see when it comes to um what malcolm x said he said that the difference between the libra and you know the republican is that the liberals you know just use race and you know um rights for african americans as a way to just fight against the other group of white people that they don't like which is the republican side you know but based on he what he said he said that the republican side are just um straightforward with their um disappreciation for or dislike for african-americans that was his view but one thing that holds true is that there is this let us use this as a tool for my own ends and you know that is common in politics not just on this issue on many issues you know politicians we take advantage of anything that is why politicians kiss babies i mean who who in their rights minds wakes up all morning and see strangers babies and start speaking them and kissing them but politicians like doing crazy things like that you see it doesn't make sense but you know it's it's it ends here's them to people who you know would seem to um think that that actually makes sense it is an obvious pretentious show of consent for the people it is so obvious so it is quite sad but politicians do it you know that is something that it seems that so far it might not uh yet soon stop but in any case blm has been used by the left and that is basically what um their purpose seems to be but now that there's a cross-proposition you know the left wants to push vaccine mandates and the people the globalists want to push vaccine mandates and yes they are they are child their baby they are using to exploit people and say oh if you don't stand for what you believe you are racists you know the archaeological that is helping them with that is against the vast mandates so there is now this conflict and this is also what's happened with the death of george floyd you know the death of george floyd sparked a series of riots that hampered the plan of the lockdown because understand that there was a set plan that is still on of lockdowns and all the new phases they will say oh by this date it is going to be phased this by these days it's going to be face this how do they know how the virus is going to move how do they know that at this point that this is when you should on this so so this the virus is going to wait until so so dates and this is when you should move from this stage to this stage this is going to be stage this this is going to the state that how do they know because this is a plan it is about a plan of world domination and control that is what it is about it has nothing to do with the the virus itself it has nothing to do with helping or saving anybody from any um pandemic this is just a plan there but that being said this is going to be interesting now my question is are christians at the church going to sit back and wait for berlin to save them if berlin saves the church then blm will control what is going to be left social that being said you know what is go what is the church going to stand for what is the church going to be about how does grace feel is this why is it that christians the church never gets socially active the church are the first and the easiest people to bully when the trust has any stance or anybody if you bully them on homosexuality they run and cover you bully them on prayer and skills they run and take cover you bleed them on anything that you want the christians are always there to be bullied and there will be always pastors and leaders who will protect the bullies and as god does so in that brief period those pastors and leaders will be uplifted by the world but later they also will be pushed back against and yet the person said i don't even think about it and i'm talking about this uh personal studies who saved the world not god you know but that being said you know those of us who love the lord you know as this is a period where god is separating the witch from the shaft we must learn to be politically active and have our own political voice it is a shame that the gays can control politicians and say politicians do this and they will do it you know at least the illusion of that has been created because you know it is the globalist using setting um um movements like the lgbt to push for their will which has a bigger goal and a bigger plan you know the same people that give to lgbt are the same people who have made this provision for the taliban to have so many weapons which they will now use and kill all the lgbt people and attack you know with the aim of killing the christians also in

afghanistan about the reality of government and those behind governments who are actually pulling all kinds of strength thanks to all these organizations that are manned by unelected officials you know like the un and the world economic friend that tells politicians what to do like recently you know the buhari the president of niger went you know to new york to receive instructions on how to rule his own country and you know information have come out that really if the us did not support bohari buhari would have never won the us picks out who is going to be the leaders in certain nations if somebody else wins they are going to use the media and call that person a terrorist and call that person who position an older person is oppressing the people but you will see other nations like you know mostly arab nations that cooperate with certain u.s gov governors they will commit more atrocities greater atrocities to their own people better yes we keep silence you see so you have to understand that and it is a matter of the people behind the scenes who have the control the true deep state which controls the u.s government and that is why this is that being said you know christians we need to stand up and take serious action and take political power check out for more


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