Biden Saying "We're Going To Protect Vaccinated Workers From Unvaccinated Coworkers" Says It All. The Vax Is Not A Vax : by Alfred


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Broadcast Notes:

-If the Vax works and protects people from the virus, why are the vaccinated afraid of getting the virus from the unvaccinated 

-His statement basically means the Vax doesn't work, in fact it doesn't help with the virus

- Why are African countries still distributing the Vax after this

- We must all fight legally as a United front; the people vs the Governments of this world that seek to enslave us and control us.

- Since the legal system is owned and controlled by the same people who are trying to control us, we must eventually resort to a Plan. We must put our foot down. A violent stand off. All of us vs the few of them and the only way out for them is for the system to be readjusted to the favour of the people and all the aids and participators of this current fraud who are in power step down.

- Grassroot movements need to be formed in every city, and all existing movements and organizations must be brought on board


{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to address a comment by biden he said we are going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated workers now if the wax works and protects people from the virus why are the vaccinated afraid of getting the virus from the unvaccinated why is the government afraid that the unvaccinated is going to give the virus to the vaccinated what is the point of the vaccination and the vaccination not to protect folks from the virus if the vaccination does not do that what is the point of the vaccination what is it really about you see this statement by biden basically means that the vox does not work now this is something that we have been saying and they have been used reports towards this end they have been researched and intelligent christians i've talked about this severally you see the vox does not work it doesn't grant anybody immunity so why are they pushing it and of course you can see this move to mandate the facts and force people to get the vex it goes against science and common sense because if the vex works those who get it have nothing to worry about you see they are protected why would you need to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated giving them the virus what is the point of the vaccination you see and what about natural immunity if you have natural immunity if you've had the virus before and your immune system you know forces and you know now you're okay you have natural immunity so what is the point of a viral coffee vaccine you see this vaccine it's all about control that is what they want this is about the slavery of the world it is about control it's about people needing wax passports and ids for everything and they will manipulate this and control all of this you see why are african countries still distributing the vox after this kind of comments why is this kind of commit not news this is because this same globalist owned the majority of the news media which is a problem and this is why i emphasize we as christians must be rich and we will use our money for the gospel a lot of times you know there are those who have been fighting against christians being rich and the trust being rich and good people being rich they say just be okay big contents with what you have now all the money has gone to the hands of evil people and there is need for evil ends if money is in the hands of the good we'll use it for good ants but when money is in the hands of evil men though it is for evil ends it's just like guns when guns are in the hands of good men guns will save lives and protect a lot of lives but when guns are in the hands of evil men they'll be used to kill steal and destroy you see we must fight legally as a united front you know the people versus the government of this world that seek to enslave us and control us and since the legal system is controlled by the same people who are trying to control us we would have to eventually resort to a plan where we basically put our foot down and it's going to be based on the numbers and but most importantly god being with us when we stand with god and the church has to those who really love god in this kind of situation you see those who have relationship with god and those who don't because this whole thing as a christian you should be on your god above everyone else because this is after the order of the mark of the beast you see and you can't see that anything that follows that pattern why would you accept it while you take it for granted and now you're talking about vox passport and you will not be able to buy or sell without um the backsplash so that is where things are certainly going they are exempting you from life oh you cannot go to this event or you cannot go to this place or you cannot get a job or you cannot receive benefits from the government and as these kinds of things progress understand that when people start coming up with fake works ideas and you know even when it goes digital and people start hacking the software or creating their clone software to this to hack and deceive systems so they have not received the facts but they are you know presenting like their own digital clone of you know a vast passport you know and saying that they have cuts in the facts the next step would be for them to put it in the human body because you know force can be stolen you know computer programs can be hacked and all kinds of things but when your body now becomes a a qr response system you know that responds to scans when you now have something implanted a micro ship something that is implanted inside you so it is not a matter of you holding up your phone and saying that you have gotten the vax that you have the vast passports because people are going to hack that and there will be a lot of people who have not really taken advantage that we use that the next step would be to implant it into people's body and what is that these things take time it programs from remember how they said m3 days to cop the spread look at how things have extended so and understand that if george floyd did not die if those blm riots did not happen we will still be on that lockdown today the lockdown would have continued the number of deaths as a result of this lockdown does not matter to most people understand that there are many people who are located in several locations where when you cut off their food supply they will die even if they are there they are living um in a separate community or in a separate enclosure you see the food flows a lot of you live in cities where all around you is buildings we are the trees we are the farms yes you eat those farms that are far away are producing foods that you know are processed into all the kind of stuff you see in the grocery store and all of that but you see if something if because of a lockdown all these certain supply chains were put on lockdown so what about those who they had to be food shortage and impossibility of food reaching them because of their location and their proximity to food and that brings up the matter of people needing to be independent and starting your own nurseries and growing your own food especially if you have a house if you as a matter of fact even if you don't have a house on your rent you know there are small um kinds of from libraries and a lot of things things like that you know you can grow near the window but you know those kinds of food will not um really go too far but when you have your own house or you have you know some land you know you can um create a portion of it where you grow your own food just in case of certain things that could happen is we so we must put our food down i know even if it means a violent standoff everybody must be united and agree that this is the people versus the government we are not going to the slaves we are not going to be using vast passport and all of that you see all of us versus the fear of them and the only way for them is for the system to be readjusted to be for the good of the people for the favor of the people you know it has to be fear of the people and the current aids and participators in this system of fraud this system of trying to enslave the world this system of trying to bring about the new world order those people must step down they must be given an ultimatum because there is a strategic way that the few can defeat the many and it's true systems think about a head of buffalos you can see you've seen those things on discovery channel 300 500 buffalos running yet there is only one lion all these buffalos 500 of them all running from only one lion if they concentrate their energy towards attacking that lion that lion will not last two seconds there is a fact but they are afraid because that is the system that is how the there is there is a system in place in their minds a psychological system that their fear is there and the lion targets and gets just one anyone that is the weakest and that you know veers away from that flow that stream that the buffaloes are running that is the one that lion gets so you have to understand who is more powerful the people are more powerful than the globalists the globalists are just few these people who are behind the scenes the politicians are just few the politicians that are controlled many of these people who do not fully understand what they are doing and especially the silly people like justin trudeau who knows what he's doing but he thinks that he will be exempt and he will get to live above everybody else this system will enslave everyone everybody loses you know it is not just a matter of some people who lose more than others if this new world order comes to play the only person who has anything to be happy about is satan all the humans at the loss including those that the devil is using the most you see so this is very important grassroots movements needs to be formed in every city in every village in every hamlets and only exists in movements and organizations whether churches whether students unions whatever they are fraternities all these organizations they need to be brought on board with this vision of regaining freedom and pulling down the current people who are in power who are pushing this forward because they will not stop until somebody makes them stop they have seen this as a once in a millennium opportunity to control the world this is something that alexander the great could only dream of this is something that emperor napoleon could only dream of this is something that julius caesar could only dream of this is something that all the several people throughout history who have tried to rule the world or conquer nations this is what they could only dream of so these people they are telling you and they are making videos with where they are telling you that this is a um

once in a lifetime opportunity for a great research that social opportunity may never present itself again now they have a format and keep in mind that they are planning the next um pandemic will be financial they are making plans to crash cryptocurrency and the banking system now that the banking system is largely online that is where they want to go and a lot of people are keeping their money online you know and with um online service companies that is where they are going to go it is going to be fake and they are going to use it to create a crisis that they would use to their end of also trying to rule the world so these people need to be stopped and brought to justice otherwise they will keep trying because the real people who are behind this don't have they have never had people don't even see them they are not in the front there are people behind blue gates there are people behind dr farsi dr farci is a fall guy he would eventually you know he's expendable to the people who are behind the scenes who are using dr faulco he's expendable and it's unfortunate that he's not intelligent enough to sit you see so um that being said something needs to be done you know and these are the things that have outlined that that should be done you know otherwise it's going to be too late if you boil a frog slowly it will not know that it is being bored until it is dead

slavery is best effective when the people don't know that they are driving towards slavery and they do not know that they are slaves look at what hitler did with the with nazi germany they did not know which direction they were going and ignorance is not an excuse you see if you are ignorant you know what you don't know we kill you there are people who say what you don't know won't thoughts you know what you don't know we kill you a lot of people are dead because of what they didn't know if you do not know that a snake is under your bed that's lack of knowledge you know a poisonous snake been under your bed your your lack of knowledge will not save you from such an eventuality of the snake crawling now to bite you for more check out if you haven't given your life to christ the salvation prayer is in the main menu click that's give your life to christ let yourself short prayer in jesus name all that fellow thank you for this they will bless you in heaven for us you've done all of our that all around the world people are going to start right now people are going to realize that they need to put their food down i approve a lot further that the people will realize that right now they have the power and if they do not use this world they will end up being like the buffalo and just one lion would enslave them as the devil goes about ruling like a ruling lion seeking him to devote i pray lord father that people are going to wake up and see that they have the power and they are going to stand with you and with you with them there's nothing that can stand against them christians are going to rise up we are going to take action we are going to start praying for those who are not praying before in the name of jesus christ we are going to put our food down and make it clear that all corrupt politicians in every part of the world all new world order politicians all politicians that are in against individual nations and are for exploiting their people and getting rich off the backs of the misery of people i pray a lot further that the people will rise up and take down these politicians in the name of jesus thank you lord father the military is on board the militaries of the nations are on board they are taking sides to the people against the evil governments in the name of jesus i thank you lord for that i pray lord for that the people will not let go of their guns as a matter of fact the people who do not have weapons or ammunitions they will begin to get there in the name of jesus and i pray that at the end of the day your will be done i pray a lot father for a peaceful resolution to this issue if blood is shared and it's it has to be that we let everything be in your hands but at the end of the day the people are not going to be slaves in jesus name amen


BIDEN: "We're going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated coworkers."

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