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Apache Junction is an Old West outpost of lawlessness, a haven for thieves and cold-blooded killers. When big-city reporter Annabelle Angel arrives in town and becomes a target, notorious gunslinger Jericho Ford comes to her aid. Now, Annabelle must entrust her future to a man with a deadly past as Jericho heads toward a tense showdown.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the movie apache junction i'm just ready official synopsis a rugged outlaw defense a young julianist and he's down from a [ __ ] of soldiers who will show no mercy now i've just seen the trailer and it's just basically um a typical cowboy movie between you know um more up-to-date cameras used down before it is it offers nothing different from a regular cowboy movie a lot of action a lot of shooting i know the typical good guy this bad guy and saving the kind of thing now in this town there is no preacher there is no church which um breaks the question so much and also apparently in this particular um small town boy town a lot of people there you know are they because they are wanted everywhere else you know they have they have a price tag on their name everywhere else and there is no lord there is no sheriff there now that begs to question you know how come sheriffs from other places or bounty hunters from other places haven't frequented that place and there will have to be a local kind of hierarchy of power in such a place you know and there will also be many people and in such a place there will really be nobody that is weak or soft or a damsel in distress in that kind of place and that is also not a place for a journalist a journalist will not last a minute in such a place because now it is like you know it is worse than throwing a cop in a jail cell full of criminals you know and just um having the wardens and security guards move away for an hour or two you know in this case you are dealing with people who are afraid of people even knowing that this that they are still alive you know these are people who are wanted people and you are saying that there is such a town they they have to be rules and reasons why people from other um places haven't gone there to arrest people or to bring a lot of people there to justice they have to be an understanding is it that that they have created a local hierarchy of power that is so strong and so powerful and the place is so dangerous i have such a reputation that people are afraid so it's kind of like a heaven for criminals so when a criminal makes it there no no sheriff or no um bounty hunter really wants to take the risk of going there and fishing out the person they also have to be a kind of brotherhood of criminals or um at least when it comes to just like um naturally they there is saying that there is no honor monkeys but you know still there is no snitching among thieves you know they have their own set of rules even though they are not honorable but they have certain um rules that they play by so as if there is setting rule that they played by that they um make sure that they remain even and that they take out they all unite to fight against anyone who wants to pull out even just only one criminal or have revenge towards one criminal so all these factors are not in the movie we should be dealt with because that is what comes to mind when you are creating such a police you know so in in this case it it it shows like a one hero guy going in there and apparently they are not enough creamer so that kind of premise you know of a haven for criminals and you know this guy you know he shoots and like brings to another and protects the journalists while a journalist be there um who will the journalists be writing stories from remember that this is the cowboy era you know this the wild west so this is newspaper this is not internet are they what the journalist is writing is it for the other criminals in that criminal dominated place to read of what use is it you know uh they sending is a journalist writing to send it to other towns you know and why would they allow any message or anybody live with social news people why would they even allow such um a journalist to exist in social areas so it's crazy but you know when people have been indoctrinated with wokeness you know um

what else can you expect you know it dumbs other parts of their mind that being said this is not a super work movie uh based on what i've seen you know you know it's probably made by people who hate or they test being compared to the work crowd in any shape or form but you can see the influence when it comes to this um obsession with the protection of the journalists if it is like the guy is the hero but he it's a female journalist and he has a romantic interest you know but he doesn't approve and you know they also have to be a logic why would somebody want to be a journalist in that kind of place you know what is the goal and what is the use so and the people who are not criminals in such a place why are they there because you have decided to live in a place where it is known to be a crime a haven for criminals so why are you there why can't you just get on your horse and leave you know it has to be people who are conducive or people who seek their their obsession with money is so high so they'll rather only stop in such a place you know they see um the risk is like okay yes it's risky but um their love for money it outweighs the risks for them so even though they are not devoted criminals so in the life of crime they still reside in south place because of the financial benefits of setting business operations or um financial systems that are operating in those places and obviously criminals will still be claimed now so those kinds of places we have to have um the business establishments you have to have some kind of protection and some kind of extortion going on you know that you go to a crime boss in such a place so all these factors are not dealt with you know and it's unfortunate you know this kind of movie where uh movies that are made in um movie studios that have you know cowboy sets and all of that that they said if you like to be a part of making christian movies and movies that actually change and transform the um entertainment world you know basically take over and swallow up all of entertainment and everything reach out to us in alfred or vip if you like to also start your own entertainment studio reach out to us who would like to work with you you know all the way especially choices it's important for churches to start having their movie studio from their drama department you know leave the drama the drama department is full school start a movie studio all the kids now um everybody's on the internet they are either on tiktok or on um youtube or netflix or whatever so whatever impact you are trying to make on the drama department in front of that little crowd your dharma your drama department can make you know short videos that can play on tick tock and all the different tick tock clones and you know on youtube and you know make shots or even full-length movies you know that the money that is um given to the church is best um used in things that will seriously expand the kingdom and we reached out to people who are beyond your immediate risk beyond those who just walk through the um church building you know you have to think of expanding and influencing those beyond the forwards of the church you know so make sure to reach out to us and alfredo vip i'm looking forward to here for you if you haven't given your life to christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu of alfredo's vip thank you and God bless you


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