BLM's Defund The Police Riots Starts Again As They Storm NYPD Office For Mostly Peaceful Insurrection, September 2021 : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the b m the from the polish crowd being at it again you know just recently the blm writers just don't um nypd police station and they are writing of course they don't call this an insurrection a bunch of people from blm can go to a police station in the name of protesting on behalf of african americans keep in mind that this is the look that they are giving to african-americans this is the look that they are saying this is what african-americans stand for you see i have said it on numerous occasions all blm is doing is to destroy african americans destroy years of progress martin luther king stood for a day where people will not be judged for the color of their skin but the content of their character a day where we would not see color a day where we will not mention anything about race nobody will mention oh this person is white or this person is dark skinned that day that is what material king stood for by the blm types this is what they are destroying now the democrats who pander all through 2020 about the founding the police they pander to the blm defend the police craft now they are saying that they were never for the final police and you know they are put they have joined to push bills that are made um any kind of the from the police illegal they have tried to push the blame you know to try to push it on republicans oh it is republicans that actually the front of the police because the the republicans refused to sign a criminal bill a bill that was a crime to patriotism a bill that had nothing to do with giving money to the police but was actually about a whole bunch of leftists goals and ideologies you know in the infrastructure bill you know the first time they wanted to pass it the republicans said no so they use that as a cash you know it's funny how people cannot see how the democrat parties keeps lying to them and they fall for the same thing every time and that is why you know it is so sad you can see people like buy it and say if if you if you don't vote for me you are not black you know i won't even go into the topic of um calling people black but you only have to look into the dictionary to see why nobody should be called black and nobody should be proud to call themselves black it is not um a good word and that's what is a racial slow when used to refer to uh an individual but in any case you see um why is this not called an insurrection blm can born and destroy but when the fbi is behind um people basically doing the same thing leftists did you know during the day day of carving off with with a little variation you know tweets when people did that you know they made it the generalistic insurrection that cnn doesn't want to stop talking about to keep on trying to persecute um republicans when it is them the democrats that is anti-american the democrat party the cnns have done their best all through trump's presidency to divide america and then to blame trump for it these are the same people that pander to the blm defund the police crowd now you see the blm riots have started again now democrats what are they going to do panda again because you know the the blm people have their eyes have opened and they have seen that um the democrats are not for the former police but they were all running and telling people you know at the rallies at the bnn rallies oh we feel your pain all of that who will defend the police blah blah blah blah blah blah and we have people that people should be careful of like king classic you know kim kasich you know those kinds of people that wake up one morning and try to act like the african-american communities and his wives they they they are not deceived blah blah blah blah blah you know can classic attack campus owen so on this kind of talk you know don't act like if african-americans you know we're not pushing for democrat policies we're not pushing for the democrat party you can't act like if african-americans are wise and are smart that is one illusion you can always count on african-americans in mass to make their own decisions and that is what has put them in the positions that they are in the disaster that is the african-american community is a result of years of terrible decisions you know that being said um we need to start talking and speaking to african americans and there are those in the republican movements who are like how do we talk to african-americans how do we reach out to african-americans by looking at them as different and as african americans that is your problem your differentiation what you have is offering them a place where there is no color and we as christians you know we should take over the conservative party we should take over the republican party and you know we should have our own base within every party and so expand from inside out and expand but one of the core things that we have to believe is we believe in a place where nobody sees horror it is not about oh this person is gay oh this person and he's sleeping in this person oh this person identified that this for this person have this king oh this person is asia who this person is that's you know asian lives matter this lives matter that lives matter no no no human life's matter that is our base so that is what we have we are not going to you you should not stand and say oh how do we help the african-american community know how do we help every community the african-american community is included you know as a matter of fact why is it the african-american community when it comes to the place where people live why don't you open your arms to white people the same way white people open their arms to having african-american neighbors so why is there an african-american community why is there a community or a series of blocks where it's just predominantly african-american why there should be no african-american community there should just be an american community there should be no white community there should just be an american community there should be no asian communities they should just be an american community that is what the conservatives and the republican party should stand for and of course if you're a christian this is not really your base this is what we believe

we are not about black lives matter white lives matter blue lives matter issuance matter all of that no human lives matter the same rights for everybody if you are giving charity to to one group of people that is racist when you give charity to only one group of people when you give aid or help to one group of people because of their risk that is racism when you decrease um certain standards and make it that african americans with low grades can get into harvard yale and all of that that is racism against others racism is racism and you know those who are trying to change the meaning of racism to basically mean that um if you are dark skinned you cannot be racist and if you are white he automatically resist such people should be charged with hate crimes those who teach it we must fight them in court and we must put them in jail bring forth arguing arguments you know the lefties have the organization they have the lincoln projects they have their all kinds of leftists and so-called um civil rights organizations that just push forth leftist agendas and agendas that are like oh the white man's leaving the white man versus the white masculine white knights racist we must have our own and puts all these evil people that are using civil rights to push forth racism against white people we must bring them to accounts knowing fully well that the laws are racist but the people are the people knowing fully well by by when i say the laws are racist i mean um the globalists control the laws that are made because it is human beings that are making the laws you know people say things like no one is above the law no those laws are made by people because the future was written by people the laws that are passed the bills that are passed in the senate all those things are written by people are those people not above the law i do not write anything whatever ship they want is it a reflection of the people it's not a reflection of the people's will it should be the reflection of the majority at best but it is not it is an expression of those who are behind these things controlling things and then when people bring up um when people bring up their voice they now bring up arguments and signify some people within the people just like the gay community which is less than two percent yet they want to make them have the loudest voice and the first priority in everything how does that make sense heart of the will of less than two percent of the people

be the deciding factor and call the shots on all the laws that are made it should not be so it shows you that what is actually happening that there are people behind the scenes who have the trooper who are pushing for their will then they just identify some people within the population that have those same interests or they market it like or twist what they are doing and sell a lie to a people like they have sold lives to african americans you know and then african-americans buy time at the end of the day all the civil rights laws for to so-called help um black owned business you know as they like to use that thing you know ignoring the fact that you know or them being unaware of the fact that that word black is a negative word you know all those laws have been taken advantage of by light-skinned people by white people and you know all kinds of people that take advantage of it why um the african american sits back and says ah because of white supremacy oh because of my skin color i cannot make it on all kinds of nonsense you know so people need to be wise you know um that being said we must take over the media we must take over you know the the hand that makes the laws we must be the hand that makes the laws and we must write laws that are consistent with the bible's laws keep in mind that if you do not there are those who are planning to write their own laws understand that all these people that are coming from afghanistan and other nations when they get into politics like uma they are going to want to write laws that bring sharia law in understand that now in europe most of these countries that have high concentration of muslim immigrants from iran and the rest of them they have their own sharia courts and that is what their system is doing they are not listening to the court system of the european government the european government and his living government so we have to basically two different governments and two different sets of laws under the same land how does that even make sense so understand that day two they have their agenda to push for their ideologies on the law that everybody must abide by we have to um have first mover advantage move in and dominate and ensure that when we fix ourselves there no one can take it away from us that being said check out for more


- Andy Ngรด: Late on 3 Sept., BLM rioters tried storming their way to an NYPD police station in the Bronx. They assaulted police protecting the station & doused a police vehicle with gasoline.:

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